Bad Land’s Harley Davidson Kumu-Kumu Is a Serious Super Trike

If you were looking to feast your eyes upon the craziest Harley-Davidson trike conversion this weekend, look no further because you found it: it’s called Kumu-Kumu, stems from Japan, and it’s virtually brand new and is a serious super trike.

Kumu-Kumu is the work of one of the garages we have featured multiple times here on AMERiders, Japan-based Bad Land. It’s not long ago when we started talking about these guys, and we’ve already burned through close to thirty insane builds of theirs – but that means we’ve only started scratching the surface.

The trike you see here was unveiled by Bad Land last week. It’s full, and the official name is Super Trike Kumu-Kumu No. 134 because the Japanese really like long names for the things they make.

Sporting a body, not unlike the one we’ve seen last week on the White Rascal, the trike is massively impressive thanks in no small part to the extensive use of chrome on the exposed parts, and the massive rear wheels that look a hell of a lot better than similar hardware does on cars.

Upfront, a Performance Machine Hooligan wheel, 23-inches in size, is a clear indication of the beast attached behind it. The wheel is tied to the body by means of an Arlen Ness fork leg and rocks Brembo braking hardware.

The parts made in the Bad Land shop and fitted on the build include the headlight and handlebar upfront, the air cleaner and fuel tank, the three fenders that go over the wheels, and last but not least, the exhaust system linked to the otherwise stock engine.

A bunch of other parts suppliers played their part, with Ken’s Factory being responsible for the mirrors and grip, a number of covers, and the footpeg. Kellerman was chosen for the LED turn signals.

The Kumu-Kumu has an aura of mystery around it, and that pertains mostly to how much it cost to put together because, as usual, Bad Land does not say anything about price.

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