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Want a Dune Buggy on Two Wheels? Try Out This Electric Fat Tire!

With a continuation of our blog segments on interesting designs and custom builds AMERiders is a new Italian-designed electric motorcycle from Velocifero that takes an extra helping when it comes to tire width, giving it even more cushion, plus it kinda reminds you of a Dune Buggy on Two Wheels.

Sure, people laughed when the first fat-tire bicycles came out.

But once riders realized how much fun they were to ride in areas where normal bicycles could never go, and that electric bikes had the power to overcome the heavy tires, their popularity took off.

Now the Velocifero Beach MAD electric motorcycle is embracing the same concept: fat tires that can float just above anything.

The new bike was just unveiled at the Bangkok International Motor Show and is a sight to behold.

Sure, it looks a bit silly. But I’ll bet it’s a blast to ride. Almost like a dune buggy, albeit cut in half.

Dune Buggy

Velocifero Beach MAD e-moto unveiled

The Beach MAD e-moto isn’t particularly powerful, rocking a 2kW continuous motor and hitting a top speed of just 60 km/h (37 mph). That puts it in 50cc performance territory.

But as anyone who has ever ridden a 50cc bike before knows, they can still be a lot of fun in the right environment. And perhaps even more so with a ridiculous design like the Velocifero Beach MAD.

Motor Fan got some great shots of the bike (though you’ll want to use Google Translate if you don’t read Japanese). And while I wouldn’t have pegged the Beach MAD as such a good street bike, their testing showed that it held its own on the pavement.

Dune Buggy

The Velocifero Beach MAD sports a steel frame, rear coilover shock, and a pair of hydraulic disc brakes.

The battery on the small bike isn’t overwhelming, offering a limited range of between 60-70 km (37-43 miles). That’s roughly equivalent to the range I got on my CSC City Slicker electric motorcycle, another approximately 50cc-equivalent e-moto that was designed for the city.

But unlike the City Slicker, the Velocifero Beach MAD isn’t confined to the city. From the looks of it, the bike could also be fun on trails or even beach riding yeah a dune buggy bike. You’ll probably want to find a private beach, though, as I can’t imagine the lifeguards on my local strip of sand being too keen on seeing me weaving between sunbathers and frisbee players on this 90 kg (198 lb) franken-bike.

We don’t have any pricing or availability info yet on the freshly debuted Beach MAD. However, Velocifero sells its bikes in a few dozen countries across the EU and Asia, so the Beach MAD could be coming to a city or beach near you sooner than you’d think.

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AMERiders Brings You the Catalonia Chopper Another Custom Motorcycle

AMERiders has been bringing you many gorgeous Custom Motorcycles this past few months. From the Jever to the Radical 26 as well as the many bikes in the No Show Bike Show. Today we bring you the “Catalonia Chopper”, from Free Kustom Cycles.

Spain has a rich history in motorcycling, from producing an endless list of world champions across every discipline of racing to being home to famed brands of the two-stoke era like Ossa and Bultaco. It’s also the land of endless race tracks, Catalunya near Barcelona, Motorland Aragón, the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia and Jerez, just to name a few. But it’s not too often that you link the country to Harley Davidson, let alone some of the coolest old school choppers you’ll ever see. That is until you discover Marcos Vazquez of Free Kustom Cycles who lives the lifestyle with as much passion as anyone you’ll meet. And nothing gets the heart pumping for the American v-twin like a ’60s styled chopper from the glory days of custom cool!


To give you an idea of how much Marcos bleeds the culture, he not only runs his custom bike building business, but is also Spain’s official distributor of Mooneyes products and accessories. Add to that his own apparel brand, FUKC Clothing Company, and the facts he’s co-created a book on the history of the Mooneyes backed Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show, and you start to get an idea of just how much this whole thing means to the man. He’s been a guest of honour in Japan at Mooneyes, presented trophies that he’s personally made, been an invited builder to shows across the globe and when he’s not doing all that, he can be found touring Europe on a Harley with his wife.


A trip he’s done on this particular bike, but that was when it was a completely different beast and in its first incarnation as a custom. The Catalonia Chopper had been brought from the US of A to Spain by an American who was in the country to compete in the Sailing World Cup. That was over 12 years ago and the bike had come to Spain already decked out like an Arlen Ness special. Not a style Marcos has ever really been into, but he still had to have the bike as the potential beneath the skin was there. One of the things that drew him to it was the fact it was a factory 1990 HD Springer, but that stock suspension was too tame for our man in Spain.

First, however, he had to get it stripped down and with the bike having sat around as customers took priority, nothing gets the motivation going like an invite to a show. This one came from the boys behind Art & Wheels in Switzerland. “I had little time but the ideas very clear, to make a sixties chopper but something different from what was lately being done, so I got to work!” With the frame back to bare steel it’s no longer the comfy ride of a softail but a rigid, with the rear section built properly to accommodate a fat rear tyre. While the front end also gets a big change, the neck cut and extended to a whopping 42° rake and reinforced for safety.

The springer suspension wasn’t going to be left standard either, in fact, what Marcos really desired was a girder and when he saw one in the south of Spain, he had to have it, “it stole my heart”. Customizing the Catalonia Chopper and getting the footprint right was done in assistance with Miquel from UNITAT METRICA, who together with Marcos gave it all that crazy form but with maximum functionality. The wheel and tire combo helps to set it all off and at the front end that meant sourcing a 21in hoop from a Heritage Softail laced up to the hub that worked best on the girder. The rear is a fat 16×5 with a TT Classic tire, while the front is a Speedmaster that had to be brought in from the US.

Catalonia Chopper

The tank on such a bike is key and with it now rolling a few could be offered up to see what was going to work best, “I used a gas tank that I made some years ago for a friend of mine and which fit perfectly on the frame, a peanut gas tank that I tightened and welded as a Frisco style,” Marcos explained. The fit to the frame is flawless and so too the integration of a high rise custom filler cap and side mount petcock. The sissy bar too had to be unique to the bike and so Marcos crafted it himself including the Midway Cycles tail light into the design.

