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Preparing for That Awesome Spring Motorcycle Ride That Is Rounding the Corner

AMERiders are here to help you in Preparing for That Awesome Spring Motorcycle Ride that Is quickly Rounding the Corner and gaining on us. For some of you that may have already happened, as you may live in a warmer climate such as Florida like our Website manager does. As Spring rounds the corner it means one thing for bikers: time to hit the road with wheels burning! First things first before you take that first Spring Motorcycle Ride make sure your gear is ready. Don’t worry getting your gear ready for spring is not as difficult as you may think, however, it does take a bit of checking and searching.  Then you will be out in the wind having fun. Here are a few tips that AMERiders thinks will help get you ready.

Check your helmet!
Spring Motorcycle Ride
DOT Full Face Skull Pile Motorcycle Helmet

If your (lid, brain bucket, or whatever you call your helmet) is older than 5 years, replacing it is something you might want to consider doing. The Snell Foundation and most of the helmet manufacturers will tell you that glues, resins and other materials that are used in manufacturing a helmet can break down over time. Things like hair oils, body fluids, and cosmetics, as well as normal “wear and tear” can all be contributors to this breakdown. Plus, every five years there are great advances in materials, designs, production methods and the standards that go into making and manufacturing helmets.

Spring Motorcycle Ride
Polo Helmet Lady Rider Silver

You may have heard some of your brothers and sisters say….”I heard that if a helmet hits the ground, it should be replaced.” This old biker’s tale isn’t necessarily true, but it isn’t really false either and it can get expensive. If you dropped your helmet on the garage floor don’t break out your wallet yet. You don’t necessarily need to replace it. Look at the manufacturer’s specs. If it says to replace it, follow instructions.

However, a common practice with today’s helmet technology is that if it’s not visibly cracked after it’s been dropped, then you don’t need to replace it. The problem with that is that is that you can’t see what is on the inside. The best thing to do is to go to your nearest dealership that you trust and have them inspect it. What we mean by you trust, is that you trust to check it and not say oh you need a new one just cause they want the money to sell you a new one.

Gloves – the unsung hero of apparel.
Spring Motorcycle Ride
Long Leather Summer Motorcycle Glove

Your hands are just as important as you are, you know this as of you don’t have your hands you can’t ride the bike. Gloves are so much more than “something bikers wear to look the part.” In spring, finding the right motorcycle gloves to start your season are important. The type of glove is important whether Summer or winter gloves will depend on how chilly your Spring actually is in your area of the world.

Spring Motorcycle Ride
Stitched Eagle On Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

When Spring rolls around and the temp goes up, it may be time to consider summer gloves. And therein lies a different choice. Do you go fingerless gloves or Kevlar-filled safety gloves? Riding can be a challenge in blistering heat, under the hot melting sun. Wearing gloves during warm-weather riding is important for hand protection, and to keep cool and comfortable, choose the right gloves for the season.

Riding Pants or Chaps
Spring Motorcycle Ride
Women’s Leather Chaps With Pink Stripes

The battle lines are drawn. More often than not Americans will don chaps, however,  European and Japanese motorcycle fans seem to wear full riding pants. Is that the only difference? If you throw your leg over a Triumph cafe bike, do you have to only wear leather riding pants? Or if you’re on a Road King, is your only option chaps?

Spring Motorcycle Ride
Textile Motorcycle Pants

No, course it isn’t it’s your bike it is your choice in what you wear on your legs. When Spring hits, it may be a bit chilly so you’ll naturally have gear. But as the weather warms, you might be inclined to shed the layers. There’s no law against not wearing chaps or pants, but keeping safety and of course comfort in mind. Chaps and riding pants are definitely a safety choice when it comes to riding.

What about the Bike
Spring Motorcycle Ride
PVC Throw-over Motorcycle Saddlebag

You can’t forget your bike either is it geared up and ready to go for short or long rides? Some of us like to take those short rides but still, they may be longer than our usual run around town so we need to make sure that our Bike is geared up as well. Things like sissy bar bags, windshield bags, toolbar bags, and saddlebags are important things to help us get ready to ride.

Don’t forget though those long hauls we like to make which call for motorcycle luggage or if your just riding around town don’t forget you can use a backpack as well.

Last but certainly not least
Spring Motorcycle Ride
Women’s Biker Boot Black

Boots! Your feet are what help you hold the bike up. They need to have good soles and great tread and needs to at least be waterproof as well as come up over your ankles in case the bike does go over they help to keep your ankles from being totally crushed.

