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Which Gear Colors Work Best for Visibility to Other Drivers

Ensuring safety each and every time you ride is important especially at this time during the year when motorcyclists are just starting to get back out on the road and ride. It is a question that many riders ask “Which Gear Colors Work Best for Visibility to Other Drivers” well, we are here to help answer that question. The obvious Best Gear Colors answer is bright colors which is true, however, there is more to it than that.

Best Gear Colors
Men’s Green And Black Mesh And Nylon Motorcycle Jacket

Each and every day many motorcyclists are injured on the road because drivers say “I didn’t see them” is it their fault or is it the riders fault? How could it have been prevented? In many ways, the driver could have looked and paid more attention to his/her surroundings and the rider could wear some of the Best Gear Colors that would make them more visible to other drivers during all times of the day.

Best Gear Colors

Wearing Reflective or fluorescent clothing will lower your risk for crashes as you are more visible than you would be wearing darker colors. A study shows however that most riders wear either black, blue, or brown clothing on the upper body and black or blue clothing on their lower body. Even if you wear darker colors adding a reflective stripe or piping to them can raise your possibility of being seen.

Main reported helmet colors that are mostly used are black, white, and red. In comparison, there is a lower risk of a crash happening when wearing a white helmet versus a black helmet. Similar associations have been found with orange and yellow versus red. If you really want to be noticed don an HI-VIZ helmet like the one shown here. Plus adding reflective tape to your current favorite helmet will also help.

Using reflective piping on various pieces of gear will help as well like these cool looking Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag Trunk With Skull the reflective skull will definitely get you noticed by other drivers, and it is made from PVC material which means it is waterproof helping you to be seen in the rain as well.

Best Gear Colors

Something else that can also help is if you use headlight every time you get on your bike not just at dark or. at twilight, it will help you be seen more often. Research has shown that consistently using your headlights during the day can decrease the risk of an accident by making you more visible to passing drivers. Headlights increase the odds of a driver not only noticing a motorcycle but seeing them as well. To a motorcycle rider seeing and noticing are two different things. When both happen then the risk of collision is lowered.

“A 2004 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that use of headlights led to a 23 percent reduction in opposite direction crashes involving motorcyclists, as opposed to a 5 percent drop for those in passenger vehicles. Experts say that oncoming motorists are able to detect a headlight long before they can make out the motorcycle or its rider. The headlight provides an extra bit of warning, something that might be the difference between a dangerous accident and a safe journey home.”

So to sum up some of the Best Gear Colors to wear are White, HI-Viz yellow, orange, any fluorescent colors, and reflective striping and piping on your gear, and yes ladies even pink will work! There is more of a risk for a crash when not wearing fluorescent or reflective clothing,a non-white helmet, or even not using headlights during the day. So wear what will get you seen and use your headlights. You don’t have to look like a crossing guard or a safety worker to get noticed while riding but being safe is important.

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Best Gear Colors






Let AMERiders be your stop for the Best Gear Colors to keep you safe all year round.

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Motorcycle Safety Tips for your Next Motorcycle Ride!

At AMERiders, we know it’s important to know various different Motorcycle Safety Tips so when you gear up for your next ride you are well-protected &safe. Here in our Second Segment of Gearing up for Spring Motorcycle Riding, we give you some other important tips for your next motorcycle ride, as well as a video from some friends in Northwest Florida.

Motorcycle Safety TipsWith Spring upon us and Summer fast approaching riding season is getting into full swing, and there will be a lot of motorcyclists on the road riding. It is important to keep your understanding and knowledge of Motorcycle Safety up to date at all times to help keep you and your passengers safe and healthy, and better yet even alive. There are many different things that can help keep you, your bike and your passengers safe. We have already given you many of them in our segment on gearing up for Spring Riding, we wanted to add to that knowledge a bit more.

“Respect your Ride” and it will help protect you! This is done by staying on top of maintenance such as ensuring that any Worn Brake Pads or Drive belts are replaced and checking for leaks or potential issues that could cause safety problems. These could be loose wires and other problems as well, always ensure that your tires are properly aired up and your brakes and clutch are working before leaving out on your motorcycle. More importantly, if your ride is not ridden consistently or more than 25 miles a week use a fuel stabilizer.