Catalonia Chopper

The rear fender on the Catalonia Chopper was also made in house, then the seat base was shaped before being sent out. From here Ivan Bartolacci from Calavera Leather took over and the flash leather, curved stitching and buttons all scream ’60s psychedelic. But it might take you a little while to notice, as nothing takes your eye like the world-class paint job that is required to get you into Mooneyes Japan.

Catalonia Chopper

Marcos knew the colour he wanted but elite painter Kilian Ramirez of Pic-Astudio hit the Kandy Blue combo out of the park with Pulido Metales Perez polishing it all to leave it looking a million bucks! The accessories from Mooneyes, Wannabe and Seven Sins do their job without distracting from the theme.

Catalonia Chopper

Now Marcos just needed the horsepower to match and the stock 80ci Evo motor was torn down for some power parts. With it cracked open a set of Crane Cams gives the signature HD soundtrack an even more lumpy vibe. On the intake side the S&S Super E carb provides the fueling and of course wears a Mooneyes air cleaner. While there is no missing the custom made exhaust, the ripple pipe from the guys at The Factory Metal Works is period-perfect.

Catalonia Chopper

With the finishing touch, the shark tail tips coming from an old Panhead in the shop. Nearly two decades into his journey as a custom bike builder and clothing designer, Marcos finally had the bike that, for him, symbolises it all. He lovingly calls it ‘Lonely FUKCer’, but he couldn’t have done it without the endless support of his wife and riding partner Monica and their two amazing kids. 

Catalonia Chopper

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The Radical Over 26 Is Another Beauty From Thunderbike Customs

Thunderbike has yet given us one more beauty, the Radical Over 26. This custom bike has one sweet frame and a sweet paint job to boot AMERiders shows you its tire to tire awesomeness.

Generally, motorcycle garages come up with a frame design and stick with it, if it works, for the limited number of bikes made based on it. But there is one such organization in Germany that has not one, but 15 custom frames, and made not a few, but literally dozens of bikes using them.

The shop is called Thunderbike, and one of those dozen bikes they made over the years is the one in the gallery above. It’s called Radical Over 26, hinting to both the type of frame used and the size of one of the wheels that support it.

First, the frame. Thunderbike has about six Radical frames in their portfolio, ranging from lowriders to the extremely curved one that formed the basis of this machine. This one allows for the integration of Twin Cam B engines, and is made of large-diameter cold rolled ST52 steel tubing.

To power, it along the shop chose a Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle 103 good for 100 ps and gifted it with a Mikuni HSR 42 carburetor and a custom exhaust system.

As for the element that makes the bike stand out perhaps the most, the wheels are seriously imbalanced in terms of size, and that, coupled with the very low seating position and the raised handlebar really make the motorcycle worthy of the Radical name.

Upfront, the shop went for a 26-inch wheel inspired by the one used on another of its custom builds, the Open Mind, and offset it with a significantly smaller 21-inch wheel at the rear. Alternatively, the bike can be equipped with 23-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels.

We don’t know how much it cost to make the motorcycle, but the frame alone is priced at over 11,000 euros (about $12,500).

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The Coolest Special Edition Harley Davidson Motorcycles Ever Built

A lot of Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners customized their bikes, however, Harley does customize their bikes and sells them as some of the coolest special edition bikes ever built. AMERiders shows you some of these cool bikes.

An American icon that is also one of the most recognized brands in the world, the name Harley-Davidson which is automatically associated with motorcycles is on the same level as other power brands – Coke is to soda and Xerox is to photocopy. This name and associated prestige have allowed Harley-Davidson to maintain its position as a leader in the motorcycle industry.

From its humble beginnings in 1903, Harley-Davidson has been at the forefront in the continuing development and evolution of the motorcycle and has, for over a hundred years created some of the best two-wheeled machinery on the planet in terms of design and performance.

Having produced some of the most expensive and sought after motorcycles in history, Harley-Davidson, despite its recent organizational troubles is a resilient brand that has successfully adapted to the challenges it has faced through its many eras, and with their newest foray into E-bikes, their company has again changed with the times. In this article, we look at some of the most amazing and coolest special edition models that this legendary brand has produced.

2010 CVO Street Glide

By taking an already popular model, in this case, the Hot Rod Bagger and tweaking its engine and internals, and updating its looks by giving it a fresh paint job, Harley-Davidson created a modern classic. Limited to just 3,500 units, this Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110 powered Harley is also a future collector bike.

1971 FX Super Glide

Coolest Special Edition

A looker back when it was introduced in 1971,  the FX Super Glide has an air-cooled, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, 1206cc Shovelhead engine that gave it a top speed of 112Mph. With the distinction as Harley’s first factory custom motorcycle, it was essentially a result of bolting together the Sportster and bigger twin cam bikes components, resulting in it’s modded appearance. We still think it is one of the coolest special edition bikes.

1928 JDH Twin Cam

With it’s winning racing pedigree, the 1928 JDH Twin Cam is one of the most beloved and sought after Harley-Davidson bikes. Unique for the time was its 74 cubic inch V-twin engine was equipped with twin cams with two lobes on each, versus the standard single cam with 4 lobes, which when tuned properly could give the bike 19HP and a top speed of 100Mph, which, in the same era as Ford Model T’s, was indeed fast.

2020 Fatboy Anniversary Edition

Coolest Special Edition

Made as a limited edition model (2,500 units only) in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the original Fatboy, the Harley-Davidson is a mean and fast machine that showcases some of the most recent technology developments of the company. Priced at around $22,000, this outstanding bike may be pricey, but based on its features, is worth the top dollar.