The Bottom Line

As spring blossoms, your gear will help keep you warm and safe. Be sure to prepare for changing climates as well as finding your personal style. AMERiders has plenty of all of the above available for you here. Questions that you do need to ask yourself before you set out on your ride. Do your gloves need to be replaced? How is the tread on your boots? How old is your helmet and how many times has it been dropped? Think about these things and more before you set out on your ride.

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Spring Motorcycle Ride







Let AMERiders help you get ready for your Spring Motorcycle Ride with our large selection of Motorcycle gear.

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A-Well-A, Bird, Bird, Bird, Your Comfort Is the Word!

♪”Bird, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word, A-well-a, bird, bird, bird, the bird is the wordA-Well-A, Bird, Bird, Bird, Your Comfort Is the Word.”♪  You are probably cursing me right now and I don’t blame you. I will take credit for helping stick that silly little song in your head, but that is because it got stuck in mine by an old Family Guy episode I ran across (see below). But never fear, AMERiders will tell you why we think “comfort” is the “word”.

All Motorcycle Apparel/Gear stores whether online or walk-in harp protection and with good reason when you ride a motorcycle it is good to be protected in case of fall, crash, and inclement weather. But very few talk about the comfort consistently.

Comfort over Protection
Men’s Green And Black Mesh And Nylon Motorcycle Jacket

Don’t ever put one over the other these should always be on equal footing. You do not want to sacrifice comfort to ensure you have protective gear. On the other hand, you don’t want to sacrifice the safety of your protective gear for comfort either. Finding the perfect riding gear that has both is important. Such as Our Men’s Green And Black Mesh And Nylon Motorcycle Jacket that is a comfortable and safe jacket for riding in as it has many safety features including its CE armor and reflective striping. It has removable foam based Certified Armor and is made from a lightweight material and has many other comfort features as well.

Comfort will help keep you alive

Wait, did you just said it would help keep me alive? Yes, that is exactly what we said. If you are uncomfortable in your gear. For example, it’s bunching, extremely hot, heavy and keeps you from paying attention to the road consistently, then you may not notice the car next to you is coming over into your lane and they don’t see you. This is when you need to be paying attention and not tugging, adjusting and moving your gear around. We have all been a victim of tight, loose, and uncomfortable gear. Making sure it fits and is comfortable can help you keep an eye on the road and your surroundings and possibly help save your life and that of your passenger if you have one.

Leather is a bikers fashion statement
Women’s Light Weight Motorcycle Jacket

Leather may sometimes seem like a fashion statement, but quality leathers are an important first layer of defense between rider and road. Mainly, Leather doesn’t “grab” like other materials, so a rider wearing leathers in an accident may be more likely to slide, instead of tumbling head over heel, an advantage which can greatly reduce the chance of serious injuries. However, leather can be heavy and hot there are some leathers that are made to be light but when buying these ensure that it is leather and not “pleather or PVC”.  Our Women’s Light Weight Motorcycle Jacket is one example of this. It is a Lightweight high-quality leather jacket cut to complement the female figure, heavy duty stitching, soft leather, and sleek collar make this jacket simple and sweet.

Comfort, for your feet, is very important
Comfy feet

Having comfortable feet is very important because they are the base for riding. You have to put your feet down when riding to stop, idle, and help keep you balanced. Boots are a very important part of your protective gear and as such should definitely be on your comfort radar.  This helps with not only the material but how it is comfortable as well.


The best boots protect both your feet and your legs. While the majority of boots are made of leather, the best boots are also reinforced in critical areas—shin, ankle, and calf—with a stronger material like Kevlar. Often called “ankle armor,” these reinforcements can protect you from flying debris while you’re moving and can actually protect you from leg injuries in a crash.

Comfort in your boots

Choosing comfortable boots is vital. Boots that fit properly are snug enough to stay on if you wreck, but loose enough to allow proper circulation. Quality boots also help your feet stay dry and cool. Look for water-proof or water-resistant materials, as well as a ventilation system that lets your feet breathe.

Last words

I hope that we have given you a bit of information to chew on and just in case you forgot about our little joke at the top here is a reminder….

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~







Let AMERiders help find your Comfort Zone with our Men’s, Women’s and Children’s apparel and gear.

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The Most Crucial Pieces of Motorcycle Armor

How safe are you on your motorcycle?