Motorcycle Safety Tips
Men’s Leather Jacket With Zippered Cuffs

Wearing bright colors helps other drivers and even other motorcycle drivers see and notice you, yes these are two different things because a driver may see you but not notice you. Those are deadly words a motorist can utter to a Police officer ” I just didn’t see them” We are much smaller than a car, truck or SUV so it takes effort on our part to ensure we are not only seen but noticed. So bright colors like this Men’s Leather Jacket With Zippered Cuffs can help other drivers see you.

Motorcycle Safety TipsIf you Look, React and Stay in control then you will always be able to Expect the unexpected. Including and we shouldn’t have to mention this don’t drink and ride. Ensure that you are endorsed in your state for riding a motorcycle. Also, staying up to date on any motorcycle training given near you will also help you with other Motorcycle Safety Tips that may be new or helpful.

Always wearing a motorcycle Helmet that is either DOT approved is important even if your state doesn’t have a motorcycle helmet law, and knowing your state laws for motorcycles is very important. Helmets can prevent approximately 37 % of fatal injuries in drivers and 41% of fatalities in passengers. So be smart and wear your helmet!

Motorcycle Safety Tips
Men’s Hard Knuckle Leather Suede & Textile Gloves

Your hands are important as you need them for just about everything you do in life, and if they are injured they take a long time to heal and your bike will be sitting while they do. So ensure you wear protective gloves while riding as they will help to protect from abrasions and even injuries. Gloves that have knuckle protection like these Men’s Hard Knuckle Leather Suede & Textile Gloves will help to protect your knuckles from serious injury.

So, there you go a bit of extra information to go with your last weeks Motorcycle Safety Tips, and Gearing up for riding, and if you don’t believe what we are telling you is true check, out this video from our friends over at Adventure MotorSports NWF in Pensacola, Florida!

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Motorcycle Safety Tips






Let AMERiders be your stop for various Motorcycle Safety Tips and Gear.

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Gearing up for Spring Motorcycle Riding Is Important!

For those of us who live, breath, and sleep motorcycles there is not a “gearing up for spring”, as we usually have our bike geared up all year long. However, for those of us that don’t brave the cold and run down the highway on 2 wheels all bundled up under layers of clothing, there are things that need to be done to get geared up for spring. Gearing up for Spring Motorcycle Riding is important, and at AMERiders, we know this, which is why we want to help you gear up the right way! Now when we say gear up we don’t just mean being decked out head to toe in protective wear, but we mean the bike as well.

T-CLOCSWhen a motorcycle has been in winter storage it needs to be inspected before riding season starts, this is a big importance, for most of us winter has gone and spring is in full tilt and we are ready to hit the road! So extending the life of our dear friend (your motorcycle), and making our ride more enjoyable and not to mention safe should be the first thing on our minds.

How do we do this and what do we look for? We are glad you asked! The Motorcycle Safety Foundation(MSF) has come up with a great little inspection too to help you go through your bikes “Spring gearing up”. The T-CLOCS inspection checklist (download here) is an awesome tool to help check and make sure that your bike is ready to ride. What does T-CLOCS mean, again, we are glad you asked. It is an acronym for a simple pre-ride inspection plan created by MSF, it is the same steps that your service tech takes when you take your motorcycle to the shop for a check-up.

