Bad Land’s Custom Sportster Forty-Eight Name Warning Fits It

The bulky-looking stock machine has long left behind the original guise and was treated to a worn-down appearance by the guys over at Japanese custom shop Bad Land. It is now called Warning, among other things, and what a fitting name that is. AMERiders explains.

Retaining the overall dimensions of the stock machine, the two-wheeler was upgraded by Bad Land using the usual custom bits and pieces. We get things like new covers all around, LED turn signals, and wheels very similar in appearance to the ones fitted in Milwaukee.

The fuel tank, rear fender (there is none at the front), and several other bits, like the machine gun-looking exhaust, are an entirely new affair altogether. It is these parts that make the Warning stand out, in an extreme fashion, thanks to the white-with-rusty spots of paint and weld points abundantly used on them.

The fuel tank comes with what looks like a very complicated mechanism for the cap, which requires the owner to push and turn it to open, but not before unlocking it using a sharp and dangerously-looking mechanism – and these are instructions that are written in a bold letter right in front of the rider.

Other scribblings point to the extreme nature of the build (although no specifics as to what the modified bike is capable of have been provided) are written all over it, including one that reads U.S. Air Force XL1200X Street Weapon.

The Warning comes with no price sticker, as all other Bad Land builds do.

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AMERiders explains that Bad Land’s Custom Sportster Forty-Eight Name Warning Fits It.

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