AMERiders knows that safety is very important when riding a motorcycle. Which is why we have put together this list of 10 motorcycle armor pieces for you. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statics from 2006 show that about 72 of every 100,000 motorcycles were involved in fatal crashes that year. For cars, the number was more than 13 per 100,000. The fact that driving a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car is nothing new.

What is noteworthy, however, is that because of increasing strides in technology, motorcycle riders can do something about the dangers they face on the road each and every day. High-tech Motorcycle armor, when worn, can drastically lower the risk of injury and death from a motorcycle crash. Below is our list of 10 armor pieces to wear that can help keep you safe.

Elbows and Knees
Elbow and Knee Motorcycle Armor helps keep the point parts safe.
Elbow and Knee Armor helps keep the point parts safe when skidding across a surface

These pointy bits tend to poke into the pavement when a biker comes off their bike. If you want to keep them, place some armor on them. Or at the very least, ensure your outerwear has reinforced elbow and knee zones. If your leather jacket isn’t at least 1.2 millimeters thick, consider wearing armor over or under it to increase the distance you can skid before whatever surface you are skidding along wears through to your skin.

Look for “CE-certified” elbow and knee (and everything else) protectors, which means that when the testing body smacked the front of the armor, the force measured at the back of the armor averaged less than 35 kilonewtons (the standard measure of force).

Chest Protector
Motorcycle Armor that protects your chest is important.
Wearing a chest protector may have you looking like a character from “Star Wars,” but it is helping to keep your vital organs safe.

Rather than protecting your chest from bending (like a back or neck protector does), chest armor is built to absorb the force of a blunt impact. While armor that’s molded into the appearance of chiseled abs might be awesome, what you want is a solid shell that distributes the force of impact across ample underlying padding.

Chest protector tech has a wide range of effectiveness from essentially what is a  couch cushion on one end of the spectrum to aluminum composite on the other. Regardless of your budget, ensure your chest protector has 2 things: a hard shell to distribute force and padding to absorb it.

Neck Collar
Motorcycle Armor that protects your neck can help pad impact and reduce the neck's range of motion in a crash.
A neck collar can help pad impact and reduce the neck’s range of motion in a crash

Your neck is an important part of the body to protect. most motorcycle armor for the neck not only protects your collarbone they protect your neck as well. In fact, a collarbone is the most commonly broken bone in motorcycle crashes — when extending your arm to break a fall, the impact force is channeled directly into your clavicle. Turning a shoulder into an onrushing car, tree or street sign can also break the clavicle from direct impact.

A neck collar can help you avoid the second — a clavicle break due to direct impact. And this neck/clavicle system is the focus of all sorts of emerging high-tech protection. On the low-tech side of neck/clavicle support is the traditional, neck-roll style collars. These are similar to an ox yoke, and can help pad impact and reduce the neck’s range of motion in a crash.

Gloves are an Important pieces of Protective Motorcycle Amor as well.
Gloves can protect your hands in a fall

Let’s move on to the exoskeleton, even the simplest crash can break your hand or fingers like they were matchsticks. Finding a pair of gloves to protect your fingers and hands is not difficult, especially if they provide reinforcement to your fragile finger bones. The glove doesn’t have to be bulky as that can keep you from moving your hands and can also cause a crash.

Most of today’s high-tech motorcycle armor gloves combine Kevlar and leather, sometimes with carbon-fiber reinforcements in important areas that tend to be slide points. Tipping even from a full stop — you’re going to want something on your hands.

Motorcycle Armor that protects your legs can help with road rash.
Leg armor can protect from road rash, and other serious injuries as well.

We have all seen those videos a high-speed crash followed by starfishing arms and legs, and limbs snapping on impact. In the early days of leg protection, motorcycle safety equipment designers looked to encase the lower body in what was basically an exoskeleton. This allowed the body to bend only how it was supposed to bend. But they found something interesting. Reinforced legs could lead to worse overall rider injuries due to rider ejection as well as torso pitch

A couple must-haves in your lower-body motorcycle armor. First, ensure it is  made of a material that protects against road rash (duh). Thick leather and Kevlar are veery good. And, like the chest protector your lower-body armor should be made of a shell to distribute force and the padding to absorb it.

While high-tech plastic boots provide the best protection in Motorcycle Armor for footwear leather boots still provide good protection.
While high-tech plastic boots provide the best protection in Motorcycle Armor for footwear leather boots still provide good protection.

