Here’s to the 1st blog post of 2017! Happy New Year from AMERiders!

Here’s to the 1st blog post of 2017! Happy New Years from AMERiders, as it’s back to business, as usual, we hope that everyone got everything that they wanted for Christmas and that you enjoyed spending time with all your friends and family. It is now time to get back to business, yeah we hate it too we would rather be in the open wind all day every day but we have to work as well.

1st blog post of 2017So after putting away the decorations and the wrapping paper waving good buy to the relatives we close the door and start to make the dreaded New Years Resolutions. (Who does that anymore?) Tons of people do however Most people throw them out the window withing the first week of the year. So what did you decide on as your resolution(s) if any? Some people don’t decide on any at all, believe it or not.

1st blog post of 2017Has anyone seen the new Star Wars Movie Rogue One? Our Manager and her Husband did and said they loved it. Can you say where you were when you saw the first of these epic movies? If you can remember hit like or comment to tell us where you were. We can remember but we won’t spoil the coolness factors for you.

Here is a clip of the movie to get you motivated if you haven’t seen it already….

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

1st blog post of 2017







Let AMERiders start you out with our 1st blog post of 2017 but keep on reading for more.

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