Cosmic Starship

A general view of the One Million Bartels’ Harley-Davidson on October 21, 2010 in Marina del Rey, California. (Photo by Dr. Billy Ingram/WireImage)

While visually different from most Harley’s, the Cosmic Starship certainly earned its place in Harley-Davidson history as one of their most expensive bikes sold. A custom bike used as a canvas by artist Jack Armstrong, his cosmic style art on the bike allowed it to reach $1,000,000 in an auction.

1936 EL Knucklehead

With the honor as the last motorcycle that the Davidson brothers and William Harley designed and built, the EL Knucklehead has a special place among fans of the brand. Having made only 1,500 examples for the EL model, this rare bike featured the overhead valve 61-cubic-inch V-twin with the side valve improvements that helped Harley-Davidson perfect its engine designs for the succeeding decades.

1979 FXEF Fat Bob

Coolest Special Edition

Derived from the Super Glide series, the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob, was a large and heavy bike (700 plus Lbs) that can lumber or speed through the courtesy of its throaty Twin Cam 96 engine. Positioned as a midway model, the Fat Bob series has continued to be a favorite and even had an updated version made in 2008. For 2020, its 30th year in existence, a limited 30th-anniversary edition will be launched by Harley-Davidson.

1930 DAH Hillclimber

The granddaddy of modern hill climber, motocross bikes is the 1930 Harley-Davidson Hillclimber. A truly special bike owing to its vintage and engine configuration, this Harley had a unique 45 cubic-inch, an overhead-valve arrangement that never made its way to its road-going cousins.

1942 FAR 750

Coolest Special Edition

As the war raged on in the 1940s, Harley-Davidson was among the companies tasked by the US government to produce equipment for their troops abroad. One of these projects was the FAR 750, which was the second model created by Harley-Davidson for military use.

Specifically designed for use in desert environments, over 1,0oo units were made for deployment in the African and Middle East theaters of war operations.

Captain America – Easy Rider

Coolest Special Edition

Having sold at auction for over $1.3 million, the Easy Rider/Captain America bike is one of the most expensive Harley’s ever sold. Cemented in movie history as the iconic ride of Peter Fonda in the film “Easy Rider”, this customized chopper further raised the profile of Harley-Davidson as a “the” cool bike and subsequently influenced bike and biker culture in the decades after the film.


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Honda Expands Its Motocross Lineup for 2021 With 6 New Models

The Honda CRF450R is a significant motorcycle. We know Yamaha created the modern mainstream motocross four-stroke with the 1998 YZ400F, but Honda upped the ante with the 2002 debut of its own big-bore thumper. AMERiders gives you look, into what is coming.

Honda had gone through the wringer refining the twin-spar aluminum frame in its two strokes starting in 1997, and by ’02 it had the process down and a beautiful new 450cc four-stroke engine for it, with that slender Uni-Cam head. The bike was well-received, and for while it left the rest of the brands playing catch up. These days, everyone has refined their four-stroke game, but a new Honda CRF450R is still big news, and Honda points out that the CRF450R is the industry’s best-selling full-size motocrosser (and the overall market share for this bike is pretty startling in a segment featuring six different manufacturers).

Remember all the hype for the 2017 version, which coincided with signing Ken Roczen > Yeah, big news. Well, you can set your watch to the timing. Three years, and then a new Honda. Today, it’s time for the next-generation CRF450R, the 2021 bike. We should have gotten a good preview of this bike via Tim Gajser and the Honda MXGP team because Europe’s factory squad was racing on a prototype “works” version of the new machine this year. Well, you might have noticed that racing kind of stopped for a while?

Well, now we see the bike in production form via Honda’s release of info today. The tagline for the last-generation bike was “Absolute Holeshot” and now the 2021 bike carries the goal of “razor sharp cornering.”

To that end, the bike is slimmer and lighter (Honda says three pounds less than the 2020 model, the frame alone is 1.5 pounds lighter) and we noted the five-degree steeper head angle as another possible boost in cornering. The frame has reduced lateral rigidity while keeping the same torsional stiffness (for the most part manufacturers have been reducing the stiffness of frames lately to improve the comfort feel of bikes. That first aluminum Honda in ’97 was hella stiff. Ever since then it’s been baby steps toward more flex).

Cornering isn’t just about agility. The dual-muffler exhaust system is swapped out to a single-exhaust design that saves 2.7 pounds, and the engine sports significant changes with the goal of improving power specifically on corner exit. The old round exhaust port is now oval, and the intake side is designed to keep incoming air cooler, and the head, fuel pump and hydraulic clutch sport changes. The goal is to both improve low-end power and increase high RPM run out, as well as boost reliability and durability.

That’s all wrapped in a brand-new look, which makes the bike slightly slimmer, and includes numerous changes that make working on the bike easier, including a revamped airbox and filter. Honda says this bike is three pounds lighter than the 2020 model, but the press info includes weight saving changes that add up too much more than three pounds, so that must mean weight was reduced in some areas but added back in others to result in the three-pound net loss.

An all-new Honda 450 motocrosser is already big news, but this year’s announcement is different because the lineup expands. The “WE” (Works Edition) version that debuted last year returns for the new bike, boasting premium upgrades again, like a Yoshimura exhaust. The new Works Edition bike adds a Hinson clutch basket and cover, and a Twin-Air filter. Also, the RX off-road racing version of the 450 gains the same changes as the new MX bike, and it’s cool to see the off-road side getting such up-to-date technology. The CRF450RX will be similar to the motocross bike but equipped with the usual off-road massage, including an 18-inch rear wheel, handguards, a skid plate, side stand, and different tuning.

Now, here’s something we rarely see: Honda has also bumped up the production run of the existing 2020 CRF450R, and will continue to sell that bike, too, at a $1,000 price reduction compared to the 2021 model. 

The rest of Honda’s CRF lineup doesn’t change. The 2021 250s were already announced, no big changes there. The dual-sport 450 changes only in name, what was the CRF450L is now the CRF450RL, with the “R” designation used to further highlight the performance of the machine.

