How Do You Choose The Best Chaps And Boots?

Thanksgiving is over and Friends and Family are packing up for their long drives home and we are saying goodbye. In some parts of the country and even the world, it is still just warm enough to ride. If you realize that your leathers may be a little tight from all the good eats we can help with that. If you need replacement boots for next year we have you covered as well. But there is the question. How Do You Choose The Best Chaps And Boots? Well, we have a few pointers for you.

Tips for choosing the Boots for you.
Chaps and Boots
Women’s 11″ Fashion Harness Boot Black

We have covered this before in a previous blog as we are big on safety for our customers. As we’ve said before The first step in finding the Best Motorcycle Footwear is to decide on what you want out your boots. There are many requirements a rider can want from his/her boots such as comfort, ventilation, and to be waterproof among many others. In listing our previous post we had a list of main issues that riders may require out of their boots. These tips are just a helpful starting guideline. Finding that perfect pair of boots is difficult and when you do find them make sure you grab an extra pair. You never know when that manufacturer won’t make them anymore and when yours wear out you will have to start looking for another pair of perfect boots again.

Chaps And Boots
Men’s 12″ Shifter Pad Engineer Boot Black

Whether you’re a man or a woman choosing a pair of motorcycle boots is not easy, however, men may have it a bit easier since most are not as style conscious as some women are. Besides the requirements above it is also important to think about the rider’s height, and the type of motorcycle, he/she rides as well as the type of riding they do as well. All of this will help factor into a perfect pair of boots that will make you comfortable for many rides to come.

For those of us, that ride cruiser bikes, it may be practical to wear a more classic style boot, (ie a harness boot or other classic style), however, if the rider frequently rides for long distances they may want to think about a waterproof boot, not just rain boot covers.  It is also a good idea to think about choosing a boot that has a steel toe as that can give extra protection to your feet, during a fall or accident.

Always make sure that your boots have soles that give the proper amount of grip for the riding that you are doing. Oil Resistant soles are important to have especially when riding on the street, as oil is a riders downfall (literally) when riding in wet conditions if their boots don’t have oil resistant soles.

You also want to make sure that your footwear not only fits you but fits your bike. You want to make sure that the toe is not too thick where you can’t put your foot in between the foot control and gear shifter, or that your heel is too thick or big as it may make it harder for you to move your foot where it needs to be quickly.

Finding the Best Motorcycle Footwear may seem like it could be a simple thing to do, however, it isn’t and a lot of effort and time goes into finding that perfect pair of boots. The biggest thing is to choose a boot that will allow you to control your motorcycle well and without much of a hassle. You can never own too many pairs of boots so when you find a pair that fits you well and works for what you need, buy a second pair as a backup. You never know when your favorite pair of boots may not be made anymore and you will at least have a backup pair on hand.

Check out all of our Women’s boots like this pair of Women’s 11″ Fashion Harness Boot Black or our men’s boots like this pair of Men’s 12″ Shifter Pad Engineer Boot Black both are great pairs of boots and will protect your feet well.


First up why wear Chaps? Well

Motorcycle chaps are actually an important part of protective clothing when it comes to riding a motorcycle safely. Their function is to prevent the dreaded road rashes or abrasion wounds in case of (knock on chrome) you get a road crash. They can be made of many materials, but you definitely want to use leather – that’s the one which will provide the best protection all over. They allow you to wear your regular jeans while giving the protection of full leather pants which some people find horrible to use.

Chaps and boots
Women’s Leather Chaps With Pink Stripes

Unlike the leather pants, they actually let you keep your mobility and flexibility, which are important when you’re riding. You don’t wanna get stuck when you’re trying to put your leg down, do ya? The fact that they’re comfortable to use (especially when compared to leather pants) will also help you ride for longer periods of time, without squirming around in your seat while you ride.

One more thing about comfort – they ain’t as damn hot as those damn leather pants. I mean, you ride a bike. You know what “swamp ass” is. You do NOT wanna have swamp ass on leather pants, TRUST US on this one. Finally, good chaps also come with pockets and sometimes even with concealed pockets where you can store all of your stuff and keep it handy when needed.

This how-to is not only good for chaps it is also good for Jackets and if you want the pants them as well. First, you will need to know your

Chaps and Boots
Men’s Distressed Brown Leather Motorcycle Chaps

measurements take these with a measuring tape. NOTE: DO NOT EXPECT CHAPS TO MATCH YOUR NORMAL PANTS SIZE. THE MOST IMPORTANT MEASUREMENT IS THAT OF YOUR THIGHS.Be sure you take these measurements while wearing jeans! Chaps are sized by your thigh measurement about 4″ down from your crotch.

Remember, Chaps fit over the pants and will need to allow appropriate room.Measure the thigh 3″-4″ below the crotch, around the leg while sitting, for maximum comfort. Round to the nearest whole inch and go to the next size up. Measure the waist (which is adjustable on the chaps) at or below the belt. We also suggest measuring to the top of the boot as well. You wouldn’t want to have them hemmed unless you find the perfect pair of chaps and don’t see another pair that matches your length.

When shopping for a new motorcycle jacket, chaps, or pants it is important to understand how the stores grade the quality of their leather. Check the tag on your jacket, chats, or pants before buying them.  Look for:

  1. Economy Grade: This is patched leather that is only suitable for children or adults who don’t do a lot of riding. This is not a good quality of leather to protect you from the elements or an accident.
  2. Top Grain Leather: This is a strong cowhide leather that will protect you from the elements and an accident. This is a nice grade of leather that wears nicely and looks better as it ages.
  3. Premium or Naked Leather: This is the top quality of leather on the market and an excellent choice for all motorcycle jackets, chaps, and pants. The leather is extra thick and it is designed to protect you and wear longer. The price of quality leather is always three times more expensive than economy leather.

We have a great selection of Men’s and Women’s Chaps and Pants to choose from to keep you protected while you ride like this sweet pair of Men’s Distressed Brown Leather Motorcycle Chaps or our Pretty Women’s Leather Chaps With Pink Stripes. Plus many more, to keep you not only looking stylish but protected while you ride as well.

In Conclusion 

Anyone who rides a motorcycle needs to wear a Chaps And Boots for protection. It is important to buy top quality leather products to protect yourself from the elements and an accident. Therefore, next time you shop for your leather riding gear be sure to read the tag. Look for premium or naked leather if you are looking for protection in your chaps. Plus make sure your Boots fit the exact way you want them too.

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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