Bunderbike’s Icon Boy Is a Beautiful Simple Bike in Matte Blue Overalls.

If you’re a custom motorcycle fan (especially a Harley-Davidson one), then you know that most of the projects coming into this world at the hands of the many garages out there are trying to steal their 15 minutes under the spotlight. They usually do this by adopting as high-tech mechanics and as flamboyant as possible looks, achieved either through the parts used, or the fancy paints and intricate patterns slapped onto them. This bike is smooth and beautifully simple One of Bunderbike’s best called Icon Boy.

At times though, it becomes obvious that keeping things as simple as possible is the way to go if you’re to pursue perfection. After all, who wouldn’t prefer a custom ride without the added drama, the skulls, skeletons, and guns tattooed on its body?

It is exactly such a simple build we uncovered in the rather impressive lineup of projects released over the years by a German crew going by the name Bundnerbike. Originally a Fat Boy, the bike got reworked and repainted, and it now answers to the name Icon Boy.

The first thing that strikes you about this project, as said, is its simplicity compared to others. Coming into the world dressed in a combination of black and matt blue, the bike rides on solid wheels backed by an air suspension and uses for this task a largely unmodified engine, only running a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system.

The tank is a custom one, made by Bundnerbike, and we also get a rear modification meant to accommodate the beefier tire. The rider is seated in a suede saddle.

The Icon Boy is an older project of the German shop, and its current whereabouts are unknown. So is the thing’s price, an aspect never made public by Bundnerbike. It’s worth knowing though the shop can do the Icon all over again, if a customer wanted to.

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Bunderbike’s Icon Boy Is a Beautiful Simple Bike in Matte Blue Overalls and AMERiders thinks it is beautiful.

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