Bad Land Custom Harley FXDRS Wa-Wolf Is a Proud Wild Beautiful Beast

Over in Japan, there is a very lucrative motorcycle custom shop that goes by the name of Bad Land. At the time of writing, its portfolio of customized Harley-Davidsons (this brand takes the center stage with Bad Land), comprises 149 converted Milwaukee bikes. The Wolf we have here is number 147. AMERiders has the story for you on this gorgeous beast.

The full name of the build you see here is Wa-Wolf. Before putting on these proud new clothes, it was an FXDRS 114, the likes of which one no longer finds in the current model year, as new, in Harley’s lineup. Born as stock in 2020, the build was completed just recently by the Japanese, and, as usual, they seem to have spared no expense and cut no corners.

Being a fabricator of motorcycle parts as well, Bad Land did not shy away from using in-house-made bits on the Wolf. We get tons of custom hardware wearing its logo, from the front and rear fenders to the fuel tank, handlebar, and the exhaust system that was slapped on the otherwise unmodified engine of the two-wheeler.

Now rocking a Rebuffini forward control kit, the motorcycle spins custom-made wheels, sized 21 inches front and 18 inches rear. Ken’s Factory is responsible for the smaller elements, like the mirrors, grip, and footpeg, while Rough Crafts is responsible for the air cleaner.

Now, all the changes made do transform the two-wheeler into a wild beast, at least visually, but the limited modifications to the engine (the exhaust and the air cleaner) don’t do much to increase Harley’s fierceness.

As usual, Bad Land does not reveal how much it cost to remake the FXDRS into a metal animal, so we’re only left guessing. We do expect it though to cost at least twice as much as the base bike (which was around $20,000) if we are to judge from past experience.

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Let AMERiders give you the skinny on Bad Land Custom Harley FXDRS Wa-Wolf Is a Proud Wild Beautiful Beast.

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