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Rides, Pictures and Upcoming Events! Send them to us!

Rides, pictures, and upcoming events are what we at AMERiders love to see and hear about. Besides new and interesting bikes we love to hear the stories that go along with them as well, we have seen some cool and interesting bikes in our rides over the years and we will see some more we are sure. We would love to see and hear about your bikes, the rides you have taken and the bikes you have seen while riding.  So send us your bikes along with the stories behind them and/or a story of your ride to the email below. Please respect the rules that we have posted below for all pictures, events and stories that you send to us. Some of the cool bikes we have in the gallery now are a Limited Edition Harley Davidson that is shown below or our own personal 2001 Dyna Glide of AMERiders.

Rides, Pictures and Upcoming Events
Marilyn Monroe Custom Paint Job Soft tail rear view

We also want to post your events to help get exposure for your bike rides or poker runs and more in your area. For instance: Daytona Bike week is coming up and for those of you that are going to attend or want to attend, get your information here so that you can stay up to date on what is going on. The dates for attendance this year are going to be March 4th-14th of 2016.

Rides, Pictures and Upcoming Events
Limited Edition Harley Davidson

Send us your rides and pictures to gallery.ameriders at Gmail dot com!

We want to see know where you’re going and what you are doing so we are setting up a Gallery and Events Page so we can do just that! We will post your Rides, Pictures, and Upcoming Events that you send. Let us know when your event will be and we will advertise it for you as well, make sure to give us plenty of information and we will try to get it out there as best as possible for you.

By giving you a Gallery and Events page, we hope you will visit us more and give us more information on what you like and what we can offer you.


  1. No profanity or images of it, no cussing if the story has it in it, Our manager will edit it for a more family friendly version such as ***&^*^, or a more appropriate word that could have been used.
  2. Do not send distasteful photos of your old ladies or your men it’s just not wanted.
  3. No Politics, No religion
  4. No Solicitations ADs-Sales
  5. No funding unless pre-authorized by AMERiders
  6. Please limit to 5 .jpgs pictures per e-mail
  7. If you are in a club or association please make sure that any and all people in the picture are ok with us posting it/them

Let AMERiders show you where the action is with our Gallery and Events Page that has many Rides, Pictures, and Upcoming Events!

Who Really Uses Matching Motorcycle Gear

Matching Motorcycle GearMatching Motorcycle Gear is not uncommon in the motorcycle community Men and Women both do it, it is not just done by motorcycle racers but every rider who wants to look sleek and cool. Gear is matched from the helmet right down to the boots, and it may or may not be matched to the bike as well. At, we have many different items for both men and women from apparel items down to items for your bike that will match to a tee.

Matching Motorcycle GearWhen you’re looking for things to match and you are a card player why not look up our Dead Man’s Hand Logo items such as our Dead Man’s Zipper Puller, Dead Man’s Hand Boot Chain, or our Dead Man’s Hand Logo Pin set for your saddlebags, tool bags, windshield bags, jackets, or vests. Ladies, we didn’t forget you we also have Women’s Bag With Dead Man’s Hand Studs for you to keep your items in while riding.

Guardian BellsWe have not forgotten our military service personnel missing and unaccounted for in overseas wars and have many POW/MIA items that you can mix and match as well, such as our DOT POW/MIA BEANIE HELMET, our Men’s Plain Vest With POW which is made from top grade leather, and displays the red POW logo on the front and back, if you need to extend that vest size at any time try our POW/MIA Design Vest Extender, as well as our POW Logos pin set, but that isn’t all we have much more including ladies ride bags, bells and patches.

Matching Motorcycle Gear even extends to apparel and we have Men’s and Ladies Apparel that you can match as well such as our father and son matching leather club vests. Cause we all know that kids matching their parents in gear is just super adorable.

Let help you find your Matching Motorcycle Gear

Biker Safety Tip 5: Protecting Your Feet

AmeRiders is back with our 5th installment of our Biker Safety tips we have gathered tips and advice on various aspects of motorcycle riding: about riding corners, braking, looking, safety, etc. This week’s tip is how important it in protecting your feet while riding a motorcycle and the best protective gear to wear for your feet.

Protecting your feetSome people think that just hopping on a motorcycle and riding is fun, however, motorcycles can be dangerous if you are not wearing protective gear. Wearing flip flops is a very bad thing to do, even if you are not in a moving state you can still have damage done to your foot and ankle. You may slip and your bike can fall on your foot and ankle thereby spraining it or even breaking it, and depending on how big your bike is burns can happen to your feet and legs as well. When the bike is moving it can be even worse as the skin can be torn from the foot showing the bone. We don’t like to be this graphic but it can happen and we have seen it happen.


