A Special Edition Logo Is How the Benelli 110th Anniversary Is Celebrated

Although Benelli may have just recently made its debut into the U.S. market, this Chinese-owned Italian motorcycle company has quite a long history behind its name—a whole 110 years of it, to be exact. That’s right, in 2021, Benelli will be celebrating its 110th anniversary. A Special Edition Logo Is How the Benelli 110th Anniversary Is being Celebrated. AMERiders has the story.

The 110th anniversary celebratory logo was created by the talented minds over at the Benelli Style Center, right at the heart of the company’s home city of Pesaro, Italy. The new logo is said to be representative of the strong union between the past and the present, on which Benelli runs the fundamentals of its business on. This is particularly evident in Benelli’s Leoncino line of motorcycles, which boasts more than half a century of lineage, and is a hallmark of Benelli’s motorcycle manufacturing expertise

Benelli 110th Anniversary

Figuring prominently in the new logo is the famed Lion of Pesaro, for which Benelli has become famous. The designers over at the Benelli Style Center have incorporated the Lion into the logo as a symbol of looking towards the future—something which Benelli has been doing very aggressively as of late, in partnership with its parent company QJ Motor. The commemorative logo will be central to a slew of initiatives to be conducted by Benelli in celebration of its 110th anniversary, which will be held in the Officine Benelli Museum, where more than 200 classic Benelli and MotoBi motorcycles are currently being showcased.  

From September 13 to 19, 2021, the company will be holding “Benelli Week,” which will be the culmination of the company’s celebratory initiatives. Organized by the Benelli Historical Register and the Tonino Benelli Moto Club through the collaboration of Benelli HQ, Benelli Week attracts thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world to come together and celebrate their passion for motorcycles. As we are all aware, Benelli has quite a lot of surprises in store for us this year. That said, attendees of the Benelli Week 2021 are sure to be in for a treat. 

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