Dark Movement and Heritage Revival Movement Add Depth to Bikes!

The Dark Movement & The Heritage Revival Movement both add depth to bikes as they revolve in and around each other. We at AMERiders love Dark Bikes with a rich heritage, as they have more char than normal. The “Dark Movement” (black minimalist machines) has been embraced and delved into by almost all motorcycle manufacturers from Harley-Davidson to Indian and beyond you will see these dark machines all over the place. But is the Dark Custom Movement Evolving further Into The Heritage Revival Movement? It could very well be.

The HD Iron 883 is a Dark Movement Motorcycle
HD Iron 883

The Dark Movement is a new way for bikers to profess their rebel soul and motorcycling roots. However, the “Heritage Revival Movement” adds to this by taking modern custom motorcycles and modeling them after legendary racing motorcycles or bikes their grandparent’s road in the “good old days”.  This also leads into new modern but vintage inspired motorcycles that help to tell a story about the fast pace of our times.

The Black Baron is another Dark Movement Machine
The “Black Baron” BMW R100RS

These custom bikes need retro style parts to ensure their heritage/vintage looks which lead to a new market of classically designed parts that meet up to performance standards. New retro bolt-on parts that only need simple garage tools and bare minimum knowledge to install. These new vintage parts will have any rider customizing their ride in a couple of weekends. This can help fulfill the desire for self-expression we all have inside.

Dark Horse is another Dark Movement machine
Indian Chief Dark Horse

This trend is growing, and will benefit the whole motorcycle industry including the custom motorcycle industry as well. This will also influence designs in new factory models that will be released in the future. However, on the pro custom building side, a new wave  of young American builders cab be expected to be working on street motorcycles of all brands as well as creating affordable retro-styled bikes from bobbers to trackers to desert sleds to resto-mods, and more.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Dark Movement







AMERiders sees the Dark Movement and Heritage Revival Movement Adding Depth to our Bikes!

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