It is important to protect your feet when riding a motorcycle and by wearing leather boots, it will help you to do this. Leather Motorcycle Boots can help prevent slippage in rain, sleet, snow and oil as well. Boots can help prevent breaks and burns while riding if a bike is dropped. Protecting Your Feet with Motorcycle boots is very important as you need your feet to ride as much as you need your hands to ride.

So when you ride, don’t forget to don your riding boots, boots don’t always look like motorcycle boots anymore they have been made to look like cowboy boots, tennis shoes and more so find the boots to fit your style. The main thing is to be comfortable and to protect your feet while riding. You don’t have to wear metal Iron Man boots when you ride but make sure they are protective.

iron man boot


Let be your choice in finding gear for protecting your feet as we have many men’s and women’s, stylish motorcycle boots available to choose from.

Happy Valentines Day from AMERiders

The AMERiders family wants to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day, and hope that you and yours have a wonderful one!

Valentines Day is a special time of the year for couples even biker couples get in on it with special long rides with each other to out of the way places. But how did Valentines and Chocolate get started? There are many different stories associated without the holiday of love got started, some say it was the greeting card business that started it all and others say it is something else. We searched and found two places that give a breakdown of Valentines Day.

choc and valentines dayThis one particular site gives you the many different backgrounds of Valentines day from the Christianity and Renaissance views to breaking down the explanation of cards, cupids and how chocolate came to be associated. On the other side, we found an article from The Smithsonian about how Chocolate and Valentines day came to be mated.

Both sites have some interesting information like did you know that Chocolate has been used as a gift since the days of the Aztecs, who believed it to be a source of spiritual wisdom, energy, and higher sexual prowess. It was used as a nuptial aid and served at wedding ceremonies. Cool right?

Valentine Day has also been a way for some couples to rekindle their love each year when it has started to get a bit stale, and what better way than a long snuggly ride on a motorcycle! Regardless of why couples ride with each other, it is a great activity to start out your Valentines Day with, with her arms wrapped around you all snuggly tight and nothing but you two and the wind around you and your motorcycle underneath you. Now that is love!Biker Love

Some ladies don’t like chocolate for Valentines Day, that is ok can help you all year long with our selection of Ladies Wear, and Jewelry , and much more.


Have a Happy Valentines Day and be safe while riding with your sweetheart!Rekindling

Valentines Motorcycle Gift Ideas for Your Biker Mama!

Guys, are you looking for Valentines Motorcycle Gift Ideas for your Biker Mama to show her how much you care?

Ladies that ride motorcycles love all kinds of presents and this year instead of going to Jared, why not come to and get her everything she needs for a ride! Motorcycle Mamas love leather and we have a large stock of ladies leather apparel available to choose from that we are sure she will love.

Valentines Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

If it’s leather she loves then take a look at our variety of leather jackets made to fit the female form, such as this Women’s Motorcycle Jacket it features Z/o lining, braids on the front and back, classic snap down collar, multi pockets inside and outside, and zippered cuffs. The jacket is gathered at the waist for better fit.

Valentines Motorcycle Gift Ideas
Women Leather Chaps

If she has a great jacket she loves then why not get her a great pair of chaps to go with it. We have many different styles that will look great on her. Our Women Leather Chaps, are made from cowhide leather chaps that are heavy duty but soft to the touch. There is a zipper that goes down until it reaches the snaps at the bottom with a flap that hides the zipper mesh lining.

We have more Valentines Motorcycle Gift Ideas other than just great clothing we also have other great items too! Such as helmets, jewelry and more.

DOT Vented Ladies Silver Lady Rider Shorty
DOT Vented Ladies Silver Lady Rider Shorty

However, what is leather without a helmet to go with it and we have many gorgeous ladies helmets to choose from like our DOT Vented Ladies Silver Lady Rider Shorty  is one of the lightest and smallest in the market.  Sports beautiful graphics of skulls, roses, and the lady rider ribbon on a glossy black vented helmet, and she is sure to love it.

Red White Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet
Red White Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

If your lady loves bling we have that too, try our Red White Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet is not only an accessory for daily rides but an awesome accessory for going out for a night on the town. It is a Heavy Duty Red and white stainless steel bracelet and is Approximately 3/4 inches wide.

