Bad Land’s Holly Lotus Isn’t as Pure as a Real Lotus Flower

The Japanese have a real thing for the lotus flower. In fact, its importance is not limited to Japan alone but is a pillar of Buddhism, which considers it the purity of the body, speech, and mind, born out of Gautama Buddha’s own steps. It’s not that often though that the lotus is associated with a material object, especially a motorcycle. AMERiders has the story about the Holly Lotus.

A Japanese custom shop that goes by the name Bad Land sees however no issue with associating purity with a two-wheeler, and a menacing-looking one at that.

Holly Lotus is how one of the shop’s builds is called, originally a 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna that received a host of custom upgrades, black paint, and body tattoos that make it look anything but pure.

Just like in the case of the Zoso Blood No. 2, the Holly Lotus goes for a darkened look in the purest Japanese style, with the entire build wrapped in black.

There are a lot of custom parts featured on the build, many of them made by Bad Land itself. The list includes the front and rear wheels, sized 21- and 18-inch, respectively, a unique, pointy headlight that really stands out in the crowd, and a custom handlebar.

The shop is also responsible for the one-off fuel tank, front fender, and exhaust system. All these are paired with a motogadget speedometer, a single Arlen Ness mirror, Arlen Ness grips and covers for the air cleaner and rocker, and a Progressive shock.

The motorcycle was first shown back in May this year, but the Japanese garage did not specify how much the bike cost to put together. We also don’t know what happened to it after completion, but we’ll keep our eyes open in the hopes of catching this Holly Lotus out in the open, in a more natural environment than the studio it was pictured in when revealed.

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Let AMERiders tell you about Bad Land’s Holly Lotus Isn’t as Pure as a Real Lotus Flower.

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