Bajaj Auto Is Valuable Motorcycle Manufacturer in the World and More

The Indian automotive giant Bajaj is enjoying continued success both locally and globally, named the most valuable motorcycle manufacturer. it has become the first motorcycle manufacturer to ever cross a market capitalization of Rs 1 lakh crore, or an estimate of around $13.6 billion USD. Ameriders recently did an article about this Bajaj, and their extension of support to their employees we now go into more about this automotive giant.

Now, what exactly does “cross a market capitalization of Rs 1 lakh crore” mean? It simply means that Bajaj has the highest total value of outstanding shares of stock. When compared to other motorcycle manufacturers, Bajaj blows them all away with its gargantuan market cap achievement.

“The company’s sharp focus on the motorcycles category and its unwavering commitment to strategies of differentiation as well as the practice of TPM combined with global ambitions have today made Bajaj the most valuable two-wheeler company across the globe.” Bajaj Auto Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj said in a statement.


Move forward to May 2021 and Bajaj has posted an astonishing 113 percent growth in May, 2021, as against the same period last year. The Indian automotive giant has quite an impressive arsenal of vehicles to its name. From commercial three wheelers like the RE, to mid-tier commuter machines like the Dominar 250, and even premium offerings found in KTM and Husqvarna’s model lineups, Bajaj has it all. In May of this year, the company amassed a total sales figure of 240,554 units, versus last year’s already impressive 112,798.


This comes right in the midst of an economic crisis in India following the recent surge of coronavirus infections in the country. Due to the ongoing situation, several industries were forced to shut down for a second time, in order to allocate resources towards the pandemic response. With vaccination initiatives care of both the public and private sectors in full swing, several motorcycle manufacturers have already resumed operations, with stringent health protocols and staggered shifting schedules in place. 

Going into slightly more detail, Bajaj’s impressive growth is largely in part due to improved export performance with the company flipping a total of 180,212 units to neighboring countries. When compared to last year’s meager 73,512 units, Bajaj posts a total growth of 145 percent from exports alone. In the domestic market, on the other hand, Bajaj sold 60,342 units in May of this year, as opposed to 39,286 in the same period last year. 

Bajaj Auto has expressed its intentions to become even more aggressive in rolling out new models, as well as updates to its already impressive fleet of vehicles. With the recent reintroduction of the Chetak electric scooter, as well as its partnerships with KTM, Husqvarna, and Triumph, things are continuing to look promising for the Indian automotive giant.

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