From Ladies Apparel to Chaps and Pants and jewelry and much more we have something that your special lady will love to get for Valentines Day.

Don’t be like this guy: Don't be like this guy

Make sure your lady has something nice for Valentines day! Ordering Deadline is Monday, February 8th, 2016 to have it in time for that special day!

Check out for all of your Valentines Motorcycle Gift Ideas for your lady!

Motorcycle Jewelry Is Hot for Valentines Day This Year, and Your Lady Is Sure to Love It!

Guys Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know that means your need to be looking for something to show your lady how much she means to you! Why not choose one of our pieces of Motorcycle Jewelry that will fit her style and shows how much you care in the process. We have a wonderful selection of Necklaces, Bracelets and more that is sure to fit her style.

Motorcycle Jewelry

If she loves her watches she is sure to love this Brown Watchband with Lock and Key it is the perfect gift for any lady in your life, and she will love the leather and chain wristband with locks as well as the added touch of a heart shaped watch in the middle. Plus it has and easy on and off with the snap closures, and if Brown is not her style we have a brown version that is very similar with our Black Wristband Watchband With Hanging Skulls.


Motorcycle Jewelry

However, if she is not that cutesy and she is more into the heavy duty biker themes then we have our Heavy Duty Black Red Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet, that also comes in at least 6 other colors as well as other widths. It is a heavy duty black & red stainless steel motorcycle chain and is approximately 3/4 inches wide.

We also have many necklace options to for that special lady in your life from our Leather Necklace With Crosses Studs which is a stylish leather necklace featuring many metal crosses and studs. To our Braided Necklace  which is made from genuine leather and features a stylish braided design, it connects with snaps and has a smooth leather finish to the outer set of rings.

Don’t worry we have many items for you gents as well to suggest to your ladies for gifts as well such as our Gun Lighter And Holster Wristband is just the thing for smokers and gun lovers. It is a leather wristband with a gun holster attached. The gun is a lighter that comes with the wristband. The wristband is adorned with a skull and studs as well as mach bullets. Don’t fret we have more that is just the top of the gas tank so to speak.

Everyone loves a little bling including bikers, whether you’re a biker dude or chic, Motorcycle Jewelry is one thing that is a part of your wardrobe. At AMERiders, we have a large selection of quality Motorcycle Jewelry for Men and Women in various styles and colors. Regardless of whether you’re looking for Bracelets or Necklaces, and More to fit your style.


Guardian Bells Can Protect You from the Road Gremlins

Guardian Bells are a time-honored tradition for bikers everywhere. In a nutshell, A motorcycle bell is supposed to ward off bad luck and evil spirits and are often called “Road Gremlins,” by many bikers. According to the legend, biker bells are most effective when received from a friend or a loved one and hung at the lowest spot on your motorcycle. The sound of the Motorcycle bells are supposed to deter bad luck and misfortune from sabotaging your trip and keep you safe from road hazards, mechanical failure, and spills. But how did this story get started or what is the actual story? We did some digging and found this story in several places across the net:

The Story of the Guardian Bell

“The old legend goes that one night a single old biker was headed home from a road trip to Mexico where he filled his saddlebags with gifts and trinkets for the kids that lived at a group home where he worked.

He drove along feeling blessed for his own life, the people in it and most importantly his bike, that had never let him down. He and his bike spent many years roaming the roads together and had a close relationship.

The biker was about 40 miles north of the Mexican border unaware that in the high desert ahead of him waited, a small group of road gremlins.

Road gremlins are the evil little creatures that leave obstacles in your path- old mufflers, pieces of rubber, boxes, that one shoe you always see and things like that.

Road gremlins hope to make a biker crash so they can rejoice over their little acts of evil.

As the biker rounded the curve, the road gremlins ambushed him, causing him to crash and skid before coming to a stop near one of his saddlebags that had ripped off his bike.

The biker lay there, helpless and unable to move as the road gremlins made their move towards him. The biker- being typical of many bikers – wasn’t going to give up easily and started throwing things from the saddlebag at them. Finally, he had nothing left to throw but a tiny bell and he started ringing it in hopes of scaring them off.

Guardian Bells
USAFlag_Guardian Bell

Not far away, two other bikers had made camp for the night and were talking around the fire when they heard the sound of the bell. Their first thought was that it was church bells so they went to go find out for themselves.

They came across the old biker lying in the road with the gremlins about to finish him off. Bikers are part of a brotherhood and because of that, the two other bikers chased off the gremlins, saving the old biker from their attack.

