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Biker Safety Tip 1: Its All in the Hands…Meaning Gloves Are Important

Biker Safety Tip 1: Its All in the Hands…Gloves Are Important

Why we ladies should wear gloves when riding with our men or driving our own bikes.

Regardless of whether you are riding your own bike or just relaxing behind your man on a great ride on a sunny day, it is important to always wear your gloves. Gloves are important and should never be an option when riding, one of the first things that can hit the ground when a crash or a bike drop happens is your hands. It is the same whenever you trip and fall walking you instinctively put your hands out to protect yourself or even to keep yourself from falling. It is a reflex, however when this reflex happens on a bike and your hands are not covered they can get pretty torn up. Lacerations to palms, fingertips and fingers will occur regardless of how fast the bike was going.

Your hands are delicate, and fragile even, and anyone that has either broken, burned or had something happen to a hand knows that not being able to use that hand until it heals really sucks. So ensuring that your hands are protected by a pair of leather gloves even fingerless ones (which some guys prefer) is important.

Gloves are very important, you can also think of it this way… Anyone that is military or that has a military background will know if you are injured in the leg, of course, you can’t stand but you can still shoot your weapon. Arms and hands that are injured can possibly impair you from firing said weapon, essentially becoming combat ineffective.

There are other things to consider as well as to why gloves are important if you injure your hands. These depend on the severity of your injury as well)

  • you won’t be riding your bike till they heal and that could be a while (can you say bike withdrawal?)
  • Using the bathroom won’t be done by yourself and if so could be messy.
  • Eating without help isn’t easy
  • And using a keyboard or mouse won’t be an option for most either so if you’re in the IT business you would definitely be out of work for a while.

So if you want to not feel helpless or embarrassed wear a pair of gloves while riding, this includes everyone, not just us ladies.

Ladies love to look good and show off their style, which is why at AME Riders we have a selection of Women’s Motorcycle Gloves for ladies to choose from. We have many stylish, and functional pairs of Ladies Natural Leather Gloves regardless of your riding style we have gloves to fit your particular needs.



We Have Many Quality Bike Accessories to Deck out Your Bike in Style

When you need to gear up your bike you look for Quality Bike Accessories, and at AME Riders that is just what we carry. We know that no self-respecting biker rides a purely “stock” motorcycle, and we are enthusiastic about customizing our rides, we have put together a tremendous selection of top-of-the-line motorcycle accessories so you too can add some custom style to your ride.

Our Quality Bike Accessories include a variety of bags such as sissy bar, windshield, and swing arm bags, as well as solo & saddlebags, tool bags, and luggage. So you can travel as heavy or as light as you need to. For safety, we offer stylish mirrors and “get back” whips. To keep your necessities close at hand, we carry motorcycle cup holders, cell phone mounts. Give your bike an upgraded look with any of our grips, covers, cushions, tank covers, and flags. Beware of road gremlins and outfit your ride with one of our many motorcycle bells, available in a huge selection of styles.



Motorcycle Helmets help keep your children and you safe!

Our children are important to us, which is why we want to keep them safe. At, we know this and sell many top brands to help keep your children safe. However, we do also sell Motorcycle Helmets for men and women as well and many novelty helmets also. Check out our many wonderful helmets we have in stock,

Motorcycle helmets are one of the best pieces of protection for any biker. They protect what is most significant to your body — your head. All of our biker helmets we sell at AMERiders are either DOT or SNELL approved, and often they are both as well. We also sell many Top Brand Motorcycle Helmets for all sizes in many colors to match your style. So if you need a Modular, full face, half shell, youth, dirt bike, open face, or even a racing helmet, we have them. Ladies, we have a great selection of helmets you will love as well. If you are looking for a helmet, that is just a novelty style we have many helmets to choose from. If you want your helmet to stand out from the crowd try one of our many Helmet Accessories such as our helmet bows, spikes and more. At AMERiders, we have the right helmet for you all at affordable prices.



Gear up Your Little Biker with Our Selection of Childs Biker Wear

Childs Biker Wear is adorable, and who hasn’t seen that 5-year-old walking around with his father dressed leathers and said aww isn’t he adorable! Well, now you can dress your little biker appropriately from our Childs Biker Wear Section. We have vests, jackets and chaps for your little one made from genuine leather.

Many of us got the first taste of riding in our systems riding on a bike with one of our parents, or even maybe a small street bike. Regardless it got in our blood and since then we want to ensure that our children start off with the right gear. Which is why at AME Riders, we have top of the line Motorcycle Apparel For Kids that will make your little one look like a true biker they are. We have amazing leather Jackets, Vests, and Chaps for your little one, to help keep them protected while riding.

Childs Biker Wear

We expect this category to grow with more items as interest in Childs Biker Wear grows.

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