If you want the full info dump on the new 2021 Honda 450s, the full press release is below:

TORRANCE, Calif.—Nearly two decades after its introduction to the motocross world, Honda’s CRF450R begins a new chapter for 2021, this latest version inspired by a “Razor Sharp Cornering” design philosophy. Already the industry’s top-selling motocross model along with its exclusive CRF450RWE sibling, the CRF450R is guided by three main goals for 2021: improved power (particularly on corner exits), improved handling and more consistent lap times over the course of a tough moto.

Honda’s lightened, latest-generation twin-spar aluminum frame headlines the update list, with changes that reduce lateral rigidity for improved cornering performance and stability. Out back, a new swingarm improves rear traction. The Unicam® engine features updates to the decompression system, intake and exhaust (including a switch from two mufflers to one), resulting in improved low- and midrange performance and a narrower layout. A stouter clutch with hydraulic activation is new, delivering reduced slip and a lighter lever pull for more consistent performance. The new bodywork and seat offer a slimmer, smoother rider interface, as well as simplified maintenance.

“Having already earned a place on the list of all-time successful Honda models, the CRF450R continues to demonstrate Honda’s commitment to winning,” said Lee Edmunds, Senior Manager of Powersports Marketing at American Honda. “With its emphasis on cornering performance, we’re confident that the all-new 2021 model will help Red Riders write their own names in the record books with dominant performances from gate drop to checkered flag.”

Each of the CRF450R’s updates is transferred to the closed-course off-road-focused CRF450RX and the high-spec CRF450RWE motocross machine, which in addition to its already illustrious list of trick parts, features a Twin Air air filter plus Hinson clutch basket and cover for 2021. Benefiting dramatically from the reduced weight and increased attention to low-end power delivery, the CRF450RX adds off-road-focused features and, new for 2021, handguards. The CRF450X, which has amassed an incredible 13 Baja 1000 wins, returns alongside the renamed CRF450RL dual-sport bike, both models adding handguards and updated graphics to an already proven formula. Honda’s mid-displacement ADV, the CB500X, returns in a new Matte Black Metallic color while the TRX®90X sport ATV returns with updated graphics and color-matched front shock springs.

While the focus is on the all-new 2021 CRF450R, Honda is happy to announce that it will continue to offer the 2020 CRF450R—the production version of the factory machine raced by Team Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen and Justin Brayton this season. Available at a permanent price reduction and made possible through an additional production run, the model is a standout option for customers seeking high performance and a good value.



The industry’s benchmark motocross machine, Honda’s CRF450R has amassed an impressive collection of awards and titles over the years. Rather than rest on its laurels, Honda has gone back to the drawing board for the 2021 model year, endowing the legendary machine with updates aimed at improved power, handling and consistency, with a focus on “Razor Sharp Cornering.” Drawing on lessons learned from Honda Racing Corporation’s global race program, including Team Honda HRC’s AMA Supercross and Motocross efforts, the 2021 CRF450R features engine updates focused on low- to midrange performance, a newly designed chassis with revised rigidity and a slimmer overall package. The combination yields a machine that performs at a high level for the duration of a tough moto.

  • Pricing: $9,599
  • Color: Red
  • Info


For motocross enthusiasts who demand the absolute best when it comes to performance, the premium CRF450RWE (“Works Edition”) benefits from the same improvements as the 2021 CRF450R, plus a long list of elite-level updates based on the machines in the Team Honda HRC factory race shop. As with the CRF450R, this model is endowed with important updates aimed at improving power, handling and consistency and—befitting its status as the clear benchmark when it comes to lap times—it boasts additional features aimed at refining power, suspension performance and aesthetics. New for 2021, the CRF450RWE now comes standard with a Hinson clutch basket and cover, as well as a Twin Air air filter.

  • Pricing: $12,380
  • Color: Red
  • Info


Ridden by Phoenix Racing Honda, SLR Honda and JCR Honda at the national-championship level, the CRF450RX is well-suited for closed-course off-road competition such as GNCC, WORCS and NGPC. For the 2021 model year, it’s better than ever, getting the same important performance upgrades as the motocross-focused CRF450R and retaining off-road-specific features like dedicated ECU and suspension settings, an 18-inch rear wheel and an aluminum side stand. New for 2021, the CRF450RX comes standard with handguards and a revised 2.1 gallon fuel tank that narrows the bike width at the radiator shrouds. The combination yields a race machine that’s ready to chase arrows and ribbon along trails from coast to coast.

  • Pricing: $9,899
  • Color: Red
  • Info


Through a winning combination of performance, durability and comfort, Honda’s road-legal dirt bike has made a name for itself in the dual-sport world. And for 2021, it has a title befitting its level of performance. Now called the CRF450RL, this capable dual-sport machine remains based on the trail-connecting approach that broadens customers’ ride-planning possibilities. Powered by Honda’s proven 449cc Unicam® engine and wide-ratio six-speed transmission, plus premium long-travel suspension and twin-spar aluminum frame, the CRF450RL now comes standard with lightweight handguards for increased comfort and protection no matter where the ride leads.

  • Pricing: $10,399
  • Color: Red
  • Info


When it comes to motorcycle racing in Baja, “dominant” doesn’t quite do justice to Honda’s record. Twenty-two of the last 23 victories in the legendary Baja 1000 have gone to Honda, including SLR Honda’s convincing 2019 win, and 13 of those belong to the CRF450X. Not only does it rule desert racing, but the CRF450X is a great trail bike thanks in part to its 50-state year-round off-road-legal status. With off-road appropriate features like a side stand, 18-inch rear wheel, headlight, sealed chain and six-speed transmission, the bike is ready for desert expanses or tight woods. Sharing similar styling updates as its CRF Performance Line counterparts, the 2021 CRF450X features all-new graphics and handguards.

