Celebrate the Holidays with AMERiders December Winter Holiday Event!

The gift giving season is upon us and we can help with shopping for that lucky biker guy or gal as we have many great gift ideas. So why not celebrate the Holidays with AMERiders with our December Winter Holiday Event! Here at AMERiders we believe in giving great gifts and our gift to you this year is our  Winter Holiday Event this gift is an automatic 10% off our entire inventory on $50 or more. This will be from Dec 1-18th this year so that we will have the time to guarantee your delivery before Dec 24th. We will also still be offering our usual free Shipping on orders over $50. This is our way of wishing you Happy Holidays to all our brothers and sisters.

Gift giving is fun and if you’re like me you sometimes like to do the 12 days of Christmas gift giving to that special someone or even the family. Starting small and leading up to the big grand special present. One year I just did special hand drawn items for the hubby til Christmas day when he got something he had been hoping for. Other times it has just been little trinkets, or edibles all of these are snuck into his lunchbox or placed at his keyboard for him to find. He enjoys it no matter what it is.

12 gifts for the 12 days of Christmas

December Winter Holiday Event

December Winter Holiday Event
Pink Do-Rag Flydanna

AMERiders can help with your 12 days of Christmas gift giving, or 9 if you celebrate Hanukkah. We have presents of all sizes that work for Riders of all ages. From eyewear to headwear, Guardian Bells and more, we have the perfect gifts to start a 12 days of Christmas tradition with your loved ones.

For the first 5 days try some small items like our Pink Do-Rag Flydanna is perfect for the job. In pretty pink color and a great addition to your biker gear. This bandanna cut into 6 panels and sewn into a head wrap, with a tail and ties at the back.

December Winter Holiday Event
Reflective Flames Do-Rag Flydanna

Or for him try our Reflective Flames Do-Rag Flydanna is the and perfect accessory The best part about this Flydanna is that that it will help you be seen, as the flames on the headband and the tail that are lighter than the rest are made reflective so when light hits them people will notice you!This  bandanna, cut into 6 panels and sewn into a head wrap, with a tail and ties at the nape of the neck.

December Winter Holiday Event
POW Guardian Bell

Or for that special Veteran in your life protect them with our POW Guardian Bell Each bell is hand sculpted in the USA by a real American. We have tons of bells in different designs and each one is a great small gift for even a stocking stuffer.

Don’t forget our December Winter Holiday Event gives you a is a gift of 10% off our entire inventory automatically off $50 or more.

Step it up for the next 5 days
December Winter Holiday Event
Goggles Set With Carrying Case Changeable Lens

During the second set of 5 days why not step it up a bit with something a bit bigger like Sunglasses, Gloves or Bags or another accessory for the bike. We have plenty you can give your special biker guy or gal such as our Goggles Set With Carrying Case Changeable Lens you can experience the ultimate transformation with our goggles set that feature changeable lenses and has a carrying case especially made to fit the lenses and the goggles. Look awesome in a different color any day of the week with this set.

December Winter Holiday Event
Full Finger Women’s Gloves With Faux Fur

Or why not keep their precious hands warm with any of our gloves such as these Full Finger Women’s Gloves With Faux Fur are made from top quality leather and feature white faux fur inside of the glove to give that extra added bit of warmth in the winter.

December Winter Holiday Event
10 Motorcycle Tool Bag With UV Protection

Surprising them with a great 10″ Motorcycle Tool Bag With UV Protection  which is universal fitting for most bikes is a great idea. It includes a hard sheet inside the bag, features a heavy duty quick release, is 100% waterproof as well as being UV protected to keep it from turning white in extreme heat and will hold its shape for many rides to come.

Don’t forget our December Winter Holiday Event gives you a is a gift of 10% off our entire inventory automatically off $50 or more.

Go all out for the last 2 days of presents!!
December Winter Holiday Event
Women’s PVC Motorcycle Jacket

Our December Winter Holiday Event can help you get 2 great gifts for your biker guy or gal. Apparel, Saddlebags or even a new helmet! What lady wouldn’t look sexy in our Women’s PVC Motorcycle Jacket z/o lining that runs through the sleeves, and air vents on front and back of the jacket. Zippered cuffs and multi pockets in and out on the jacket.

December Winter Holiday Event
PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag UV Protected

Help your loved one spruce up their bike even more with a great pair of our saddlebags such as these PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag UV Protected features a zip-off bag with Heavy Duty Velcro Cover and Lock ,is universally fitting to most bikes, Includes a hard sheet inside the box with 4 pockets, a Heavy Duty Quick Release , is 100% Waterproof , is UV protected and it will not turn white in extreme heat, and will Hold its Shape, 4 Tie down ribbons on each side for extra security.

December Winter Holiday Event
HJC FG-17 Full Face Helmet

And last but certainly not least help them keep their noggin safe with one of our DOT/Snell certified helmets in many great colors and awesome graphics such as this HJC FG-17 Force is a mid-level sports bike focused helmet, that lets itself be influenced by its big brother, the uber race ready RPHA-10.Packaged to be heavy on performance and value it has adjustable flow through vent ports help to keep searing heat in check, while the SilverCool™ liner adds comfort and proper comfort.Whether changing out the lens or stability at speed, the HJC FG-17 combines high-end refinement with a price point that works with every motorcyclist. Not to mention it has some striking graphics as well.

Upcoming Events
December Winter Holiday Event
Donate to Toys for Tots and Make a child happy

Each year Toys for Tots collects toys for Children in need. The Boss is doing a facebook live event on Sat at 2pm Central as there is a local Toys For Tots Run in his area.  If you don’t want to do a ride Toys R Us usually has a donation. Clicking the above Toys for Tots link will take you to their website so that you can find a local donation drop off or event in your area.

Remember that our December Winter Holiday Event is from Dec 1-18th with and automatic 10% off our entire inventory automatically off $50 or more. We will also still be offering our usual free Shipping on orders over $50. This is our way of wishing you our customers Happy Holidays.
~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~







Don’t forget that AMERiders can help you find those last minute stocking stuffers and gifts during our December Winter Holiday Event.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

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