  • T for tires and wheels
  • C for controls
  • L for lights
  • O for oil
  • C for chassis
  • S for stands

It is not only important to have your bike geared up for Spring Motorcycle Riding, but ensuring that you are geared up properly as well. When properly geared up a rider is protected from road rash and all types of other injuries that can be caused when just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. What is the proper gear to wear?

gear up ride smart 2

  1. Helmet– A sturdy well-made DOT or Snell Certified helmet that is properly and comfortably fitted will help to protect your noggin from injury.
  2. Jacket – Leather or textile material will keep you warm/cool as well as protect your skin from abrasions and also works as a cushion if a crash happens.
  3. Long Pants – Shorts (skirts) are unacceptable wear when on a bike and will not protect you from road rash or even a burn from the exhaust from the bike. Long pants such as jeans and moreover even chaps or leather or textile pants are the best to wear.
  4. Gloves – Your hands are delicate, whether you think so or not they are so a great pair of gloves will help protect them from scrapes.
  5. Footwear– No flip flops or tennis shoes these will not provide you with traction or support when riding. A good pair of leather riding boots is what you need. Make sure they are above your ankle and that if they have boot-laces that those laces are not too long or are tucked inside the boot well.

And last but not least in our information on gearing up for Spring Motorcycle Riding! Is Ride as if you’re invisible! Doing this all year round is a good idea anyway as automobile drivers more often than not suffer from “inattentional blindness.” This means that they may see you and your motorcycle but the image doesn’t register in their brains because you aren’t the normal car or truck they are used to seeing so hence, they don’t see you.

Think about it this way there are some areas of the US right not that some auto drivers haven’t seen one of us on a motorcycle for months so their brains have essentially been trained off watching for not only cars and trucks but motorcycles as well, and since some people operate in a semi-aware state while driving it is more dangerous for us.

So gear-up not only your motorcycle but yourselves, the proper gear will make you more comfortable on your ride and safer as well. Plus, if your motorcycle is well tuned and geared up there is less likely to be a breakdown or problem that could cause an accident as well. Have fun on your adventures and as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Live Free Ride Hard- AMERiders






Let AMERiders be your stop to gear up for Spring Motorcycle Riding.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

Selecting the Proper Women’s Motorcycle Riding Gear

Some women riders of the world in correlation to men worry more about how riding gear may look on them, although they all look for function some look not only for function but style as well. Ladies can feel overwhelmed with the amount of Women’s Motorcycle Riding Gear choices that are available to them nowadays, and selecting the proper riding gear for either men or women can be difficult. There are many companies that produce gear just for women as the fit for a woman is critical, not just for style but for performance as well.

Motorcycle Helmets are important
Ladies Blossom Helmet MC5

With ladies, the main thing to do when Selecting the Proper Women’s Motorcycle Riding Gear is to ensure that it is made by a well-known company. They gear may look cute but if the material is of sub-quality then it will not offer the protection required while riding.

You want to be covered from head-to-toe if at all possible because any skin exposed can be removed in a crash which can lead to infection. Make sure your helmet fits snuggly but not that it hurts your head, search for the best one and not for the graphic that looks good to you. Even if it is your dream helmet if it doesn’t fit properly it is not a good helmet and will not give you protection.

SOUTH_DAKOTA_47188When trying on a helmet shake your head from side to side, if the helmet slides around it is too big. Always wear your hair the way you’re going to wear it when wearing your helmet during helmet fittings. An article from tells how to properly measure your head for buying a helmet. Here is a snippet from it.

“Measuring for which motorcycle helmet size will fit is actually as simple as looking for a good hat. The difference is in how the helmet will fit over the rider’s head. The best tool for this is the soft vinyl or fiberglass seamstress or tailor’s tape measure. It is flexible enough to wrap around the rider’s skull and is marked in useful increments for determining an accurate size. Use it to find which size of helmet will suit you:

  • Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of the head – this will be just above the ears and about a half-inch above the eyebrows for most – and take the measurement at the forehead. To get the most accurate measure, have a friend help with this step.
  • Take the number found above and go to the size chart for the motorcycle helmet being viewed and find the helmet size which includes this dimension in its sizing information. Each manufacturer has sizing which is specific to its own models, so only rely on the size chart produced for the motorcycle helmet being considered.

LJ238-11Once measuring has been accomplished, and the size charts scanned for the appropriate motorcycle helmet size to be purchased, the next part is ensuring that the helmet lives up to its shape and size designations. There is always some variance, even between different models from the same manufacturer, in how a motorcycle helmet actually fits on the rider’s head. Thus, a fitting is often necessary.”

