Austin Motorcycles Gives Us a Beautiful Custom With Bavarian Blue Sky.

When talking about custom motorcycles, the first thing that comes to mind is Harley-Davidson. That’s because the American brand is the preferred choice of platforms for the many custom builders in business out there, and we’re faced with a literal flood of upgraded two-wheelers made in Milwaukee constantly washing over us. Austin Motorcycles Gives Us a Beautiful Custom With Bavarian Blue Sky, and AMERiders loves it.

But the abundance of re-made Harleys does not mean there aren’t crews out there who like to build their own motorcycles, almost from scratch. Germany-based Augustin Motorcycles is one of them, and the projects that came out the doors of this Bavarian shop over the years are simply extraordinary.

For today, we picked to bring under the spotlight something called Blue Sky, a contraption not unlike others made by Augustin, but somehow a lot more recomforting to look at, probably on account of the paint job, as compared to, say, the Over the Top we talked about not long ago.

Like many other Augustin builds, this one too was put together around a monotube chassis, 140 mm thick, and boasting an 8.5-liter (2.2 gallons) fuel tank. The chassis is propped on 18-inch wheels front and rear, both in a five-spoke design and wrapped in relatively fat rubber.

Inside the frame sits a RevTech engine, 110ci in displacement, and working through a 6-speed Ultima transmission and a chain drive. Stopping power is ensured by Brembo 4-piston calipers up front and Zodiac discs at the rear.

When on the road, the Blue Sky benefits from the advantages brought by a Zodiac single-sided swingarm at the rear, and progressive suspension.

All in all, the build weighs 450 kg (992 pounds) and is 2,370 mm (93.3 inches) long. It’s a one-off machine, of course, but sadly we were unable to find out how much the people behind it spent to have it end up like this. 

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Austin Motorcycles Gives Us a Beautiful Custom With the Bavarian Blue Sky and AMERiders loves it.

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