In jackets and pants, the debate rages as to whether Kevlar trumps leather. This is also true of whether you should reinforce bones with steel alloy inserts, or whether you should just pad them and allow your flapping limbs to absorb the shock.Big, bad plastic trumps leather where boots are concerned.

Racing boots vs street boots — high-speed racing boots almost always include plastic or composite shells for sliding across a surface and a more comfortable liner for your feet.Your boots do not have to be supple and flexible all the way around. They just need to take a licking and keep your feet and ankles protected. Look to high-tech composites and plastic. However, while high-tech plastic boots may come out on top, it stands to reason that classic leather boots can still provide good protection.

Hip Armor
It is important to protect your hips with Motorcycle Armor if you want to keep them.
Hips are second only to collarbone fractures and broken pelvises in injury statistics.

This question has been posed by some in the motorcycle community “Do I really need hip protection?” which is answered with the response, “You only need to protect the pieces you want to keep.” That is especially true with your hips. They are second only to collarbone fractures and broken pelvises in injury statistics. This is partly because of hard hits to anywhere in your lower body channel themselves into your pelvis, and partly because a rider tends to bounce and slide on the parts that usually sit in the saddle.

Any online video you watch of a sliding motorcyclist and you’ll see that in far more than half, the rider ends up skidding on his or her rump. Something else to note is that road rash that eats through jeans as if they were paper.
So armor up your hips! Either make sure your riding pants that include hip padding or layer up your own padding with hip-specific inserts.

Every motorcyclist is going to own a jacket, and it will have varying degrees of Motorcycle armor in it.
Every motorcyclist is going to own a jacket, and it will have varying degrees of Motorcycle armor in it.

This is a no-brainer! Every motorcyclist has their very own jacket whether it be made of leather or another material they have one. They will also come in varying degrees armored, simple denim, leather (thick or thin) and with or without carbon-fibre supports or molecular armor.

What’s Molecular armor? A mix of hard armor (like a plastic shell) and soft armor (like memory foam) that is flexible and soft like a liquid until smacked with pressure as in a crash, at which point they turn rigid. It’s like that cool trick with cornstarch and water: Push it gently and it’s a goopy liquid; smack it and it’s suddenly so solid that it rebounds your hand. If you don’t believe us try it yourself. It makes for great armor in a jacket.

Back Protector
Motorcycle back armor can be a strap-on backpack, or it can be built directly into a jacket.
Back armor can help to prevent serious injury to your spinal cord.

Arms, legs, hips, collarbones, wrists, fingers and the myriad other bones that make up your skeleton will heal. But your spinal cord is not as resilient as they are. And until technology advances to repair a ripped spinal cord, you want to protect your spinal cord.

Start with a neck protector, then consider additional armor to beef up the rigidity of your back. The key word here is rigid. Don’t mess around with soft armor — go for the hard stuff. Back armor can be a strap-on backpack, or it can be built directly into a jacket.

Your helmet is your most important piece of motorcycle armor.
Your helmet is your most important piece of motorcycle armor.

When a helmet is worn it reduces the risk of death in a crash by 37 percent.
Riders with serious head injuries paid an average of $43,214 for hospital care, compared to $15,528 for riders with minor head injuries. As helmet laws were repealed, motorcycle deaths jumped from 2,897 in 2000 to 5,154 in 2007, a 78 percent increase.

Your helmet is your most important piece of motorcycle armor by far as it will protect your head from serious injury. Check out our article on why helmets are important here.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~







We at AMERiders are serious about safety so ensure your gear includes Motorcycle armor.

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The Great Debate Leather vs Textile! Which is better?

There has been a great debate going around for 30 plus years now on the topic of Leather vs Textile and which is better to wear while riding your motorcycle. AMERiders takes an in-depth look at the two materials to help you make your decision. Used to be, leather outperformed textile by a very wide margin in most all categories tested. Today, however, that isn’t the case. With all the new advances in the quality and construction of various textile fabrics, textile gear now has many qualities not only as good as, but in some cases far superior to, leather gear.

Leather vs Textile which are you?
Leather Gear

A well-manufactured textile jacket will often be superior to a low-end leather one, on the other hand, a high-end leather jacket will more often than not be superior to a low-end textile jacket. Whether you decide on leather or textiles isn’t really the question anymore. Instead, you need to know the difference between various grades of leather jackets, and between various grades of textile jackets. This is important to know when choosing your side of the fence with the Leather vs Textile debate.

