Smart Tips for Handling the Road on Your Motorcycle in Cooler Weather!

We at AMERiders know that Fall and Winter will not always stop a motorcycle rider from riding. So, we scrounged around and found you some Tips for Handling the Road on Your Motorcycle in Cooler Weather!  When riders think of going out for a ride, we sometimes imagine it to be an enjoyable ride through our favorite scenic area during pleasant weather. However, that’s not always the case. Mother nature is unpredictable, meaning riding conditions can change from one moment to the next. We as riders must adapt to these unpredictable conditions, as they can affect the road or impact our ability to safely operate our rides. Fall and winter each provide unique challenges for motorcycle riders.

Fall Riding

Cooler Weather
Motorcyclist On A Winding Road In Autumn

Crisper air and falling leaves are all sure signs that summer winding down and fall is here. However, before you worry about that snow and ice, you might need to prepare for wet roads and slippery leaves littering your favorite stretch of road. Those of us that ride have probably gotten caught in the rain now and then. Keep waterproof (or water-resistant) rain gear in a backpack or saddlebags. Also, visibility can become impaired by rain, so make sure to pack an extra pair or glasses or goggles, just in case.

As leaves turn from green to yellow, orange, red and brown, they often fall to the ground, sometimes hiding the surface of the road from our eyes. Ride over and through leaves with caution, as they can cover potholes in the road that could affect your control of your bike. Also, wet leaves could be slick and affect a bike’s traction making it difficult to stop quickly. Reducing your speed and maintain a constant state of awareness to maximize your safety on the road when riding in these conditions and cooler weather.

Cooler Weather
Riding in winter

Winter Riding

Even the most avid motorcycle riders will consider putting their bike away during the coldest months. The Wind, snow, ice, and frigid temperatures generally don’t make for great or even fun motorcycle riding conditions for some but there are those of us that just ride because it is our “Wind Therapy” and helps us get away from it all. Before you hit the road check some of these tips for riding in cooler weather.

Cooler Weather
What does your Penny Test show you?
Penny Test

Before you hit that frozen road, it is important to check your tires. First, check the tread on your tires by doing the same “penny test” you might do on your car’s tires. Take a Lincoln penny; hold it between your thumb and forefinger so that the head is showing. Place the top of Lincoln’s head into one of the grooves of the tire’s tread. If any part of Lincoln’s head is obscured by the tread, you have a safe amount of tread. If you can see above Lincoln’s head, then you need a new tire.

Replacing after 6 years

If your tires are six years or older, consider replacing them. Checking the age of your tires is easy, look for the four-digit code near the Department of Transportation (DOT) markings. The first two numbers in the sequence represent the week they were manufactured. While the last two digits represent the year. It is also very important to check your tire pressure, for the main reason that for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit that the temperature drops, your tires can lose 1-2 pounds per square inch of pressure.

Cooler Weather
Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket With Reflective Skulls
Staying warm on a ride.

Keeping your body warm and protected can require some serious gear, so plan ahead. Depending on the temperature, consider thermal underwear, glove liners, balaclavas and other base layers. Hypothermia due to severe wind chill can be a concern, especially riding a motorcycle. When the temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, traveling at 60 miles per hour can result in a wind chill of approximately 0 degrees Fahrenheit. To help warm your extremities, which are generally most susceptible to cold temperatures, consider using chemical heat packs on gloves and boots, or even outfit your bike with grip, seat and foot warmers.

Leather and Textile apparel, like the jacket to the left not only are good for fall and winter riding but spring and summer, as well as you, can open up the vents on them to allow for cooler air to flow through. Regardless of the season, through proper preparation and the use of the right equipment and gear, you can safely enjoy your motorcycle year-round.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Cooler Weather







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