007 James Bond Is Back in Action, with Epic Chases on Bikes and More!

Everyone’s favorite spy is back in action, that’s right 007 Daniel Craig is back as the charming and handsome James Bond. Our hot spy with attitude will sprint back into action in April 2020 and the first trailer of the latest Double-O-Seven feature has just dropped! Guess what? There are bad guys on bikes and epic chases that involve Aston Martins, Jaguars, and other British delicacies. So, what sweet bikes are getting some screen time in the new 007 film, No Time To Die? AMERiders is going to try and figure it out, follow along with us.

Of course, as trailers usually go, we only get brief glimpses of the two-wheel cast members. I mean, it is a James Bond movie after all. The silver Aston Martin DB5 is a bigger hook than any motorcycle will ever be. This doesn’t mean we can’t be curious about what the producers’ motorized weapons of choice are for the canonical high-speed chase. 

The first motorcycle we spot in the trailer is straddled by what seems to be one of the bad guys. Not the bad guy himself but rather a member of his posse in charge of chasing down the protagonist. How do we know he’s a bad guy? His visor is blacked out, of course, that and James Bond doesn’t seem too keen on letting him catch up.

The minion engages Agent 007 in a high-speed chase in the saddle of what looks to be a Ducati Scrambler 800 Desert Sled—the round headlight with a four-branch brace, the white-and-silver tank, and the high-set white fender sure point to that specific model. We can even briefly see the model’s red frame. 

Ducati Scrambler 800 Desert Sled

Later in the trailer, in a scene reminiscent of the motorcycle chase on the roofs of Istanbul in Skyfall, Bond can be seen straddling a bike of his own. This one was trickier to identify since the only glimpse we get of the two-wheel sled is from the back, as Jimmy Badass skids the bike off a ramp. There seems to be a consensus among some of us that Bond’s ride of choice for this scene is a Triumph Scrambler 1200. The high set dual exhaust and swingarm design are consistent—though it looks like the bike has been modified looking at the shorter exhaust tips and at the braced handlebar. What do you guys think?


No Time To Die seems to pick up the Spectre plotline with the return of love interest Léa Seydoux and antagonist Christoph Waltz. If the trailer is enough to get you excited about the movie, you can let me know if I’m right about the bikes.

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