Brand New Shiney Motorcycles Means Brand New Motorcycle Gear

With all these Brand New Shiney Motorcycles around for 2018, shouldn’t that mean that you should get Brand New Motorcycle Gear for yourself and that brand new motorcycle too? We at AMERiders love bright shiny new things we could play with them all day long but then we would never get any work done. So, we decided to offer up a few ideas for new gear to go along with a few bikes that are coming out this year.

The 2018 HD Softail Low Rider
Brand New Motorcycle Gear
The 2018 HD Softail Low Rider

This beauty which we showcased in our last blog is built to eat up the miles. So, why not find some gear that will last and eat up the miles with it.  With its classic rake on the front end and it’s 70’s inspired graphics combined with modern cast wheels and LED forward lighting who wouldn’t decide that they didn’t need gorgeous new gear with their new bike?

Brand New Motorcycle Gear
Men’s Jacket With Eagle

Try out motorcycle apparel like this Men’s Jacket With Eagle it features the saying Live to Ride Ride to Live Highlighted in brown with the American Eagle clutching a USA shield.The brown is a classic look and would offset the classic look of the Low Rider perfectly adding to great Brand New Motorcycle Gear for this bike.

Other features of this classic jacket include a full, zip-out lining that runs through the sleeves, epaulets on the shoulders, a fold-down collar with button snaps, and a sturdy, front zip-up closure. Adjust it for comfort and fit with the leather belt, side laces, and zippered cuffs. No matter where you ride or how, you’ll be able to bring along some of your things with two waist pockets, a stash pocket, and a zippered pocket on the left front.

The 2018 HD Roadster

Brand New Motorcycle Gear
The 2018 Roadster

The 2018 Roadster combines stoplight-to-stoplight power, agility, and garage-built custom style to shatter every mold. WIth its blacked out styling from mirrors to exhaust shields and back its dark edge is sleek and mysterious.

Brand New Motorcycle Gear
Women’s Biker Boot Black

For stoplight-to-stoplight grip of the asphalt try our boots like this pair of Women’s Biker Boots in Black is a serious riding boot that looks just as great as it performs. Made for the open road featuring one piece molded outsole, side zipper for easy on and off, and oil resistant outsole. Gripping the asphalt is important so that you can keep the bike from going over or sliding out from underneath you, and our boots have great grip. Since this bike is powerful these boots are a great item to pair with it again for that Brand New Motorcycle Gear.

The 2018 HD Softail Deluxe

Brand New Motorcycle Gear
The 2018 Deluxe

The 2018 Softail Deluxe is Show-stopping, old-school glam, Deluxe is a nostalgic Boulevard custom that turns heads. It’s dripping with chrome, from stem to stern. The signature LED headlight is complemented by LED running lights featuring integrated LED turn signals. The all-LED lighting is filled out in the rear with a Tombstone taillight and turn signals. The Deluxe’s performance is updated, thanks to the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine and the new, more capable Softail chassis. ABS is standard.

Brand New Motorcycle Gear
Diamond Plate 25mm Universal Motorcycle Replacement Handlebar Grips

So what should you pair with this bike for Brand New Motorcycle Gear, that is a good question for old school glam bike dripping with chrome? You find something that is dripping with chrome or looks old school or both. We have a list some of our chrome items available here.  From Handle bar grips to Motorcycle Mirrors and More We are sure there are plenty of Brand New Motorcycle Gear items you will find to fit any new motorcycle you find this year.

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Brand New Motorcycle Gear







Let AMERiders help you find Brand New Motorcycle Gear for your Brand new 2018 Motorcycle.

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