Box39’s Custom Family of Bikes Named Giotto From the 2014 V-Rod

Having arrived onto the market as the first modern-day Harley street model with double overhead camshafts and liquid cooling, the VRSC was made in several variants, starting with the widely-praised V-Rod and ending with the Night Rod and non-street legal Destroyer. AMERiders has more on Box39’s Family of bikes for you.

The bike created for the task of taking on the competition was called VRSC (V-twin racing street custom). In the 16 or so years on the market, it came in many forms, but people generally know it as the V-Rod. Powered by a mighty Revolution Engine, the bike quickly climbed the ladder to success and even ended up on the drag strip as the Destroyer. But as with all things in life, success didn’t last forever, and Harley discontinued the line in 2017.

Many of the remaining V-Rods have since taken to the custom scene and have been modified heavily by shops across the world. Europe, in particular, seems to have a soft spot for V-Rods, with Russia’s Box39 even coming up with an 18-example strong family of custom bikes called Giotto.

All the way over in Russia, a shop by the name Box39 has created an entire family of custom V-Rods using nothing more than in-house-made wheels, special paints, and other relatively minor changes to the stock bikes.

The family is called Giotto, and we think they are just beautiful. The bike shown below is the Giotto 5, a project based on a 2014 V-Rod and completed last year. For the 5 the shop went for 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wire wheels. Their copper-matte color (we’re not told if it wears a funky name like other colors used to) is a perfect match for the hue used on the plastic body kit that wraps around the fuel tank, airbox, and radiator, and a perfect contrast for the black on the seat, fork, engine, and custom exhaust system.

Like all other Box39 projects we talked about, the cost of this 2020 build is not known, and the ultimate fate of the finished project is equally as mysterious.

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Let AMERiders give you the skinny on how Box39 has created a Custom Family of 5 Bikes Named Giotto From the 2014 V-Rod.

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