Starting off with leather gear.
Leather vs Textile what is your choice?
Men’s Scooter Jacket With Zip-out Lining

Quality leather products begin with the leather itself. High-quality products are made from large pieces of leather that are graded for blemishes, thickness and uniformity of grain. Virtually all leather has blemishes. To what degree and quantity of blemishes help to determine what type of product it will be used for and for how much.

Most deer and elk hides are called “naked leather”  and are not treated with any sealant product which smooths and hides blemishes. Hence, products made with naked leather are much more supple and expensive as well.  “Protected hides” are leathers that have combined the best facets of natural leather, yet utilizing tannery technology to create a product that is more consistent in appearance. They are also sealed to prevent staining from water and other liquids, so products made with protected hides have easier maintenance than others.

It is also important when buying leather to know what quality you are buying. However, the grading system used for this purpose is very misleading, such as… 

“Top Grain Leather”

The most confusing term used in the industry is “top grain.” It is a total contradiction in terms, because it implies exactly what it is not. “Top grain” is the term that is used when the grain is not genuine! This is when the real grain was sanded away to remove or hide imperfections, and an imitation grain was stamped into the leather.

“Full Grain Leather”

Just as the grain, texture and markings of wood should reveal the nature of the tree from which it came, leather should display the natural markings and grain characteristics of the animal from which it was taken. The best leathers are clear, clean, and supple.

Leather vs Textile which will you choose
It is important to know the difference between good and bad leather gear

So when buying leather ensure that you check the type of grain if it  is called “full grain” or “full top grain,” then it is true leather. However, if it says simply “top grain,” this is actually an inferior product don’t be fooled by inferior products.  It is difficult to judge leather by a photo, as it really helps if you can feel it. However, just looking at a jacket you can tell that superior jackets grain and coloring are uniform throughout, and that the material is supple, as it easily folds and drapes. It would probably feel soft, and almost sensual to the touch. In which, an inferior jacket has varying grains and colors from section to section, possible lousy and mismatched dye job and will feel stiff as a board.

Looking at and going over each of these points can help you choose your side of the fence with the Leather vs Textile debate, or maybe you want to have one of both types of gear.

Now we will move on to textile gear.
Leather vs Textile which will you choose?
Textile Gear

Nowadays, there are multiple synthetic materials used in constructing motorcycle gear. Here is a short list of some common materials and some of the terminology associated with them, with definitions of each this is not a complete list there is lots more.

Breathability: Humans control their body warmth by perspiring and thus preventing their bodies from overheating. When you’re riding, it is necessary to transport at least two pints of perspiration (water vapor) through your clothes every hour.

CE Armor: “CE” is a European system of grading motorcycle protective armor that encompasses both energy absorption capability as well as pad shape and size. The armor or pads are designed to offer added protection to a rider going down with a motorcycle, particularly when sliding or facing lesser impacts. CE armor is made of hard foam pieces encapsulated in softer foam that compresses on impact. If your jacket has body armor in it (and it really should), insist on CE-approved armor.

Gore-Tex: Is a thin, lightweight membrane mounted between the face fabric and the lining that is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Gore-Tex was the original membrane of this type, and it totally revolutionized the motorcycle gear market with its use in jackets, suits, pants, gloves, boots, etc.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Nylon alone is not waterproof. In rain suit and waterproof garment descriptions, you will notice the acronym PVC. This is a rubberized coating that is laminated to the nylon to make it waterproof.

In conclusion
Leather vs Textile what is your choice?

We probably have you pretty well confused by now and wondering, “How in the H. E. double hockey sticks do I choose good textile riding gear or leather riding gear?” The best we can tell you is to look for a reputable manufacturer that uses a practical combination of the above items. Still, there are other manufacturers that make very good textile and leather jackets or suits that don’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase. Just look for the materials suggested in this article, and pay attention to how it is constructed as well.

Think you’ve made your choice on the debate of Leather vs Textile? You can find the reasonable prices and great styled jackets with us. Going with textile? Check out our great selection of textile motorcycle jackets for men or women. Or have you Decided on classic leather? Shop the highest quality leather motorcycle jackets for men or women at the best prices on the web with AMERiders.

In the end, what matters is your comfort and protection, ensuring that you have both is important when you ride. We hope we have helped you to make your decision on the Leather vs Textile debate.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Leather vs Textile







When you are trying to decide between Leather vs Textile, let AMERiders help you out.

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Finding the Best Motorcycle Footwear for You!