The old biker offered to pay for their help but in an unwritten code of true bikers, they refused payment. The old biker wanted to show his gratitude and wouldn’t let the two bikers leave without showing a sign of appreciation for their good deed. The old biker cut off two pieces of leather from his saddlebags tassels and tied a bell to each piece. He then attached the bells to the two bikers bikes as close to the ground as possible.

The old biker then told his new friends that with those bells attached to their bikes, they would be protected from the road gremlins and if they were ever in trouble, to ring the bell and a fellow biker would come to their aid.”

Now whenever you see a biker with a bell you’ll know that he has been blessed with the most important thing in life love or friendship from a fellow biker or a loved one.

Road Gremlins can’t live near these Guardian Bells because they get trapped in the hollow of the bell. Their hearing is hypersensitive so the constant ringing in a confined space drives them insane. They lose their grip and eventually fall onto the roadway this forming those irritating potholes.Guardian Bells

The magic of the bell will still work if you buy the bell yourself, however, if the bell is received as a gift from a friend or a loved one the magic is doubled because out there somewhere you have a friend looking out for you.

NEVER! Steal a Bell from a biker, If you do, you steal all the gremlins and the evil that comes with them. It is ill-advised that you steal a bell, the consequences could be dire.

Guardian Bells are more of a tradition than a superstition amongst many bikers… which means they make a great gift for the rider in your life! Check out our Biker bells that are Hand-sculpted from 100% lead-free pewter. At AMERiders’  we have a large selection of bells that come in a variety of designs ranging from patriotic symbols of the armed forces to animals such as dragons, butterflies, and much more.

Keep Good Fortune on Your Side With Guardian Bells From

Textile Apparel can add Power to your Ride!

Textile Apparel can add Power to your Ride!

If you want to add some power to your ride and feel like a superhero ensure you wear textile apparel.

When looking for premium quality textile clothing look no farther than AME Riders, as we have a large selection of Men’s and Women’s Motorcycle Textile Jackets to choose from in many colors and styles to fit your needs. In a wide array of colors, with or without Certified Armor, with and without venting we have a textile jacket to meet everyone’s needs.

But why wear Textile Clothing? Some textile garments like Motorcycle protective gear are of course by definition made to be highly durable. These pieces of clothing are made out of Kevlar, Cordura, ballistic nylon, which are some very tough fabrics and if layered properly can stop stops bullets and knives. However, when coupled with other pieces of protective motorcycle gear such as carbon fiber knuckles intended to withstand crashes at expressway speeds, and substantial leather boots with oil-resistant anti-slip soles you tend to feel more invincible. It doesn’t stop there though there is much more such as Certified Armor (CE), removable pads, or even plates that can be hidden throughout the fabric of your gear to help protect major and minor parts.

Never fear looking like a freak, if you walk out in public in full riding gear (your riding armor)  it’s socially acceptable, unlike wearing a suit of metal armor, which could get you arrested or taken to the looney bin. It’s designed to look like regular clothing as much as possible, so you leave the house, feeling as safe as possible with hardened knuckles, anti-slip boots, dagger-proof fabric and high-impact pads. Don’t worry about looking silly as long as your protected.

So while you may look like this:

Be safe in riding gear
Always wear protective gear

You will feel like this:

Feel Like You have Power
Feel Like Your Badass

There are many pieces of protective Textile apparel available for both Men and Women such as this Men’s Black and Green Mesh Nylon Motorcycle Jacket or this Women’s Textile Racer Jacket with Multi-Pockets. Both have removable padding or armor, lightweight material, and packed full of other features. Take a look at our other styles and colors of textile apparel at AMERiders, we work to protect you while you ride.

Let AMERiders Meet Your Textile Needs with Our Men’s and Women’s Textile Apparel.

Cozy Facemasks Will Keep Your Face Warm on Cold Days!

Cozy Facemasks Will Keep Your Face Warm on Cold Days!

A biker knows that colder temperatures mean face protection from the elements is in order, and an all weather facemask is just the thing to keep you warm and protected while you ride. Cozy facemasks come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles nowadays and finding the one to fit your style should not be hard, with the variety that is made currently.

Digital ACU Neoprene
Digital ACU Neoprene

When searching for the facemask to fit your style is is also important to take into consideration what activity you will be using for whether it will be snowboarding, motorcycle riding, hunting, or everyday wear because it is just plain frigid outside where you live. A Neoprene Facemask will keep your face warm and cozy regardless of your activity.


