Riding in the Rain? We have Tips on Staying Dry with Biker Rain Gear!

If you are Riding in the Rain, it sucks to be wet and uncomfortable. Stay Dry and comfortable with AMERiders Biker Rain Gearplus we have a few extra tips to help as well. Let’s face it if you are not riding in the rain you are not really riding, as most bikers will ride in any type of weather. Rain or Shine they love to ride and so do we.

Biker Rain Gear
Women’s 11″ Comfort Biker Boot Black

So let’s start off by saying that wet and cold weather are always going to be a part of motorcycle riding and it is up to us to stay dry and warm in inclement weather. Luckily with the great technology that comes with clothing and footwear manufacturing, there are plenty of waterproof options to help keep you dry during those cloudy or chilly days in the saddle. For those of us that have ever ridden in the rain with chaps, we all know where that rain goes and that is no fun.

Biker Rain Gear
Motorcycle Rain Boot Covers With Rubber Outer Sole RainGuard Legs

Boots come in all shapes, sizes and styles but we like to give boots that are waterproof top billing as they come in handy when riding. You never know when you will need a boot to keep your feet dry, and warm as well. Even if the rain has stopped the road is still wet and there are puddles and water standing everywhere. Even if you have found that perfect set of boots and they are not waterproof find a great pair of waterproof rain covers for your boots like these Motorcycle Rain Boot Covers With Rubber Outer Sole RainGuard Legs   they not only will help to keep your feet dry and warm but they have soles for good traction as well.

Biker Rain Gear
2 Piece Rain Suit Gear

Riding Pants and Jackets can either be waterproof or water resistant, and can be bought separately or together. Our 2 Piece Rain Suit Gear not only is waterproof and windproof, it is made from a breathable fabric and has pockets as well. Two-piece rain suits give the advantage to let you be prepared for many situations. If the roads are wet and it is not raining any longer, then just pants may be the only part of your suit needed. Ensure when looking for a 2-piece suit that they can attach or seal off to prevent water, moisture or air seeping in between the jacket and the pants.

Biker Rain Gear
1 Piece Rain Suit

However, some riders prefer a 1 Piece Rain Suit when riding for maximum all over protection from the elements. These suits usually have Strategically placed venting and other rider-friendly features. A one-piece rain suit also offers the advantage of preventing the chance of air seeping into the jacket as well as full weather coverage.

Biker Rain Gear
Long Raincover Gauntlet Gloves

Another great addition to our Biker Rain Gear our hands are always in motion, braking, shifting, twisting the throttle, etc. They are always exposed, out in the open, getting pounded on by the rain. Ensuring that your hands stay dry and warm, is not an easy task, however, there are many choices of waterproof riding gloves available, so choose wisely. Our Long Raincover Gauntlet Gloves are a great example of a rain glove that you can use when riding.

Other tips are to ensure you have great tires for riding in the rain, watch for rainbows on the ground that is usually a clear sign of oil, give yourself more space than usual to stop, and for emergency maneuvers if necessary. There are many more great tips these are just our top few that we use when riding. We at AMERiders hope that this information on wearing Biker Rain Gear helps to keep you safe, warm and dry while riding.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Biker Rain Gear







Let AMERiders help you stay comfortable and dry with Biker Rain Gear.

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