Also, remember that if you are wearing an open face or half helmet, etc. then you should wear protective eyewear such goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes not only from the sun but from dust, the wind and other particles.

On to Jackets and pants/chaps the decision between leather or textile is up to the wearer ,however,  leather weighs more and isn’t waterproof, whereas textile is (made from a variety of durable and abrasion resistant materials) is lighter (sometimes bulkier) and water-resistant or even waterproof.

Women's Motorcycle Riding Gear
Women’s Leather Chaps With Pink Stripes

Quality Women’s Motorcycle Riding Gear is designed to fit comfortably while your riding on a bike. CE-Approved armor is a great thing to look for as it helps to absorb energy in a crash as well as protect impact points such as the elbows, shoulders, back, knees and hips. During warm weather/climates, venting should be important, but on the other side with cold weather/climates, the ability to layer is important as well.

The preference of textile over pants or chaps is what works for the wearer. When ordering online such as from us at AMERiders check sizing charts and get a tape measure to help you out.

Women's Motorcycle Riding Gear
Stitched Eagle On Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

Your hands are very important to protect (see our previous article here on hand protection) so protecting them with gloves is very important, because if your hands are injured you can’t ride your bike, write, type, or do other things with your hands that you love to do. You must depend on others to do it for you. Think of having to get help to unbutton your jeans to go to the little biker gals room… Wear your glove ladies… keep them protected.

Women's Motorcycle Riding Gear

Boots, like gloves and your helmet, are 1 of the other important parts of your gear. Even if you just drop your bike standing still you can injure an ankle if not wearing boots that will help protect you from injury. Boots can help to protect from burns, sprains, and other ankle injuries when a bike is dropped or in a crash, as well as provide traction for taking off and stops. (our boot selection is in limited stock so get yours here now before they are all gone.)

Let us leave you with this last parting thought choosing gear that fits correctly is important , you want it to fit so as it is not distracting while you ride, plus seeing a lady fidgeting with her gear while she rides is not lady-like and is also distracting to other riders… Plus it means your not paying attention to the road but to your clothing more.

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Live Free Ride Hard- AMERiders






Let AMERiders be your stop for all your Women’s Motorcycle Riding Gear

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And speaking of for all you CVMA brothers and sisters here is an event for you…

2nd Annual Friar Tuck Memorial Dice Run-

The ride starts at American Legion 402, 17680 Ashley Drive in Panama City Beach. Registration with breakfast is from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and the last motorcycles go out at 11:00 am. The ride fee is $15.00 for the rider and $5.00 for a passenger. Cash awards will be given for the high and low score. The event also includes a 50/50 drawing, raffles, music, bike games, food and more. For more information call (850) 381-4372

The Reason Why We Love Motorcycle Events

We all Love Motorcycle Events, we know that we at AMERiders do! Why? For many reasons! Fun,Friends, Brothers and Sisters coming together in one big happy family for a reunion of sorts. We laugh, we cry, we do all sorts of crazy things, even raise money for worthwhile causes, as well as remembering fallen brothers, sisters as well as our veterans. Remembering fallen loved ones is always a part of our motorcycle events regardless of whether the event is geared towards it or not.

But our main reason for loving Motorcycle Events is that they are fun and we all love fun! So, if you are looking for something to do this month on your scoot, we have a list for you from all over the USA from Nevada to Florida. So without further ado here is your list for this month! (drum roll please)

Carts, Bikers and Babes RallyCarts, Bikers, and Babes Rally – April 14, 2016  – April 17, 2016

The event will be held in Welch Park Lake Somerville, 200 Welch Park Road in Somerville, TX. Gates open at 8:00 am. The event includes a bike show, bike games, a poker run, vendors, music, tattoo contest, golf cart events and more. There is no fee to enter the bike show, bikes will be judged in various categories and trophies will be awarded to winners. There will be various bike games with awards given to winners. There is also a prize awarded to the winner of the poker run. This event is under New Management – Same Great Rally, Even Better This Year  For more information call 832-287-4586 or go to

