Get Last Minute Stocking Stuffers at AMERiders Winter Holiday Event!

No one likes and empty stocking by the fireplace so get those last minute stocking stuffers at AMERiders Winter Holiday Event! We have plenty of stocking stuffers as well as great gifts for your biker guy or gal. When you hang your stockings on the Mantel ensure your loved ones have them stuffed with plenty of great things they want to have. Sometimes it is even good to have a theme with your loved one’s presents.

Check out these great stocking stuffer gift ideas we have for you, then browse our store for a big wonderful gift for your loved one as well. Don’t forget that during AMERiders Winter Holiday Event you will get an automatic 20% percent off any order over $50. In order for our crew to get your gifts to you in time for Christmas you must order by the 18th so watch the countdown clock at the top of the screen to know how many days you have left to order. This is our gift to you for being such wonderful customers throughout the year.

AMERiders Winter Holiday Event

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your Special Biker

Who doesn’t love looking in their stocking Christmas Morning and finding all the tiny goodies inside? I know I do and so does the rest of the AMERiders family. So finding the perfect items to stuff into their stockings is not always easy. Sure there are the givens like candy canes and chocolate and maybe gift cards to their favorite store. But there are also the tiny gifts that say you care and that you know what they like as well. We at AMERiders have put on our Elf thinking caps and came up with some great Stocking stuffer ideas for you. What did we come up with? Headwear, eyewear, helmet accessories, eyewear accessories, small items for the bike and much more.


Let’s start with stuff for the head, at AMERiders we know that the noggin is especially important which is why we suggest you wear a helmet when riding. However, if you are not going to wear a helmet at least let your noggin look great while doing it, so here are a few examples of headwear ideas you can stuff in their stockings. We have plenty of Cold Weather Balaclava ‘s, Face Masks and Doo-Rags for men and we also have great headwear for women to keep your noggin not only warm but looking cool at the same time.

Cold weather Headwear
AMERiders Winter Holiday Event
Fire Balaclava

Our Fire Balaclava is Constructed from durable stretch nylon fabric, our Nylon Balaclava provides a comfortable, low profile fit under any helmet while providing all season protection from the elements. The non-bulky Nylon Balaclava is machine washable and folds easily for storage.

AMERiders Winter Holiday Event
Grey Beard Face Mask

Stand out wherever you go with our Grey Beard Face Mask, if you can’t grow a beard and mustache then wear this during the winter and you’ll be right as rain. The special neoprene material offers superior warmth and comfort for those frigid cold-weather conditions. Plus you could even ride around pretending to be Santa as well.

While your shopping for these great gift ideas during AMERiders Winter Holiday Event, Don’t forget that you get 20% percent off on orders over $50 automatically. With our usual Free Shipping on orders over $50 as well.

Headwear for your Doo
AMERiders Winter Holiday Event
Old School Doo Rag Flydanna

Kick it Old School, With our Old School Doo Rag Flydanna is a perfect accessory to keep your Doo intact. It is a bandanna, cut into 6 panels and sewn into a headwrap, with a tail and ties at the nape of the neck.It is designed to sit securely on the head using the attached ties, allowing one size to fit all. Flydannas are great under a helmet as a moisture barrier as they help to isolate grease and sweat from helmet liners.

AMERiders Winter Holiday Event
center>Pink Butterflies Do-Rag Flydanna

Lastly, in our headwear stocking stuffers, ideas is a selection from our ladies headwear as all Ladies know you just can never have enough Do-rags to keep your do in place! Our Pink Butterflies Do-Rag Flydanna it is a great accessory to help do just that! It’s beautiful butterflies will have your heart a-flutter. This bandanna us cut into 6 panels and sewn into a headwrap, with a tail and ties at the back.

While your shopping for these great gift ideas during our AMERiders Winter Holiday Event, Don’t forget that you get 20% percent off on orders over $50 automatically. With our usual Free Shipping on orders over $50 as well.

AMERiders Winter Holiday Event
Riding Glasses With Smoke Lens

Everyone knows that next to the head your eyes are important because if you can’t see then you can’t possibly know where you’re going. So grab a great pair of glasses such as our Our Riding Glasses With Smoke Lens are a pair of very comfortable riding glasses that feature smoked lenses. The lenses are smoked to prevent the sun from distracting the rider.

AMERiders Winter Holiday Event
American Flag Glass Holder

Don’t lose that brand new pair of glasses grab a unique sunglass holder  so that you can keep an eye on them. Such as our American Flag Glass Holder! Never worry about where your sunglasses are again this American Flag Sun Glasses Holder , just attach it to your vest or jacket hang your glasses and your set. If this one is not to your liking we have many colors and styles to fit your needs.

Stuff items for their bike in their stockings

Everyone loves making their bike look unique and customizing it to their liking from running lights to custom bags and more. We have many great accessories to make your ride and theirs look unique and show off your style.

AMERiders Winter Holiday Event
Red & Black Get Back Whip For Motorcycles

Our Red & Black Get Back Whip For Motorcycles are a great way to make every effort you can to be seen and not run over, years ago motorcycles were the only vehicles with the headlight on all the time and people noticed us, now almost every vehicle made comes with daytime running lights. Today the laws may have changed but they still make a great way to catch the eye of other drivers and customize your ride, and we must make ways to be noticed.

While your shopping for these great gift ideas during our AMERiders Winter Holiday Event, Don’t forget that you get 20% percent off on orders over $50 automatically. With our usual Free Shipping on orders over $50 as well.

Give them a bit of luck with one of our many Guardian Bells.
AMERiders Winter Holiday Event
Four Leaf Clover Guardian Bell

Our Lead-Free Pewter Motorcycle Bells are handmade in the USA. Many bikers believe in the tradition of putting a small bell on their motorcycle. Look around the internet and you will find many variations of the biker bell folklore tale. Various creatures such as demons, evil spirits, gremlins, buzzards, gnomes and many more evil creatures are blamed for all sorts of motorcycle malfunctions during a bikers trip.

Although there are many different legends there are two common points among them. One is that the bell should be hung low on the motorcycle(down to the road).  But things differ again Either or it makes the ringing louder for whatever little evil thing is lurking in the shadows waiting to ruin your day.The other is that it is also believed that the mystery of the bell carries twice as much power when it is purchased by a friend or loved one and given as a gift.Show someone how much you care. Offer them defense against any Evil Road Spirit(s) that may have cause to do them harm! Give them a motorcycle bell and share the Legend of Good Luck it offers to a motorcycle and its rider!  We have many styles of bells pick out a special one for your loved one.

So after you have hung your stockings by the chimney with care, ensure that each one is stuffed with just the right amount of wonderful goodies that they will love. AMERiders Winter Holiday Event can help you find plenty of things to stuff in their stocking that will make them ooo and aah and giggle with delight. The boss has also told me to let all our customers know that there are better things coming soon.

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~







Let AMERiders Winter Holiday Event help you find the best stocking stuffers.

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