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We all know that the Motorcycle World is famous for its Custom Motorcycles. Especially with the Custome Motorcycle Shows that have been on TV. I am not going to name any of them because they are not paying me too, plus there isn’t one that I like more than the other so I don’t want one getting pissy that they didn’t get blog time and another didn’t so pfft. But AMERiders just loves a Custom Motorcycle and someone pointed us to this The 2019 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show.

Custom Motorcycles

But before I bust into telling you about these awesome motorcycles let me remind you about something first. It is well into the 79th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and if you aren’t there check out the Webcams to see what is going on at the link below.

Sturgis Webcam Link

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, now in its sixth year, has become one of the most influential custom shows in the US. It started as part of Portland’s The One Motorcycle Show and now is a large show entirely on its own. Not only that it uniquely encapsulates its home city of Austin, Texas. Right smack dab in the center of the show is one shop, Revival Cycles. It builds wild and beautiful custom models built in its Texas workshop, all the while pushing its show to be the best it can be.

Craig Rodsmith’s front-wheel-drive “The Killer” on display with other customs brought out from the Haas Museum.

Custom Motorcycles

There were several themes that could be traced through this year’s Handbuilt Show: unpainted bikes with raw or polished metal exteriors, two-strokes, and, of course, trackers. There were choppers, vintage restorations, some wild trikes, and drag bikes, but the majority of bikes were function-focused and seemed to be very rideable. Builds blending high-performance parts with show-bike aesthetics were around every corner.

Beautiful lobster-scale welds on One-Up Motorcycles’ custom BMW R65.

custom motorcycles

Beautiful lobster-scale welds on One-Up Motorcycles’ custom BMW R65

David Mucci of Moto-Mucci has a way of making every custom build look like a factory-funded concept. This KTM 300 custom is no different.

The Haas Moto Museum, known for snatching up some of the most well-known and exotic custom motorcycles of the last decade, brought out a handful of said motorcycles to be displayed in its own section near the show’s entrance, immediately setting the tone as patrons walked through the doors.

The titanium framed Birdcage built by Revival Cycles around a prototype BMW R18 engine.

Moto Guzzi, Indian Motorcycle, and BMW were all sponsors of the show as well, but it was the German motor company that really stole the show with its BMW prototype-based build “The Birdcage,” built by Revival Cycles.

The titanium framed Birdcage

The Birdcage, inspired by the Maserati Tipo 61, is based around the same BMW prototype engine that Custom Works Zon built on to win Best in Show at the Mooneyes Yokohama Show—the R18. This massive air-cooled powerplant is not only daunting because of its size, but because of the importance and secrecy of working around an unreleased BMW motor. We don’t have any details on this engine yet but hope to soon, as BMW continues to hint at real concepts and a production model.

“The FrankenBlast” Buell Blast by DesmoBIBU

custom motorcycles

The Buell Motorcycle Company had a very tumultuous story that ended with the brand’s dissolution under the Harley-Davidson umbrella. Still, they made some very impressive bikes that found new life after Buell’s demise – most notably the Magpul Ronin 47 series of bikes. The Buell Blast, however, was a significantly subdued and short-lived offering from the brand. But it’s potential has finally been unlocked in the ‘Franken-Blast’ custom build by DesmoBIBU.

Hiconsumption gives us our little read in above.

Vlad Sarlau from Riders DriveMag gives us the story of how the Franken-Blast was constructed.

A Yamaha XS650

custom motorcycles

This Yamaha XS650 built by father-daughter team Sofi and George Tsingos.

A TZ750

custom motorcycles

Jeff Palhegyi’s TZ750 four-cylinder two-stroke flat-track racer.

A Triumph Chopper

custom motorcycles

Hand-engraved scrollwork and cutaway sections on a beautiful Triumph chopper.

An immaculate Harley-Davidson Knucklehead restoration among the custom builds.

custom Motorcycles

“The Six” wild Honda CBX custom built by Revival Cycles and brought out as part of the Haas Moto Museum exhibit.

“The Bullet Bob Special,” custom RD400 built by Jared Morris to honor his late father.

From vintage racebikes to dirt bikes, two-stroke machines were a welcome theme at this year’s show.

custom Motorcycles

Forced induction and a monoshock, Harley-Davidson Sportsters continue to be a platform pushed beyond their limits at nearly every custom show.

Gregor Halenda’s custom airhead adventure build with stunning handmade bodywork.

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