Leesburg Bikefest – April 22-24 2016

Motorcycle EventsThe main venue will be on Main Street from Canal Street to 9th Street but activities take place throughout the area. The event includes  poker runs, organized rides, a parade ride, bike show, exhibitions, entertainment, contests, music and more. The motorcycle show will be judged in various categories and awards given to winners. Poker runs may start at various locations. Cash awards will be given to winners.  For more information call 352-365-0053 or go to

Laughlin River RunLaughlin River Run- April 27, 2016 – April 30, 2016

Get ready for the largest motorcycle event on the west coast. Join us this year as we take Laughlin by storm. Come see Historic US Route 66 the way it was meant to be seen. Turn back time as you ride the hills from Kingman to Oatman, AZ. Cool off in the Colorado, or test lady luck at any one of the casinos located on the strip.The 2016 Laughlin River Run Motorcycle Rally is a 5-Day Motorcycle Event with concerts, lots of vendors and of course gambling (it’s Nevada). (read more here)

And for our CVMA Brothers and Sisters


Let AMERiders be your source for Motorcycle Events and the gear to protect you while your at them.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

Protect Yourself! Dress for the Slide Not the Ride!

It is important to Protect Yourself when riding on a motorcycle, most of us have heard the saying “Dress for the Slide Not the Ride“, and this saying holds true. When you dress for what is going to happen not for what you are doing, you are more prepared for the eventuality of what might happen even if it never comes. Protect YourselfLike the person that always uses an umbrella even though it is not raining, they are protected from the sun, but if that eventual rain pour comes they are ready for it.  Preparation, as well as Protection, is important and we at AMERiders thought about that when we set up our website as we wanted our customers not only to be happy and satisfied but well protected as well.

Protect Yourself
Protective Gear Info Diagram

Even though the warm weather is coming up or for some of you, it may already be here it is still important to Protect Yourself from head to toe when riding. With protective gear worn brain injury, major infections, loss of limbs or even death can be prevented. (See the diagram on the left for more info).

There are many different types and styles of protective gear that can be worn to help prevent possible injuries during a fall. Even just dropping your bike while stopped without sturdy boots on can have consequences. We have a large selection of protective gear to help you keep your dome, arms, legs, and other major and even minor parts safe.

Remember, April is Check your Helmet Month,  and since it is if you need to replace your helmet we have a nice selection of DOT/Snell approved half, beanies, three-quarters, modular and full face, and other styles of helmets from name brands like HJC, Rhodia, Caliber and more; as well as a number of novelty helmets as well. Ladies we also have a number of styles for you to choose from to keep your pretty little noggin safe from harm.

Protect Yourself
HJC FG-17 Force MC1F Full Face Helmet

Wearing a full face helmet such as our HJC FG-17 Force MC1F Full Face Helmet that  is a mid-level sports bike focused helmet, that lets itself be influenced by its big brother, the uber race ready RPHA-10. This gorgeous red and black helmet is packaged to be heavy on performance and value, and it features adjustable flow through vent ports help to keep searing heat in check while the SilverCool™ liner adds comfort and proper comfort. Using a helmet can help protect from serious brain injury .

We also have a Large Selection of Men’s, Ladies’ and children’s’ leather jackets, chaps, leather and denim vests as well as textile apparel. Wearing this type of protection can help prevent bruising, severe infections that can lead to death, skin loss, and much more. We have jackets with and without armor, as well as with and without reflective piping.

Protect Yourself
Men’s Jacket With Reflective Strip On Front Back in Blue

Textile apparel is great for protection like our Our Men’s Jacket With Reflective Strip On Front and Back is made from lightweight nylon and mesh material and features a lining that zips out, a reflective strip on the front and back for safer rides at night, removable foam based Certified Armor on the elbows, back, and shoulders, strap on the sides and zippered cuffs for better fitting.

