Bunderbike’s Stratos Hb 10 H-D Breakout Is a Silent Masterpiece

Our journey through the world of Harley-Davidsons that are customized everywhere but we country took us to find a shop in Switzerland, called Bundnerbike is based. These guys have close to 200 motorcycles in their portfolio, and most of them deserve their time under the spotlight. Bunderbike’s Stratos HB 10 H-D Breakout Is a Silent Masterpiece but isn’t as low-profile as you would expect AMERiders explains.

Stratos is not necessarily the name of this particular machine, but an entire range of them styled to different needs and specifications.

This particular bike for instance is called the Stratos HB 10, and it started out life as a regular and also brand new Breakout (Harley sells those in Europe as 2021 model year). It didn’t get severely modified, but those few changes are enough to make this two-wheeler quite noticeable on the road.

And that is quite the opposite of the nickname the shop chose for it, which would be Silent Masterpiece. And that’s opposite both figuratively and literally, as neither the look of the thing, with its “restrained” paint job, nor the sound it must be made through the custom KessTech exhaust system, are things that can go unnoticed.

The connection to the ground for the custom Breakout is made by means of custom wheels of unspecified provenance, sized a massive 23 inches at the front and the usual-for-custom-Harleys 18 inches at the rear.

There aren’t all that many custom bits on the HB 10, but the Swiss shops contributed, aside from the overall vision, a good chunk of them, including the fuel tank, saddle, and fenders.

As for the cost of the build, this is Europe we’re talking about, and these guys rarely reveal such things. If interested in having such a conversion made though, the Swiss say “we would be happy to advise you,” so at least we get that.

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Bunderbike’s Stratos Hb 10 H-D Breakout Is a Silent Masterpiece AMERiders explains.

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