Why Should You Buy a Harley-Davidson Bike? AMERiders Has a Few Reasons for You!

Harley-Davidson is one of the most recognized brands in the world, we think everyone should own one. If you don’t own a Harley ask yourself Why Should You Buy a Harley-Davidson Bike? AMERiders Has a Few Reasons for You!

To a Harley fan, this is going to be a duh-I-told-you-so article. Plus they just might come at us with pitchforks, asking us to list one reason why you shouldn’t buy a Harley. Well, we don’t have one, for we love Harleys. Owning a Harley-Davidson is like owning a little piece of history. This is one motorcycle that has moved ahead with the times and incorporated every modern tech and safety feature around. Owning it is like a whiff of nostalgia, a hark back to the good old days.

Today, after surviving every kind of knockdown a motorcycle company can go through, Harley-Davidson is one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers. Its fans are spread around the globe. And since it has been churning out motorcycles since 1903, its lineage is impeccable. From celebrities to nobodies, everyone feels like someone when riding a Harley-Davidson. And if you are still not convinced, here are 15 reasons why you should buy a Harley-Davidson…


It’s A Piece Of American History

Harley-Davidson Bike

Founded in 1903 by 22-year-old William S. Harley, his childhood friend Arthur Davidson and so helped by Arthur’s elder brother Walter Davidson – five Harley-Davidson motorcycles were made in 1905. Only three of these were sold. The next year, they made 50. In the coming years, they made history. And Harley-Davidson continues its resounding thump in everyone’s hearts.


All American With Patriotic Flavor

There are some countries you can blindly trust for their machines. And the US is one of them, even if Americans now prefer the Japanese made models over their home soil models. But one cannot deny the utter patriotic flavor as well as the quality of an American-made Harley-Davidson. And the quality remains the same even for Harleys made on foreign soil.


They Will Rebuild You An Engine

Harley-Davidson Bike

If you feel you need a newer engine for your Harley-Davidson Bike, you don’t have to look anywhere. You can ship the engine to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they will rebuild it to OEM specifications. They will also rehaul your engine if need be and ship it back to you, or a dealer of your choice. Not only can you not do this with other motorcycles, but Harley also makes it cheaper for you.


The Harley Will Last And Outlast Everything

The thing about the Harley-Davidson motorcycle is, it never goes bad. It simply lasts for years to come, and even if a part or two goes broke, you can simply order in a new one. No one’s Harley-Davidson ever broke forever, and this is one motorcycle that can outlast generations. Probably why vintage ones sell at a premium.


You Can Accessorize It To Kingdom Come

The accessory catalogs of Harley-Davidson motorcycles are mind-boggling. Highly customizable, a lot of the body of a Harley can be upgraded DIY – you don’t have to drag it back to the dealer to get work done on it. You can do most of it yourself and as long as the accessory is a Harley, the warranty stands.


The Hardiest Engines Ever

Harley-Davidson Bike

Even with a million miles on it, some Harley-Davidsons still, stand tall and proud. Like the 1991 FXRT so owned by former Wisconsin State Representative Dave Zien. You cannot make a Harley go bad unless you run it bad. And yes, engines do give up but as Harley promises – they can be fixed-up and be ready to go back in your beloved Harley.



Harley-Davidson Bike

No, not trying to cast aspersions of any kind. The HOG stands for Harley Owners Group, and they host the grandest of events all the time. Being a member of the HOG is a privilege of its own. Riders meet up for lunch, for fun rides, and many charitable occasions as well. So being on a Harley comes with social perks as well.


The Heavyweights Of The Road

Harleys are heavy motorcycles. So heavy that the lightweights of the road can easily beat them in speed. That said, all that extra weight comes with advantages of its own – the steadiness of a Harley-Davidson Bike is amazing as are its longer rake angles. When it comes to cruising, nothing beats a Harley.


The Dealership Network Is Extensive

Harley-Davidson Bike

You don’t have to look for a Harley-Davidson dealership, because they are just about everywhere. Whether you need to buy a bike, overhaul the engine, buy new parts or accessories, or need on-road assistance – Harley-Davidson dealers pride themselves on giving you the best service they can. So rest assured, with a Harley, you will always be in good hands.


Harley Riders Are Treated Well

Harley-Davidson Bike

Unlike the brash riders of zippy fast superbikes, for Harley riders, it’s all about the journey. The destination will arrive, sooner or later. You will find most Harley riders ride civil on the roads, and the rest of the traffic acknowledges their good manners. If a Harley rider ever needs help, he will always find it. This is so because people tend to like Harley-riders and Harleys as well.


The Service Costs Are Cheap

Harley-Davidson Bike

Unlike many other superbikes that need a decent a chunk of money put aside for annual maintenance, Harley riders have it easy. Most Harley-Davidson motorcycles do not require even routine valve lash adjustments, and service costs are minimal. In case you break down on road, a Harley dealer will have the repairs done as fast and as cheaply as he can.


The Inevitable King Of Cool

If your ride is a Harley, you are the king of cool – and that’s an undeniable fact. Frankly, all motorcyclists get that swagger of a walk. Personally though, with a Royal Enfield in my garage, it’s not swagger, its stiffness from long rides. But heck, a Harley is a Harley and everyone who rides one has enough swag in our book.


That Sweet, Sweet Engine Note

Harley-Davidson Bike

There are motorcycles loved all over the world just for their thump. And Harleys tend to top this thump list – the crisp explosion that the engine gives out on start is sweet music to any Harley rider’s ear. Loud and growly, you cannot help but stare at a Harley, wistfully, as it cruises by you.


Care Can Be DIY

Harley-Davidson prides itself on bikes that owners, in turn, can take pride in. And with a motorcycle, tinkering is just about as addictive as riding. Many Harley-Davidson owners can service their motorcycles with one hand while flipping burgers with the other. Things are made easy for Harley owners to DIY and feel good about their sweet rides.


It’s A Harley

Harley riders love Harleys. Non-Harley riders love Harleys. Motorcycle enthusiasts love Harleys. Motorcycle-fearers love Harleys. So basically, there is a small part of you, me and everybody who loves Harleys. These are not widow-makers, these are sturdy motorcycles often ridden by motorcycle enthusiasts who believe safety to be paramount. So why not a Harley, indeed?

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~




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