Protect Yourself

Protecting your hands is important as well. We also have a nice selection of apparel to protect those digits of yours from harm, because if you can’t use your hands you can’t ride your bike. Gloves ranging from fingerless to gauntlet and much more. Like our Mesh Textile Mechanics, Motorcycle Gloves will help reduce bloodshed while on the job because let’s face it your hands are more fragile than you think they are. and this mesh textile glove comes with the chopper cross logo!

If those items aren’t your style we have tons of other apparel items that may be your style that could help to protect you and your loved ones in a fall.

Let AMERiders help you Protect Yourself from serious injury with our premium leather and textile apparel.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

Why so Serious? Motorcycle Helmets Are Important!

Our last blog post we gave you a chuckle but today we are going to take it to the serious side. Why are we at AMERiders being so Serious? Because Motorcycle Helmets Are Important to a rider and their passengers. Not only can keep you alive they can also help to prevent serious injury as well. We love our customers, which is why we want them to ride safely each and every time they ride, even if it is just up the street to the store. Plus, in honor of “check your helmet month,” we thought we would explain things a bit.

Which of these two helmets would you say needs to be replaced?

scractched up helmetCheck Your Helmet Month

If you said both of them then you would be correct as you cannot tell if the top helmets protective elements are still intact or damaged enough that when it is used next that it might shatter like a porcelain cup, which would not be good.

DMotorcycle Helmets Are Importantid you know that just knocking your helmet off your seat to the concrete can possibly cause it not to work effectively? A helmet is designed for just a one impact use, and while just dropping your lid on the kitchen floor or even outside to the ground may not have the same impact force as when you are thrown from a motorcycle in a crash; if you do drop it or knock it off your bike have a professional check it out to make sure that it is still safe to use, just in case.

What causes a helmet too loose its effectiveness in a crash? We are glad you asked, we did some checking around for a good explanation for you and found this bit of information from a well-known insurance company.

“When your head hits the ground (or another obstacle) during a crash, the impact is absorbed by the helmet’s hard thermoplastic outer shell and dispersed across the entire helmet. Once the outer shell has been used up, the force of the impact is transferred to the soft polystyrene inner liner.

However, because the layers of your helmet undergo such stress protecting your (grateful) noggin in a crash, there are often no protective elements left over. That’s why repeated use is usually a no-no. Some helmets may actually crack or delaminate in severe accidents — an even clearer sign the motorcycle helmet lifespan has run its course.” 

We did cross-reference this with other places and they all basically say the same thing if you are in a crash replace your helmet if your helmet is dropped get it checked out by a professional unless you can visibly tell that it is compromised.

We know our customers know Motorcycle Helmets Are Important, it is those that don’t understand why they are we want to inform, which is why if your and your helmet looked like this in your crash…..

Motorcycle Helmets Are Important

Then you should definitely replace your helmet! Even if you haven’t been in a crash then you should replace your helmet every 2-4 years as some helmet Helmet manufacturers believe others say 1-3 years. Why replace it if it has not been damage? Another good question, the answer is simple that the protective qualities of the helmet will over time begin to deteriorate, from your sweat and your hair’s natural oils. So while it may feel like your same comfortable old helmet, you could be wearing a glass helmet just waiting to crack under the first crash. Take the picture below the first glass is your brand new helmet no crash and no impacts and as the picture progresses to the end either from wear and tear or a couple of impacts and not being checked you have a crash and the last glass is exactly what happens with your helmet.

 Motorcycle Helmets Are Important

Motorcycle Helmets are important
Ladies Blossom Helmet MC5

So always make sure that you replace your helmet every so often as not only does it degrade with time but also technology in protection is always advancing and you want to make sure you have the most cutting edge helmet materials to protect you.

We at AMERiders understand helmet importance and carry a number of DOT/Snell approved half, beanies, three-quarters, modular and full face, and other styles of helmets from name brands like HJC, Rhodia, Caliber and more; as well as a number of novelty helmets as well. Ladies we also have a number of styles for you to choose from to keep your pretty little noggin safe from harm.

Motorcycle Helmets are Important

If you need to replace your visor or want to spruce up your helmet so that you don’t feel so uncomfortable wearing it we have a number of accessories for you to add to it, such as Pony, pigtails , or bows for the ladies, as well as a number of styles of horns and mohawks also.