  • Pricing: $9,799
  • Color: Red
  • Info

2020 CRF450R

While many off-road riders demand the latest technology, a number of customers see value as a top priority, though still not willing to make a big sacrifice in terms of performance. By creating the all-new 2021 CRF450R and making an additional production run of 2020 units that will be available at a permanent price reduction, Honda is able to address the needs of both groups. The same platform raced by Team Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen and Justin Brayton in the 2020 AMA Supercross series, the 2020 CRF450R features proven performance alongside electronic rider aids like Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which maximizes rear-tire hookup to keep all of the Unicam® engine’s horsepower driving the bike and rider forward.

  • Pricing: $8,599
  • Color: Red
  • Info

Repealing of MO Helmet Laws, A Tiny Motorbike, and Camping Essentials

While some states are taking steps towards making motorcycle helmets mandatory, others, on the contrary, are taking a step back and relaxing their laws for the sake of “freedom”. Besides that what is better than the tallest motorbike in the world, how bout a really tiny motorcycle, AMERiders rounds this out for you with some Camping Essentials we made sure to pull that one out since Sturgis is just around the corner.

Missouri Motorbike Helmet Laws Repealed.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that helmets can make a difference between life and death in crashes, some riders prefer feeling the wind (and the dust, and the bugs, and the gravel) on their face above all.  

On July 14, 2020, Missouri became the latest U.S. state to repeal its helmet law and modify the regulations. At the end of the summer, Missourians will be allowed to jump in the saddle of their bikes without a helmet—provided they meet a list of criteria. 

After months of debate over just how much freedom people should be allowed, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed House Bill 1963 that, among other things, now allows motorcycle riders to hit the road without a lid. Before rushing out to take advantage of this newly-legalized freedom, don’t get too excited—you have to meet certain requirements to be allowed to ride with your head al fresco.  

According to the new law, only riders aged 26 and older with a full riding license and proof of health insurance are permitted to leave their helmets at home. Riders with a learner’s license must still wear their lids.  

This sounds like a semi-reasonable way to go about repealing a 52-year-old motorbike helmet law, right? Except for the fact that the bill also states that law enforcement isn’t allowed to pull motorbike riders over only to check whether they meet the legal requirements. Guess there will be an increase in speed traps after the law takes effect.  

If you check all the boxes, starting August 28, 2020, you will now get to experience what all the “hype” is about. We don’t encourage it but mommy says you can, so it’s all up to you.  


Would you want to ride the smallest motorbike?

Suppose you’re an investor who set your first Guinness World Record by building what was, at the time, the world’s tallest rideable motorcycle. What do you do after that? Swedish inventor Tom Wiberg’s 1999 record-setting Big Toe is a tractor-tired, Jaguar V12-powered, 3,600-pound beast. So, how do you top it?  

Easy, Wiberg thought. Why not make a motorcycle for ants? Thus, we’re pretty sure, the Smalltoe was born—or some sequence of events to that effect. Amazingly, in 2003, Wiberg managed to set yet another Guinness world record on his newest ride. By contrast, it weighs just 2.4 pounds, has a seat height of 65 millimeters, (or 2.55 inches), and can go at a top speed of about 1.24 miles per hour. No brakes. No suspension. It’s a motor-powered cycle and that’s it

Is it a prime example of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”? That’s a totally subjective statement. What we do know for certain is that Wiberg’s world record for this bike still stands to this day, some 17 years after the fact. He wore special boots with metal lugs that slotted into place on either side of the bike, so that he could ride it for a total of 32.8 feet and set that particular world record. At the time, he said he’d have ridden it further if a container wasn’t in the way. 

Sure enough, in the video (seen below), you can see that it looks like he’s going to barrel straight into the corner of that thing. Once again, just because you can go well in a straight line doesn’t mean a bike’s handling is good at turns, amirite? It’s unclear what has since happened to this eensy bike that fits in the palm of your hand. One thing we do know is that it didn’t go on to fetch $88,000 at a Barrett-Jackson auction in 2011, unlike the Big Toe. Guess a V12-engined ridiculous motobeast that requires training wheels to operate had a more serious draw for a certain buyer. Hey, everyone likes what they like, right? Right.

Easy Packing Motorbike Camping Essentials

We thought since Sturgis is 22 days away (at the time this article was written) we would give you some easy packing motorbike camping essentials ideas for your trip.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

  • Weight: 4 pounds 
  • Size packed: 6” x 17” 
  • Price: $104.73 

Available from ALPS Mountaineering 

While camping doesn’t absolutely require that one carries a tent with them—some riders are perfectly happy sleeping under the stars—a little shelter does add a bit of comfort to the whole moto camping experience. That’s when single-person, lightweight tents get a chance to shine.  

Tents like the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx are convenient to carry with you on a bike because they’re compact and lightweight. This particular model is freestanding and installation is straightforward with your run-of-the-mill two-pole support system. It also features a weatherproof cover in case the going gets wet and even has a little vestibule to stack up against your gear.  

Tracker 5 Short 0 Degree Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

  • Weight: 3.75 pounds 
  • Size packed: 8″ x 14″ 
  • Price: $59.99 

Available from TETON Sports 

A sleeping bag is possibly the single most important piece of camping gear you’ll travel with. You only have to unroll it anywhere you wish to stay for the night and get a decent night of sleep. To some, gear like tents, mattresses, and chairs are superfluous—all they need is a comfy pouch to marsupial their way through the night.  

Mummy sleeping bags in particular are great because if the temperatures dip, you are protected from head to toes and kept warm without having to wear a hat and a scarf to sleep. This TETON Tracker 5 packs easily and keeps you warm in temperatures as low at 5 degrees.  