AMERiders is committed to helping our customers find the best affordable motorcycle gear to keep you protected while riding! Which is why we want to give you information and tips on finding the Best Motorcycle Footwear for You!  Choosing the right pair of motorcycle boots is never easy, it is one of the hardest accessories to fit into your wardrobe, as they help to keep our feet warm/cool, dry as well as protected from injury while riding. Finding a boot that fits comfortably and has other needs that you may want is not as easy as it may sound. We have gathered a few tips to help you find the Best Motorcycle Footwear for you.

Best Motorcycle Footwear
Women’s Biker Boot Black

The first step in finding the Best Motorcycle Footwear is to decide on what you want from your boots. There are many requirements a rider can want from his/her boots below we have listed a few. In listing these we thought of our issues when riding and gathered these for you, of course, may have different issues and requirements this is just a helpful starting guideline. Finding that perfect pair of boots is difficult and when you do find them make sure you grab an extra pair. You never know when that manufacturer won’t make them anymore and when yours wear out you will have to start looking for another pair of perfect boots again.

  • Comfort
  • Correct Fit- no pinching or pressure points
  • Lightweight (you don’t want to feel like you have encased concrete on your feet when you pick up your foot)
  • Rubber Soles
  • Adjustable (Ties, Velcro, etc)
  • Waterproof (this is an important one)
  • Ventilation
  • Stylish (this is more for women than it is for men
  • Leather not Pleather .
Best Motorcycle Footwear
Men’s 13″ Harness Boot Black

Whether you’re a man or a woman choosing a pair of motorcycle boots is not easy, however, men may have it a bit easier since most are not as style conscious as some women are. Besides the requirements above it is also important to think about the rider’s height , and the type of motorcycle, he/she rides as well as they type of riding they do as well. All of this will help factor into a perfect pair of boots that will make you comfortable for many rides to come.

Best Motorcycle Footwear
Women’s 11″ Comfort Biker Boot Black

For those of us, that ride cruiser bikes, it may be practical to wear a more classic style boot, (ie a harness boot or other classic style) , however, if the rider frequently rides for long distances they may want to think about a waterproof boot, not just rain boot covers.  It is also a good idea to think about choosing a boot that has a steel toe as that can give extra protection to your feet, during a fall or accident.

Best Motorcycle Footwear
Women’s 11″ Fashion Harness Boot Black

Always make sure that your boots have soles that give the proper amount of grip for the riding that you are doing. Oil Resistant soles are important to have especially when riding on the street, as oil is a riders downfall (literally) when riding in wet conditions if their boots don’t have oil resistant soles.

You also want to make sure that your footwear not only fits you but fits your bike. You want to make sure that the toe is not too thick where you can’t put your foot in between the foot control and gear shifter, or that your heel is too thick or big as it may make it harder for you to move your foot where it needs to be quickly.

Best Motorcycle Footwear
Men’s 13″ Engineer Boot Black

Finding the Best Motorcycle Footwear may seem like it could be a simple thing to do, however, it isn’t and a lot of effort and time goes into finding that perfect pair of boots. The biggest thing is to choose a boot that will allow you to control your motorcycle well and without much of a hassle. You can never own too many pairs of boots so when you find a pair that fits you well and works for what you need, buy a second pair as a backup. You never know when your favorite pair of boots may not be made anymore and you will at least have a backup pair on hand.

Although we may be giving you information all about boots be sure to check out our other apparel and gear for you and your bike. Anything over $50 we ship for free. 

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Best Motorcycle Footwear







Let AMERiders be your stop for the Best Motorcycle Footwear.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

Our New Stylish Line of Biker Riding Boots Have Arrived!

Last week we told you that we had a surprise coming for you, something new that you would like well and w have kept you waiting in suspense since then. Well, wait no longer!….. Our New Stylish Line of Biker Riding Boots Have Arrived! We told you that we were working with a new distributor to bring you new a new and exciting line of biker riding boots and that is just what we have done, and we are sure you will love each and every pair we have in stock. We at AMERiders know that the motorcycle boot is just as iconic as the motorcycles that we ride are, and they also help define us in combination with our other gear. So without further ado here are a few pieces of our new line of biker riding boots!

biker riding boots
Men’s 13″ Harness Boot Black

Guys, we have some stylish, well-constructed leather boots that are sure to have you ready to go for a nice long road trip after you receive them. Our boots come in a large selection of sizes and also come in wide widths as well. Take our Men’s 13″ Harness Boot Black , for instance, it has a split shaft and o-ring ankle harness strap which gives it a great classic look. Plus the Goodyear welt construction ensures durability for many rides to come.