Your Motorcycle is supposed to cost an arm and a leg, not your Protective Gear let AMERiders get you geared up at a reasonable price. Don’t forget Motorcycle Helmets Are Important too.

List of Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets

There are many reasons to reasons that call for wearing a helmet, jobs, some recreational activities and yes even some hobbies require them as well but did you know there are some other Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets we at AMERiders are going to give you a list of a few of them. There are obvious benefits to wearing a motorcycle helmet and the main one is to protect the wearer from serious injury, however, there are some people that still choose to ignore the safety benefits and go without their helmet. There are many reasons people do this such as wanting to keep their image up, they feel uncomfortable in one, and many others. If you have a custom made helmet you don’t have to feel uncomfortable or feel like you look uncool or awkward either. Plus if your helmet becomes damaged in a fall there are things you can do instead of just throwing it in the garbage.

What possible Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets or just helmets, in general, could there be? Well how about :

Not seeing those flashing lights in your mirror or rather a smokey off your back? What are we talking about? Staying on the right side of the law is what we mean,  as certain activities are governed by the law in some states that you must wear a helmet when doing those activities. So use your noggin, stay in the within the law and wear a helmet if you want to stay clear from unwanted fines or jail time.

DOT Rodia Full Face Pearl White Modular Helmet
DOT Rodia Full Face Pearl White Modular Helmet

If you need a helmet try one of our Modular helmets that are chatterbox ready such as our DOT Rodia Full Face Pearl White Modular Helmet is the new addition to the Rodia line of products and it is a stylish convenience at its best. This Rodia RF-4 Modular incorporates the benefits of a full-face helmet with the advantages of an open-face helmet.  It features a Flip-up the shield or, with the touch of a button opens the entire front and is made with a  Lightweight Shell Design, which has an aerodynamic fiberglass shell and an ABS/Polycarbonate Alloy chin bar.  Not to mention the Large eye port opening for much greater visibility, and much, much more.

There are still many more Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets to be listed such as:

Keeping bugs out- helmets add more than personality they keep, the wind, dust, rain, and even yes bugs out of your eyes and mouth.

Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets
Storm Trooper Helmet

If you have a custom built helmet you can Rock your geeky side by having it reflect a person’s personality, such as a Storm Trooper, Ironman or any number of other geeked-out looks.

Other unique uses also include (we suggest some of these if the helmet has been damaged and no longer usable):

  • Unique paper-weight
  • Pet/Baby Carrier
  • Flower Pot/Planter
  • Unique Mail Box
Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets
DOT Vented Ladies Silver Lady Rider Shorty

But it also goes without saying that they some like full-face helmets will help you to use less sunscreen. Ladies, there are helmets for you too like our DOT Vented Ladies Silver Lady Rider Shorty this gorgeous helmet, is one of the lightest and smallest in the market.  Sports beautiful graphics of skulls, roses, and the lady rider ribbon on a glossy black vented helmet.

We have a large selection of Men’s, Ladies, and youth DOT/Snell approved half, beanies, three-quarters, modular, and full face helmets in many of the popular brands such as HJC, Rodia, MotoX and many more including a few novelty as well.

Ledt us finish this post off by saying that, if your are an Motorcycle Rider and lover like we are then wearing a motorcycle helmet is like eating to live, your gonna have to do it so do it already!

Let AMERiders be your choice for a Helmet when you have an idea for Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets.


April Is Check your Helmet Month! Get Your Lid Checked!