Thermarest ProLite Sleeping Pad

  • Weight: 1 pound 
  • Size packed: 5.8″ x 11″ 
  • Price: $94.95 

Available from Thermarest 

If the thought of sleeping with rocks and twigs poking in your back is enough to deter you from camping altogether, fear not—sleeping pads are coming to the rescue. Models like this Thermarest ProLite is inflatable which means once you’re ready to pack up and go, it easily rolls into a compact cylinder slightly bigger than a bottle of water.  

In addition, this model can be patched up if you somehow manage to poke a hole in it and the one-way valve makes inflation of the mattress even with your mouth, an easy business.  


Helinox Folding Chair

  • Weight: 2 pounds 
  • Size packed: 3.5” x 13.5” 
  • Price: from $99.95 

Available from Helinox 

Of course, you can find a rock or a log to sit on—it does limit the amount of gear you carry along on your motorbike. However, if you’d rather sit someplace clean and dry, then there are some foldable chairs out there that fold into a compact and easy-to-pack bag, like the Helinox Chair One.  

Don’t be fooled by its size—it can support a person weighing as much as 320 pounds. 

DragonFly Multi-Fuel Camping Stove

  • Weight: 1 pound 
  • Size packed: 4″ x 4″ 
  • Price: $184.95 

Available from MSR Gear 

Unless you plan to wrestle a couple of dry branches into submission to turn them into firewood then test your prehistoric instincts by attempting to start a fire from scratch, you can make your life much easier by carrying a little camping stove with you.  

One as compact as the DragonFly won’t add much weight and bulk to your motorbike luggage and it offers the perk of running on any type of fuel you can find along the way, including unleaded gas and diesel (yep, the same stuff bikes and cars run on!) Here’s one easy way to get a little fire going and enjoy a warm meal on the road.  


SEA TO SUMMIT X-Set 11 Cookset

  • Weight: 316 grams 
  • Size packed: 6″ x 6″ 
  • Price: $59.95 

Available from Sea To Summit USA

If you plan to test your cooking skills out in the wild or even just if you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee before hitting the road, then a collapsible cookset is a great addition to your kit.  

A collapsible kettle will boil water but will also allow you to cook meals of all genre, whether you go down the dehydrated pack path or opt for something a little more creative with ingredients you have at hand. This set includes a 1.3L kettle and two mugs which can double as bowls should you need them to. Once you’re done, they neatly collapse and nestled into one another to form a compact, easy-to-carry disc. Now that is what I call a great packable essential for camping on a motorbike.


Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle

  • Weight: 150 grams 
  • Size packed: 1.5” 
  • Price: $25.00 

Available from Hydaway 

One crucial step of self-care while traveling includes staying hydrated, especially if you’re traveling in desertic conditions or in the middle of the summer. Access to water can sometimes be restricted so carrying a water bottle in your luggage definitely has its advantages.  

When space is limited, however, bottles can be bulky. That’s where collapsible bottles come in handy. Bottles like this Hydaway model allows you to carry a standard 17 ounces of liquid with you and folds into a compact 1.5-inch disc once it’s empty. 

Leatherman Wave+ Multitool

  • Weight: 241 grams 
  • Size packed: 4”  
  • Price: $89.95 

Available from Leatherman 

Whether you’re camping or not, keeping a multitool in your bag is never a bad idea. You never know when you’ll need a screwdriver, a blade, or a set of pliers. It becomes even more useful to keep one close when you plan to live in the wild for a couple of days. A multitool like a Leatherman is pretty much like a Swiss Army knife on steroids.  

While Leatherman is one of the most popular name on the multitool scene, you can find similar gear from other manufacturers at a more affordable price. 


Biolite Rechargeable Headlamp

  • Weight: 69 grams 
  • Size packed: – 
  • Price: $59.95 

Available from BioLite Energy 

If you’ve ever hung out outside at night, you understand how useful a headlamp can be. Whether it’s to get up to find the bathroom—or whatever bush will be your natural restroom—or to dig something out of your poorly lit tent, bag, or sidecases, having a readily available lamp you don’t have to hold with your hands is certainly a must.  

We opted for this Biolite model because it’s rechargeable so you won’t have to buy new batteries along the way and because it offers several settings—including a red floodlight to avoid blinding everyone if you have to use it in the middle of the night.


Solar Power Bank

  • Weight: 564 grams 
  • Size packed: 3.7” x 6.9” 
  • Price: $42.99 

Available from Amazon 

Even in the wild, we tend to rely on technology, and even in the wild, charging can be an issue. Unless you plan to navigate using a map, chances are you’ll be using a GPS or even your smartphone to get an idea of where you are heading next. To be fair, having a phone with you is also a must in case of emergency (provided there’s service).  
To keep your device of choice in tip top shape, you will likely need to give it a little power boost at some point. If you’re technology reliant, then a power bank becomes a necessary tool to keep in your bags.

This model in particular can be charged using a standard outlet—in case you stop at a coffee shop somewhere. If you don’t have that “luxury”, then it can also use solar power to charge up and provide you with a power boost. Note that as in any solar charging system, getting a full charge will take several hours but if you truly are in the middle of nowhere, then it’s a good way to get a charge without relying on the grid.

So if your headed out to Sturgis 2020 try out some of those essential camping ideas they may help you this year.

We have brought you a wide array of things today from repealed lid laws and a tiny motorbike to some great camping essentials you could use for Sturgis this year we hope you have enjoyed today’s blog, stay safe out there.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~




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Sturgis 2020, the 6th Annual Veterans Charity Ride & H-D’s ‘Rewire’ Plan

We already know that Sturgis 2020 Rally is still going ahead for dates of Aug. 7th-16th although COVID-19 is still persisting here in the states. The Sturgis City Council approved the event on Monday 6/16/2020 which means in less than a month bikers will be rolling into the bike rally. So between now and then, AMERiders will give you information on the goings-on, and what will be happening at the Sturgis 2020 Rally as we always do. We also are going to give you an update on H-D’s ‘Rewire’ plan.