biker riding boots
Men’s 12″ Shifter Pad Engineer Boot Black

But, that isn’t all we also have another great boot from our new line we also think you will love. Our Men’s 12″ Shifter Pad Engineer Boot Black features a classic look in a lightweight package. A cushioned insole for comfort and side zipper to get in and out easily. The outsole with lightweight ABS insert keeps the weight down so you can stay moving longer. Plus it has an Upper Shifter Pad on the top of the boot to keep the boot protected while you shift. Gents both of these boots as well as our other boots come in a wide range of sizes up to 13 and some half sizes also, and we have wide width available as well. And this is just 2 pairs of our new line!

biker riding boots
Women’s 10″ Harness Biker Boot Black

Ladies, we haven’t forgotten you either, we have some gorgeous yet stylish boots for you also!  We know you like to look amazing whether on or off the bike. Our new Women’s 10″ Harness Biker Boot Black are a great biker boot that gives durability, long-term wear, and protection while being environmentally friendly. with a gorgeous harness on them as well. A great look on a classic boot, but if that isn’t quite your style and you want something with a little more flair we have more in store for you.

biker riding boots
Women’s 10″ Side Pocket Boot Black

Our Women’s 10″ Side Pocket Boot Black also gives durability, long-term wear, and protection while being environmentally friendly with a cute little side pocket on them. That little pocket isn’t just for show it can be used to stow away items you might wanna put in it, like money or pictures and more. What more could you ask for?

When you are ready to hit the road our new exciting and stylish line of Men’s and Women’s boots are ready to hit the road with you!

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

biker riding boots







Let AMERiders be your stop for your next pair of biker riding boots.

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Protect Yourself! Dress for the Slide Not the Ride!

It is important to Protect Yourself when riding on a motorcycle, most of us have heard the saying “Dress for the Slide Not the Ride“, and this saying holds true. When you dress for what is going to happen not for what you are doing, you are more prepared for the eventuality of what might happen even if it never comes. Protect YourselfLike the person that always uses an umbrella even though it is not raining, they are protected from the sun, but if that eventual rain pour comes they are ready for it.  Preparation, as well as Protection, is important and we at AMERiders thought about that when we set up our website as we wanted our customers not only to be happy and satisfied but well protected as well.

Protect Yourself
Protective Gear Info Diagram

Even though the warm weather is coming up or for some of you, it may already be here it is still important to Protect Yourself from head to toe when riding. With protective gear worn brain injury, major infections, loss of limbs or even death can be prevented. (See the diagram on the left for more info).

There are many different types and styles of protective gear that can be worn to help prevent possible injuries during a fall. Even just dropping your bike while stopped without sturdy boots on can have consequences. We have a large selection of protective gear to help you keep your dome, arms, legs, and other major and even minor parts safe.

Remember, April is Check your Helmet Month,  and since it is if you need to replace your helmet we have a nice selection of DOT/Snell approved half, beanies, three-quarters, modular and full face, and other styles of helmets from name brands like HJC, Rhodia, Caliber and more; as well as a number of novelty helmets as well. Ladies we also have a number of styles for you to choose from to keep your pretty little noggin safe from harm.

Protect Yourself
HJC FG-17 Force MC1F Full Face Helmet

Wearing a full face helmet such as our HJC FG-17 Force MC1F Full Face Helmet that  is a mid-level sports bike focused helmet, that lets itself be influenced by its big brother, the uber race ready RPHA-10. This gorgeous red and black helmet is packaged to be heavy on performance and value, and it features adjustable flow through vent ports help to keep searing heat in check while the SilverCool™ liner adds comfort and proper comfort. Using a helmet can help protect from serious brain injury .

We also have a Large Selection of Men’s, Ladies’ and children’s’ leather jackets, chaps, leather and denim vests as well as textile apparel. Wearing this type of protection can help prevent bruising, severe infections that can lead to death, skin loss, and much more. We have jackets with and without armor, as well as with and without reflective piping.

Protect Yourself
Men’s Jacket With Reflective Strip On Front Back in Blue

Textile apparel is great for protection like our Our Men’s Jacket With Reflective Strip On Front and Back is made from lightweight nylon and mesh material and features a lining that zips out, a reflective strip on the front and back for safer rides at night, removable foam based Certified Armor on the elbows, back, and shoulders, strap on the sides and zippered cuffs for better fitting.

