The Brave Guy Should Have Been the Bike That Helped Say “I’ll Be Back!”

Most of us know who the Terminator is or know of the famous phrase “I’ll be back” even if we haven’t seen the movie well this H-D Fat Boy aptly named the Brave Guy is the one the Terminator should have ridden. Would have been a great bike to help Arnold say “I’ll be back!” on, and wouldn’t you know it our favorite customs shop Thunderbike is the one that has come up with this beauty.

Brave Guy

One of the machines used in the movie was a 1991 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Thanks to the status of the movie, the motorcycle is considered one of the greatest two-wheelers to ever be captured on film, partly on account of a rather impressive chase scene (see video below for more).

Now, that bike was brand new at the time when T2 came out, so quite impressive. But what if we were to take back a more recent Fat Boy, not stock, but customized, and hand it over to the Terminator? Would it/he love it?

Probably, if the bike in question is this one here. Officially called Brave Guy (not a very cool name, we’ll give you that), it is the result of custom work performed by a German shop that goes by the name Thunderbike.

Made for one of their clients, it uses the regular complement of custom parts, some 30 of them, starting from the wheels and ending with the turn signals.

Upfront, the bike was changed with the addition of a 21-inch wheel, now tied to a lowered suspension to give it a more aggressive look. The fender that partially covers it is new as well, and so are the handlebars.

At the back the Fat Boy was treated with a new wheel, new fender, and conversion that leaves very little room between the seat and the fuel tank, giving the entire build a very straight-backed appearance. 

Spanning from the front to the back is a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system, but other than that we are not being told what (if any) modifications were made to the engine.

As usual, Thunderbike does not say how much the entire build cost to put together, but we do have a list of parts used, and punching in the numbers reveals a sum somewhere over 8,000 euros ($9,300) – that makes it one of the most expensive the Germans made all year.

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