For the past 6 years, Indian has supported the VCR’s ride to Sturgis. The sixth annual Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis will start on July 29, 2020, in Moab, Utah. Indian Motorcycle is supporting participants once again, providing a variety of Indian Motorcycle models to ride over the course of the two-week event.

A total of 15 veterans will be participating, with nine new and six returning veterans who will operate in a mentor capacity to new members of the group. They’ll be riding a range of Indian Motorcycles outfitted with Rekluse auto clutches, as well as custom-built Champion sidecars for amputee and paraplegic veterans. It’s a journey of mind-cleansing and the kind of therapy only a good, long motorcycle ride can provide.  

The 2020 ride is a bit different than previous VCR events, and not only because of the current global pandemic. This year, VCR is emphasizing a “service before self” initiative, which will also bring personal protective equipment to COVID-19 first responders along the way, as well as host socially-distanced barbecues at select stops for those first responders.

“During these extraordinary times, getting our veterans out of the house and supporting them with the liberating power of motorcycle therapy is more important than ever,” said Dave Frey, U.S. Army Veteran and Veterans Charity Ride Founder. “To be able to combine those efforts and honor our selfless and invaluable first responders during this unprecedented pandemic makes this journey even more gratifying. In light of COVID-19, we will be implementing necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy, as we come together to heal and support one another on our ride to the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.” 

VCR and Indian Motorcycle state that they’ll be following strict safety and sanitary guidelines every step of the way to keep all participants on the ride and at their tour stops healthy and well. You can find out more and support VCR’s efforts at their website.

Harley-Davidson’s ‘Rewire’ plan isn’t what some of us thought.

Harley-Davidson, the storied and struggling Milwaukee-based company that last year launched its first production electric motorcycle in an effort to reboot sales and appeal to a younger customer base, is cutting 700 jobs from its global operations. About 500 workers will be laid off before the end of the year, the company said 7/9/2020.

The company’s CFO John Olin is also out, effective immediately. Harley-Davidson’s current VP Treasurer Darrell Thomas has taken over as interim CFO until a successor is appointed. “Significant changes are necessary, and we must move in new directions,” Harley-Davidson chairman, president, and new CEO Jochen Zeitz said in a statement.

Harley-Davidson has branded its job cuts and restructuring plan “The Rewire,” which Zeitz spoke about in the company’s first-quarter earnings call back in April. At the time, Zeitz said the company was still committed to its other strategic plan known as “More Roads” that aimed to make the manufacturer an accessible, global brand through marketing and dealership initiatives and a series of new products that included small-displacement motorcycles for Asia markets and EVs, starting with the LiveWire.

Still, Zeitz declared back in April it was time for a change.

“As a result of my observations and assessment, I’ve concluded that we need to take significant actions and rewire the company now in terms of priorities, execution, operating model and strategy to drive sustained profit and long-term growth,” he said in April. “We are calling it The Rewire. And it’s our playbook for the next few months, leading to a new five-year strategic plan, which we will share when visibility to the future returns.”

Visibility into the future has apparently returned, and in Harley-Davidson’s view it’s time to cut costs and possibly get back to its core products. Initial Rewire actions are expected to result in restructuring costs of about $42 million in the second quarter of 2020, Harley-Davidson said in its announcement Thursday. The company plans to share a summary of The Rewire, including additional costs and expected savings, when it releases its Q2 results. The Rewire will set the foundation for a new 2021-2025 strategic plan, which is expected to be shared in the fourth quarter.

Harley-Davidson has seen its sales drop in recent years in the U.S., its largest market, as its core Baby Boomer customers have gotten older. The COVID-19 pandemic dampened sales further and the company has already cut back production, which resulted in dozens of job cuts last month at its factories in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The push into EVs and products for Asian countries aimed to expand into new markets and breathe new life into Harley-Davidson.

Well then I guess the ‘Rewire’ meant a rewire like rewiring a bike or something electrical not giving us something new and improved. We will just have to see what comes of this. As for Sturgis 2020 we look forward to giving you more information next week. Have a good weekend.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~




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Thunderbike Customs Is at It Again With Harley-Davidson Jever

Thunderbike Customs is at it again with their dark green Harley-Davidson Jever. We have talked about Thunderbike Customs before when we wrote about their Country Cruiser and their Mini Sidekick that matched a Lamborghini Aventador. Now they have a new one they call the Jever AMERiders gives you the ins and outs of this beauty.

At Harley-Davidson, there is one line of bikes that seems to be above all others, at least in terms of appeal. It’s called the Softail and presently includes no less than 12 different models, starting with the Standard and ending with the Heritage Classic.

Somewhere in between, there’s something called Breakout. Introduced in the family in 2013, it has become one of the most desirable Softails out there, both as it’s made by the Milwaukee bike maker, but also in the customized form of countless garages around the world.

The German custom bike garage Thunderbike is particularly fond of the Breakout. They are responsible for perhaps the largest number of customized Harleys in Europe (they’ve been at it for a couple of decades), over 40 of them based on the Breakout.

The bike we have in the gallery above is also a Breakout, from the 2016 model year, and one the shop christened Jever. Just like its siblings, it packs the usual complement of custom Thunderbike parts designed to make it particularly bulky, and several layers of green paint that make it look particularly hulkish.

There are around 15 different custom things that have been added to the bike, including a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust and air filters that required some other modifications to be made to the engine for “better sound in addition to power.” We could not find out how the performance numbers of the bike changed.

Combined, the custom wheels, fuel tank, fenders, and all the other smaller parts cost close to €6,000 ($6,700 – and almost all of them can be found in the Thunderbike shop to purchase individually), so this is not exactly a cheap conversion – keep in mind the price does not include the bike itself, the work is done on the bike, and the exhaust system.

Here is a video of the how the bike was made and the 1st ride taken on the bike.

