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Who Really Uses Matching Motorcycle Gear

Matching Motorcycle GearMatching Motorcycle Gear is not uncommon in the motorcycle community Men and Women both do it, it is not just done by motorcycle racers but every rider who wants to look sleek and cool. Gear is matched from the helmet right down to the boots, and it may or may not be matched to the bike as well. At, we have many different items for both men and women from apparel items down to items for your bike that will match to a tee.

Matching Motorcycle GearWhen you’re looking for things to match and you are a card player why not look up our Dead Man’s Hand Logo items such as our Dead Man’s Zipper Puller, Dead Man’s Hand Boot Chain, or our Dead Man’s Hand Logo Pin set for your saddlebags, tool bags, windshield bags, jackets, or vests. Ladies, we didn’t forget you we also have Women’s Bag With Dead Man’s Hand Studs for you to keep your items in while riding.

Guardian BellsWe have not forgotten our military service personnel missing and unaccounted for in overseas wars and have many POW/MIA items that you can mix and match as well, such as our DOT POW/MIA BEANIE HELMET, our Men’s Plain Vest With POW which is made from top grade leather, and displays the red POW logo on the front and back, if you need to extend that vest size at any time try our POW/MIA Design Vest Extender, as well as our POW Logos pin set, but that isn’t all we have much more including ladies ride bags, bells and patches.

Matching Motorcycle Gear even extends to apparel and we have Men’s and Ladies Apparel that you can match as well such as our father and son matching leather club vests. Cause we all know that kids matching their parents in gear is just super adorable.

Let help you find your Matching Motorcycle Gear

Cozy Facemasks Will Keep Your Face Warm on Cold Days!

Cozy Facemasks Will Keep Your Face Warm on Cold Days!

A biker knows that colder temperatures mean face protection from the elements is in order, and an all weather facemask is just the thing to keep you warm and protected while you ride. Cozy facemasks come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles nowadays and finding the one to fit your style should not be hard, with the variety that is made currently.

Digital ACU Neoprene
Digital ACU Neoprene

When searching for the facemask to fit your style is is also important to take into consideration what activity you will be using for whether it will be snowboarding, motorcycle riding, hunting, or everyday wear because it is just plain frigid outside where you live. A Neoprene Facemask will keep your face warm and cozy regardless of your activity.


Another point to take into consideration is how cold it will be and what else you will be wearing, will you need a half mask like our Glow in The Dark Skull Mask? Or a Full mask like our Digital ACU Neoprene? Regardless of the type

Regardless of the type of facemask needed keeping your face warm is important as heat will escape through any uncovered part of your skin even though you may have bundled up the rest of your body in a leather jacket, chaps, and nice warm leather gloves, and your helmet, if your face is exposed the heat will escape making it difficult to stay warm and endure the cold. No need to wear a big bulky facemask, though.

Rose Neoprene

We recommend using a simple facemask like this one it is wind and water resistant, won’t obstruct your field of vision, double sided, and extremely durable. So you will look a little strange to others but looking strange is will be nothing compared to keeping the chill off your face, and preventing frostbite to your nose, mouth and ears.

Ladies don’t worry there are plenty of styles and designs to help keep your face warm without making you look silly unless you want too. Like our Rose Neoprene facemask in 1/2 facemask style.

At, we carry a large selection of Headwear to keep you warm and protected while you ride. Our full and half face masks come in all colors and styles from bearded to glow-in-the-dark and many more to fit any bikers style. If you’re looking to keep your complete head warm we have a large selection of Balaclavas as well.  We even have many face masks that ladies will love as well.