Bunderbike’s Stratos HB 4 Is a Definite Blue Beauty in the Stratos Family.

Back in December of 2021, our journey through the world of customized, German-made Harley-Davidsons brought us face to face with the Stratos, a Breakout-based blue beauty put together by the guys over at Bundnerbike. And now it seems we dug out its brother. Bunderbike’s Stratos HB 4 Is a Definite Blue Beauty in the Stratos Family.

Enter the Stratos HB 4, what’s left of a once-stock, unassuming 2020 Harley-Davidson Breakout. The two-wheeler seems to have gone through the usual trials and tribulations, and came out at the end of the customization process as a built worthy, for one reason or another, of a weird nickname: Street Planner.

Unlike the first Stratos we talked about, this one does not come as an in-your-face blue apparition, but a more subdued blue matte finish. Mind you, only the color is subdued, not the motorcycle itself.

The Breakout still wears the original engine in its frame, but that was improved with the addition of a Bundnerbike air filter at one end, and a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde at the other.

The frame holding the engine is supported by wheels that appear to be similar in design to the stock ones of the Breakout, but with the rear one coming in at 300 mm wide.

The bike is running an air suspension system and a “continuously adjustable chassis […] responsible for ensuring that this great driving experience can be felt and experienced in every cornering.”

Bundnerbike promises the HB 4 can move about will all sorts of riders on its back, including tall ones, who should take full advantage of the low seating position and the special motocross handlebars.

As with most of the other bikes this shop is doing, the Stratos HB 4 is listed as a one-off project, but one that could easily be replicated should another customer find it interesting enough. As for how much that would cost, asking Bundnerbike a direct question is the way to go. 

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AMERiders says Bunderbike’s Stratos Hb 4 Is a Definite Blue Beauty in the Stratos Family.

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