About AMERiders

AME Riders stands for bikes, safety, justice, and patriotism. We are a down to earth company that you won’t find easier to deal with. Try AME Riders we are as American as Mom’s Apple Pie, and after all we are bikers and riders just like our customers.

We at AME Riders are answering the call of bikers, snowboarders, and motocross riders everywhere. A call for a place they can come that doesn’t cater to just one type of rider, and to be able to shop for their apparel at reasonable prices.

AME Riders is based in the USA, and as such we back our country and believe in patriotism, so much so that we often donate to various different Veterans organizations.  We believe that our Veterans worked hard for our country, so why shouldn’t we work hard to give back to them.

AME Riders may ride fast, but we ship fast too, ensuring that your equipment gets to you quickly. Our helmets, clothing, and motorcycle accessories, are of the best quality, and we stand behind them. Our AME Rider customers come first, and we are here to make you above all else #1. So, if something doesn’t work the way it should, when it arrives let us know via our contact page here. Your bike shows your style, so let us help you take that style a step higher, pick out apparel and accessories from our store that will make you pop!

Choose AME Riders for all your gear and accessories, remember we are bikers and riders just like you. We try to understand all the gear and accessories that our customers would want and then provide it for them.

So, find your gear today, at AME Riders you are #1.

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  1. Good afternoon.

    I am contacting you on behalf of Learning Curves, a motorcycle rider training outfit in Ontario Canada. I am reaching out because your photograph of riders is safety gear is phenomenal and was wondering if we could use one of your photos on our website.

    Please contact me at Info@learningcurves.ca if you think that owuld be possible. \

    Kind regards!

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