Most Motorcyclists start riding again in April it begins their “riding season”, cool but not cold air and the sun on your face. It is a great time to ride. So why not go ahead and check your lid to ensure it is properly protecting you, which is why April Is Check your Helmet Month! A good helmet is a vital piece of protective wear and, we at AMERiders support wearing a helmet for safety.Check Your Helmet Month

Since riding season is ramping up for all us bikers, it is a good idea during this April’s Check your Helmet Month, to remember these basic tips to ensure your helmet is doing or going to do its job:

    A well-fitting helmet should rest one inch above your eyebrows and shouldn’t roll forward or sideways on your head. To ensure a comfortable fit that doesn’t squeeze too tightly, wear a helmet for 15 minutes before making a final buying decision.Check Your Helmet Month

    Over time, exposure to UV rays and the aging of adhesives and components will damage a helmet’s protective qualities. That’s why manufacturers and the SNELL Foundation recommend that helmets be replaced every three to five years, depending on use. Every new Harley-Davidson helmet comes with a “purchased on date” sticker that can be placed under the comfort liner for a quick reference.

    A clean and well-cared-for helmet will protect better and longer. Use a mild soap to wash the outer shell and internal liners. Never use solvents or chemicals for cleaning as they can destroy protective coatings.

    A helmet is designed for only one impact. Even a small impact may fracture the outer shell or compress the impact-absorbing liner despite no visible damage. If a helmet has been dropped or suffers an impact, it should be immediately replaced.

So get out there and get your lid checked during this April’s Check Your Helmet Month, whether it be yours, or the families make sure they are checked, and if you need a new one has large selection of DOT and Snell helmets to help keep your lid intact.

Let AMERiders replace your lid if needed during. Check your Helmet Month

Lil’bikers Are Forever believes in family first as well as family safety, which is why we want to remind you that being safe and wearing your protective gear when riding is important. Since St. Patricks Day and Easter are so close together this year make sure that you protect not only yourself but your Lil’bikers as well. So while your out riding please be safe and slow down, as we all know it is fun to crank that throttle up and go ninety-to-nothin’ but we want all our brothers and sisters to come home safe and sound each night.

Lil'bikersOur Lil’bikers are special to us and will grow up to be mirror images of us or what we want them to be if we show them the proper way to ride and wear protective gear when riding. To help gear up your little guy or gal check out our Kids Section were we have Vests, Jackets, and even Chaps to help protect them.  Why not enlarge their Easter basket and give them a new set of gear to ride with you this Easter.

Kids Leather Jacket

For instance, our Kids Leather Jacket is a great jacket to start off your little biker with. It is made from Top Grade Genuine Leather and will make them feel like they are one of the pack. This jacket is also great protection from the elements as well.  Features of this adorable kids leather jacket include Zip out lining within the sleeves for more freedom. multiple pockets both inside and on the front. as well as  2 air vents on the front and 2 in the back for coolness when needed. Zip-up cuffs for extra comfort as well as stylish orange stripes running across the jacket.

Some of our children’s clothing items have matching adult items to go with them, and who doesn’t like to see parents matching their Lil’bikers in gear. The items that match each other will be noted as such.

We not only have protective gear for their bodies but for their adorable little heads as well. Our DOT and Snell certified helmets are the best way to protect their noggins from damage when riding.  We have a large selection of men’s, women’s and youth helmets available to help protect your heads.

M&M Licensed Yellow MotoX Motorcycle Helmet
M&M Licensed Yellow MotoX Motorcycle Helmet

If your kid loves M&M’s and whose doesn’t then this helmet is for them, our M&M Licensed Yellow MotoX Motorcycle Helmet will help to keep any child safe while riding.  This Special Edition licensed and numbered Motocross helmet represents, Tony Dilberto’s, dream of putting animation on production helmets. He started with a photograph of animated M&M’s and instead of drawing it as art or using computer-aided design programs, he had the animation separated into the same four-color process that prints books and magazines. Then the four-color separation is ink printed on thin, flexible water slide decals, put on the helmet and clear coated.

These limited-edition helmets come with verification of their authenticity and are available in full-face modular and MX dirt helmets. The first series of helmets (M&M) are on sale now, and are available in two unique shells: Full Face Street Modular and Off Road Dirt.

We know family first is many a bikers code which is why we say put your family first when riding and ensure that they have all the gear they need to not only be protected but look good as well. Your Lil’bikers are just as important to us as our are, so please ensure they are geared up as well as you are when you ride.


Let AMERiders be your stop for protective wear for you and your Lil’bikers.