COVID-19 UPDATE: The 2020 Americade Rally Is Canceled

One of the largest motorcycle rallies in the eastern U.S. has been canceled. Because of COVID-19, Americade’s organizers say the 2020 rally is not just postponed—it’s not going to happen, period.

With a focus on motorcycle touring and travel, Americade is kind of an opener to the spring/summer motorcycle rally season for many riders in the U.S. The OEMs often use Americade to host demo rides, showing off new models. Americade doesn’t have the outlaw image that some other U.S. rallies have. It’s not as high-profile as Daytona Bike Week or the Sturgis Rally, but the clientele isn’t exactly the same either. It’s mostly about Gold Wings, not choppers.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~




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How Has COVID Limited Our Independence Day 2020 Celebrations

Because of the coronavirus many things have been canceled which means our Independence Day 2020 Celebrations are going to be limited and won’t be what the were in the past unless you are a hermit and don’t do much they won’t change for you. AMERiders wants to take a look at what will change for those of us that do celebrate each year.

Since we’re not supposed to congregate in big groups, what exactly can you do on the Fourth of July holiday? That is the BIG question, isn’t it well here is a yes and no list Sorta. (This is an overall list does not say it is for your city make sure to check your area for times dates or if/isn’t canceled or being held)


Professional: Most professional fireworks shows are canceled to discourage mass gatherings amid COVID-19. Check your local areas to find out exactly what is going on were.

Amateur: Some cities allow for the sale and use of “safe and sane” fireworks during the week of Fourth of July, while others ban them altogether. Even in those cities, only fireworks labeled “safe and sane” are legal.

Remember, even legal fireworks can pose fire dangers and can injure people.

Fireworks vs. Gunshot noise

Was that fireworks or gunshots? Here’s what you need to know to tell the difference. Here are a few videos that we found to help you.

Parades, Parties and barbecues


In-person parades are a big no-no this year.

Parties and barbecues

Want to throw a party with your roommates, spouse, or children? Go right on ahead – IF you live together. Things get dicey if you start to mingle with those outside your household. When people who haven’t been living together mix, oftentimes without social distancing and proper face coverings, there’s an increased risk of exposure.


Lots of beaches were shut down months ahead of Fourth of July weekend, but many beaches are now open again (depending on your state). Parking may still be limited, depending on the beach, and don’t be surprised if the crowds come out. So perhaps for safety sake, you can convince yourself sprinklers or a kiddie pool make a good substitute? (or even your inground or above ground pool if you are lucky to have one.

Bikers and the 4th

When it comes to us and the 4th we can definitely celebrate it a bit the same just take a ride with friends we don’t even have to get close to them, great social distance air Hi-5’s we know how to social distance. It is in our blood. Check out Biker Grinch promoting Social Distancing…


If you’re in the mood for a social distance picnic, most parks have reopened. (Check your state) Some may still have picnic tables and barbecues roped off, but the grass is all yours. Counties/States have also been slowly reopening more and more hiking trails.

We here at AMERiders hope you stay safe and have a wonderful holiday with your families.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~



Independence Day 2020

Let AMERiders keep you up to date with information on How Has COVID Limited Our Independence Day 2020 Celebrations.

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The Michelin Man Makes Sportbike Fans Happy & News on EICMA 2020

The Michelin Man has revamped its line of tires making Sportbike fans rejoice. The new range of sportbike tires ranges from 100% street use to 100% track use. AMERiders also has an update for you on the EICMA.

The Michelin Man

Whether you’re a track junkie or a street-only rider, Michelin’s revamped line of tires will surely have a place in your riding regimen. Launching the Power 5, Power GP, Power Cup 2, and Power Slick 2 riders have full range of motion more or less.

Hailed as the official tire supplier for MotoGP, the new range of tires for track and street use seek to give us mere mortals the chance to feel the benefits of MotoGP-derived technology for our own machines. Whether you’re looking for all weather grip, or tires designed solely to shave your lap times, this new line of tires fits the bill perfectly.

The Michelin Power 5 starts the lineup and is intended for road use. Designed for sportbikes and sport touring bikes, they’re meant for all-weather use and particularly provide excellent wet grip.

EICMA 2020 Update


The other shoe has officially dropped, and it’s fitting that my fingers wanted to type “show” instead of “shoe,” as you’ll see in a moment. After Intermot announced its official 2020 show cancellation in June 2020, everyone waited with bated breath to see what EICMA’s organizers would do. Now we know. 

As of June 26, 2020, EICMA 2020 is now officially canceled. We probably all knew deep down that this was bound to happen, what with both BMW and KTM dropping out in April. After that happened, EICMA organizers said they were discussing all available options with the remaining OEMs, and that they respected the Bavarians’ and Austrians’ decisions in this extremely difficult time. Still, they said, they were determined to try to pull off the single biggest annual event in the industry. 

Alas, it wasn’t to be. If you visit the EICMA website now, you’ll see the popup message displayed here, announcing that the 78th edition of EICMA, which was originally scheduled from November 3 through 8, 2020, has been postponed until 2021. There’s also a short video that plays and says much the same thing, only with pretty, heartstring-tugging video, as well.

The 2021 EICMA event will (hopefully) be held from November 11 through 14 at Fiera Milano in Rho, with November 9 and 10 reserved for press and trade professionals. This decision, while sad, makes complete sense given the current logistics of the global coronavirus pandemic. For the health and safety of all who would attend, whether it would be to work at the event or simply for the love of bikes, it’s probably the best decision possible, all things considered. 

While Intermot used the timing of its 2020 cancellation announcement to concurrently mention that an online event would take its place this year, EICMA has so far done no such thing. Will this mean that Intermot’s 2020 online event ends up having bigger announcements from OEMs than it might have done if all events proceeded as usual? Guess we’ll have to wait and see later this year.  

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~




Let AMERiders keep you up to date with information on The Michelin Man Makes Sportbike Fans Happy & News on EICMA 2020.

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