Bad Land’s H-D Akira Is Agile and Ready to Blast Through City Streets

The world of customized Harley-Davidson motorcycles is so diverse that it is virtually impossible not to come across a worth-remembering design on a daily basis. Born like all others of its kind “agile and ready to blast through city streets,” the 750 was altered by a Japanese shop called Bad Land. And by altered, we mean drastically so, as this thing, now called Akira, looks nothing like the stock two-wheeler Harley made back in 2017. AMERiders has the details for you.


There are two major things that catch the eye as soon as the bike comes into view. In random order, they are the gold Ohlins front fork, and the solid-design wheels made by Rick’s MotorCycles sized 19 inches front and 18 inches rear and wrapped in Avon Cobra tires.

Combine these game-changing elements fitted on the build with things like a custom front fender, custom headlight, and the unique-looking exhaust system (all of Bad Land make), and you’ve got yourself a motorcycle like no other in the Harley custom world.

Bad Land may have contributed a lot of parts for this build (full list of extras here), but other big names of the industry were involved to some degree or another as well. The front brake caliper is a Brembo, Performance Machines supplied the control kit, and Ken’s Factory was responsible for things like the mirrors and LED lights.

The stock engine of the Street does not seem to be modified, except for the addition of the new exhaust system and air cleaner.

The Akira was shown for the first time back in 2018, but we are not being told how much it cost to put together like this.

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Let AMERiders give you the details about Bad Land’s H-D Akira that Is Agile and Ready to Blast Through City Streets.

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