How Has COVID Limited Our Independence Day 2020 Celebrations

Because of the coronavirus many things have been canceled which means our Independence Day 2020 Celebrations are going to be limited and won’t be what the were in the past unless you are a hermit and don’t do much they won’t change for you. AMERiders wants to take a look at what will change for those of us that do celebrate each year.

Since we’re not supposed to congregate in big groups, what exactly can you do on the Fourth of July holiday? That is the BIG question, isn’t it well here is a yes and no list Sorta. (This is an overall list does not say it is for your city make sure to check your area for times dates or if/isn’t canceled or being held)


Professional: Most professional fireworks shows are canceled to discourage mass gatherings amid COVID-19. Check your local areas to find out exactly what is going on were.

Amateur: Some cities allow for the sale and use of “safe and sane” fireworks during the week of Fourth of July, while others ban them altogether. Even in those cities, only fireworks labeled “safe and sane” are legal.

Remember, even legal fireworks can pose fire dangers and can injure people.

Fireworks vs. Gunshot noise

Was that fireworks or gunshots? Here’s what you need to know to tell the difference. Here are a few videos that we found to help you.

Parades, Parties and barbecues


In-person parades are a big no-no this year.

Parties and barbecues

Want to throw a party with your roommates, spouse, or children? Go right on ahead – IF you live together. Things get dicey if you start to mingle with those outside your household. When people who haven’t been living together mix, oftentimes without social distancing and proper face coverings, there’s an increased risk of exposure.


Lots of beaches were shut down months ahead of Fourth of July weekend, but many beaches are now open again (depending on your state). Parking may still be limited, depending on the beach, and don’t be surprised if the crowds come out. So perhaps for safety sake, you can convince yourself sprinklers or a kiddie pool make a good substitute? (or even your inground or above ground pool if you are lucky to have one.

Bikers and the 4th

When it comes to us and the 4th we can definitely celebrate it a bit the same just take a ride with friends we don’t even have to get close to them, great social distance air Hi-5’s we know how to social distance. It is in our blood. Check out Biker Grinch promoting Social Distancing…


If you’re in the mood for a social distance picnic, most parks have reopened. (Check your state) Some may still have picnic tables and barbecues roped off, but the grass is all yours. Counties/States have also been slowly reopening more and more hiking trails.

We here at AMERiders hope you stay safe and have a wonderful holiday with your families.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~



Independence Day 2020

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