Protect Yourself

Protecting your hands is important as well. We also have a nice selection of apparel to protect those digits of yours from harm, because if you can’t use your hands you can’t ride your bike. Gloves ranging from fingerless to gauntlet and much more. Like our Mesh Textile Mechanics, Motorcycle Gloves will help reduce bloodshed while on the job because let’s face it your hands are more fragile than you think they are. and this mesh textile glove comes with the chopper cross logo!

If those items aren’t your style we have tons of other apparel items that may be your style that could help to protect you and your loved ones in a fall.

Let AMERiders help you Protect Yourself from serious injury with our premium leather and textile apparel.

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Who Really Uses Matching Motorcycle Gear

Matching Motorcycle GearMatching Motorcycle Gear is not uncommon in the motorcycle community Men and Women both do it, it is not just done by motorcycle racers but every rider who wants to look sleek and cool. Gear is matched from the helmet right down to the boots, and it may or may not be matched to the bike as well. At, we have many different items for both men and women from apparel items down to items for your bike that will match to a tee.

Matching Motorcycle GearWhen you’re looking for things to match and you are a card player why not look up our Dead Man’s Hand Logo items such as our Dead Man’s Zipper Puller, Dead Man’s Hand Boot Chain, or our Dead Man’s Hand Logo Pin set for your saddlebags, tool bags, windshield bags, jackets, or vests. Ladies, we didn’t forget you we also have Women’s Bag With Dead Man’s Hand Studs for you to keep your items in while riding.

Guardian BellsWe have not forgotten our military service personnel missing and unaccounted for in overseas wars and have many POW/MIA items that you can mix and match as well, such as our DOT POW/MIA BEANIE HELMET, our Men’s Plain Vest With POW which is made from top grade leather, and displays the red POW logo on the front and back, if you need to extend that vest size at any time try our POW/MIA Design Vest Extender, as well as our POW Logos pin set, but that isn’t all we have much more including ladies ride bags, bells and patches.

Matching Motorcycle Gear even extends to apparel and we have Men’s and Ladies Apparel that you can match as well such as our father and son matching leather club vests. Cause we all know that kids matching their parents in gear is just super adorable.

Let help you find your Matching Motorcycle Gear

Textile Apparel can add Power to your Ride!

Textile Apparel can add Power to your Ride!

If you want to add some power to your ride and feel like a superhero ensure you wear textile apparel.

When looking for premium quality textile clothing look no farther than AME Riders, as we have a large selection of Men’s and Women’s Motorcycle Textile Jackets to choose from in many colors and styles to fit your needs. In a wide array of colors, with or without Certified Armor, with and without venting we have a textile jacket to meet everyone’s needs.

But why wear Textile Clothing? Some textile garments like Motorcycle protective gear are of course by definition made to be highly durable. These pieces of clothing are made out of Kevlar, Cordura, ballistic nylon, which are some very tough fabrics and if layered properly can stop stops bullets and knives. However, when coupled with other pieces of protective motorcycle gear such as carbon fiber knuckles intended to withstand crashes at expressway speeds, and substantial leather boots with oil-resistant anti-slip soles you tend to feel more invincible. It doesn’t stop there though there is much more such as Certified Armor (CE), removable pads, or even plates that can be hidden throughout the fabric of your gear to help protect major and minor parts.

Never fear looking like a freak, if you walk out in public in full riding gear (your riding armor)  it’s socially acceptable, unlike wearing a suit of metal armor, which could get you arrested or taken to the looney bin. It’s designed to look like regular clothing as much as possible, so you leave the house, feeling as safe as possible with hardened knuckles, anti-slip boots, dagger-proof fabric and high-impact pads. Don’t worry about looking silly as long as your protected.

So while you may look like this:

Be safe in riding gear
Always wear protective gear

You will feel like this:

Feel Like You have Power
Feel Like Your Badass

There are many pieces of protective Textile apparel available for both Men and Women such as this Men’s Black and Green Mesh Nylon Motorcycle Jacket or this Women’s Textile Racer Jacket with Multi-Pockets. Both have removable padding or armor, lightweight material, and packed full of other features. Take a look at our other styles and colors of textile apparel at AMERiders, we work to protect you while you ride.

Let AMERiders Meet Your Textile Needs with Our Men’s and Women’s Textile Apparel.