The 2016 Annual Sturgis Rally Is Under Way and It Is a Blast!

With the 2016 Annual Sturgis Rally, underway everyone that is attending is having a blast. AMERiders is bringing a bit of the fun right to you so you can see what you’re missing. From The Mayor’s Ride  to Rockin’ at the Full Throttle Saloon  to one of the many bands they will have there, there is always something to see and do.

2016 Annual Sturgis Rally
Main Street sure is busy!

Seems like everyone and their mother, sister, brother, father etc. has shown up for this year’s rally. If you take a look at the Sturgis website you can even feel like your there as they have some webcam footage up at several of the high points of the rally. Sturgis even has a Facebook Page  with up to date information going on to keep you informed as well.

So what are some things that have happened since the rally started 2 days ago? Well, that is a lot to tell, People fell in love and got married, Famous people showed up and got their pictures taken, and much more did we mention that someone got married?

Wedding bells are ringing!
2016 Annual Sturgis Rally
Congrats to Reggie and Dawn

That is just what happened Reggie and Dawn got married by Mayor Mark Carstensen at Harley-Davidson Rally Point on Yesterday. If you are in the area during the rally and want to get married If you’re interested in getting married by Mark at the head to Rally Point and talk to the Harley representatives.

Wait, was that who I thought it was?
2016 Annual Sturgis Rally
Actor and producer Jun Hu and a crowd

Oh yeah, we also mentioned someone famous showed up! Actor and producer Jun Hu who is known for Red Cliff (2008), Bodyguards and Assassins (2009) and Red Cliff II (2009). Got his picture taken with some happy rally people and representatives. He is also referred to as Hu Jun in Mandarin and Wu Kwan in Cantonese.

Jesse Rooke & Rooke Customs Presents Breakfast With A Builder
2016 Annual Sturgis Rally
Jesse Rooke and Breakfast with a Builder

In July of 2002, Jesse Rookee burst onto the custom bike scene with a vengeance. With his first bike, Dinah, Jesse established himself as a creative thinker who didn’t feel constrained by “the way it’s always been done”. Dinah would go on to an undefeated show record and would be featured in countless magazines and numerous television shows. This year at the 2016 Annual Sturgis Rally ,at 1544 Lazelle street where starting Monday Jesse will host “Breakfast With a Builder”. A laid back session two-hour session from 8-10 with several world renown builders. That isn’t all either, there will be something all week with Jesse. Here is the schedule.

Monday – 8-10 a.m. Sturgis Welcome Breakfast with Jesse Rooke and Friends

Tuesday – 8-10 a.m. Custom Bikes on display during the day.
“If You Got It Show It Parade” – Registration 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. VIP Village 1544 Lazelle Street. Parade Starts at 8:00 p.m. and will travel down and back up Legendary Main Street in Sturgis. This will be a great chance for custom builders and bikers to strut their stuff and media as well as visitors to see some of some of the world’s best-looking bikes.

Wednesday – Aaron Guardado – Suicide Machine along with Rock Star Energy Drink

Thursday – Zack Ness representing Arlen Ness Motorcycles

Friday – Dixxon Flannel Co. Blowout Party 8 a.m.-till closing.

We always warn to be careful when riding!
2016 Annual Sturgis Rally
watch for wildlife

AMERiders always warns to be careful when you are riding, and at the 2016 Annual Sturgis Rally, it proves to be more so.  According to a news site, “This year’s Sturgis Rally recorded its first death Tuesday afternoon. At this time last year, nine motorcyclists had died in crashes. Bike versus wildlife crashes is a dangerous trend this year, causing injuries from minor to serious but not life-threatening.Tuesday alone, three bikers hit deer in different incidents. A deer was also the cause of bike crash Monday. It isn’t just deer bikers have to avoid. A biker from New Mexico hit a sheep Tuesday when a flock wandered onto U.S. Highway 212 near Nisland,SD.”

So please pay more careful attention while riding if you are at Sturgis, and at any other bike rallies like this that you may attend.

Last but certainly not least if you would like to possibly win some collectibles from this year’s rally or even a trip to next year’s rally Sturgis has a link here for you to click and enter. We wish you luck.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

2016 Annual Sturgis Rally







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