Another point to take into consideration is how cold it will be and what else you will be wearing, will you need a half mask like our Glow in The Dark Skull Mask? Or a Full mask like our Digital ACU Neoprene? Regardless of the type

Regardless of the type of facemask needed keeping your face warm is important as heat will escape through any uncovered part of your skin even though you may have bundled up the rest of your body in a leather jacket, chaps, and nice warm leather gloves, and your helmet, if your face is exposed the heat will escape making it difficult to stay warm and endure the cold. No need to wear a big bulky facemask, though.

Rose Neoprene

We recommend using a simple facemask like this one it is wind and water resistant, won’t obstruct your field of vision, double sided, and extremely durable. So you will look a little strange to others but looking strange is will be nothing compared to keeping the chill off your face, and preventing frostbite to your nose, mouth and ears.

Ladies don’t worry there are plenty of styles and designs to help keep your face warm without making you look silly unless you want too. Like our Rose Neoprene facemask in 1/2 facemask style.

At, we carry a large selection of Headwear to keep you warm and protected while you ride. Our full and half face masks come in all colors and styles from bearded to glow-in-the-dark and many more to fit any bikers style. If you’re looking to keep your complete head warm we have a large selection of Balaclavas as well.  We even have many face masks that ladies will love as well.


The Feeling of Riding Motorcycles! What Is It Like?

Many riders are asked, “What does it feel like to ride a motorcycle?” The feel of Riding Motorcycles is difficult to explain, other than in shouts and yells that would make some uncomfortable and others laugh, but we will try to explain it without the hoots and hollers.

Riding MotorcyclesSomeone that rides motorcycles will tell you that there is nothing like it the wind in your hair, zooming along on the road, feeling like you are going faster than you actually are. Not having to wear a seatbelt, and that is just a few of the things that some bikers love there are other reasons as well. Bikers even get withdrawal symptoms from not riding their motorcycles for long periods of time, that is why you will see some out riding in biting cold weather. We love to ride!

Riding is different for everyone, however, the sensations for everyone come across different but the same sensations for everyone are there regardless. Most wouldn’t think to use words like velocity, aroma, lean angle, or even condition to describe a ride but they all are part of the experience. Senses are heightened when riding just like if a person loses their sight they can hear, taste and touch better. It is similar with a motorcyclist, pull us out of a cage(car) and put us on a bike and we experience everything differently.

Velocity: A motorcycle doesn’t accelerate like a vehicle does so velocity is a sensation that we love. The acceleration is much quicker on a bike than in a vehicle so you feel it quicker and someone that is not used too it may feel a bit overwhelmed if they are not ready for it. The acceleration or speed is different for different bikes as well. Bikers know there is a difference between sportbikes, cruisers, and touring bikes and they all have a different acceleration rate, however, they are all still much faster than a car. The difference with riding a bike at high speeds and driving a car is that you have to adjust your body to keep the bike from falling over in turns or the rear or front of the bike popping up on you during acceleration or braking.

Aroma: The aromas that a motorcyclist experiences when riding are different than when in a vehicle. You receive smells more often than you would in a vehicle and they influence your ride immensely. Some areas will even help you to remember some rides more than others.

Lean Angle: When Riding Motorcycles the everything you do is important to the ride, lean angle, acceleration, braking, and even traction on the surface you are riding on. Managing these when riding is different than when driving a vehicle, you are forced to use them all at the same time on a bike. With a car, you don’t have to worry about balance when you touch the brakes as you do when riding a motorcycle. There is also not a worry about falling over in a turn with a car as there is a bike, however, if you have seen motorcycle racing you may have noticed that bikes can lean over very far almost defying gravity. That thrill is hard to explain.

Condition or Temperature: The Temperature felt when riding is constantly changing you feel the heat from the sun, or chill from the water quicker than you would in a vehicle because temperature drops are felt more than if you were in a vehicle. You are open and exposed to the elements so you feel everything quicker than you would in a vehicle.

Riding MotorcyclesSome bikers compare Riding Motorcycles to a dog hanging their heads out of a window of a moving car and have stated.” Bikers are the only ones that can understand why dogs love hanging their heads out of a car window.” In some ways, this is true, as we understand the feel and rush of the wind on our face as we go zipping along the interstate or whatever road we may be on at the time.

So now when someone asks you what it feels like to Ride a Motorcycle you can explain it a bit better to them, or just point them here and we will do it for you.

Let Be Your First Stop When Riding Motorcycles for Your Gear