What is the definition of Rebel or Rebels? AMERiders brings you the answer.

What is the definition of Rebel or Rebels? AMERiders is here to give you the answer Simply put a rebel is a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler. I am sure that there were a few that were upset by my post last week. However, there is one thing I found when searching for things for this weeks post that sums it up.


So what is the actual definition of a rebel?

As we said above, simply put a rebel is a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler. Did you refuse to eat your vegetables when you were little on a consistent basis?  Did you always push the boundaries of school dress code because you felt you should be able to wear that short skirt or sleeveless t-shirt? ? Do you keep your phone on silent even though it is supposed to be shut off during work? Let’s face it all of these are examples of a rebels mindset. They may not be the typical Rebel we may think of today but they are rebels non the less.

Rebels all over.

rebelsYou find rebels children, young adults, adults, and elderly people. All have some form of rebellion in them that can define them as rebels. You see the dixie/rebel flag and think rebel, well most people do.. for those that don’t see the picture above.


The rebel has been pictured in movies all over… Rebel without a cause and my favorite Star Wars… rebel vs empire. Just search for rebel movies and you get a slew of them. Like Footloose and Hunger games if you want two more.

Show your rebel side!

rebelsIf you and your friends want to show that you are rebels, you can do it with some of our gear. Like our Women’s Bag With Rebel Flag is a great way to keep up with your important items while on a ride. Our leather “Ride or Biker Purse” features sturdy hooks to attach to your belt loops so that you don’t lose items like your wallet, keys and more. What’s more is that it has plenty of space to hold everything you may need when riding. Let’s face it we all know that a regular handbag is not efficient when taking a ride with your man, straps get in the way and fannypacks are just not flattering. This is the solution!

rebelsIf that isn’t your style then our Rebel Flag Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves may be just what you and your friends need to say “hey we are rebels” are made from genuine leather and feature a Rebel Flag on the back of the hand.

This is just two of our items that you can use to show you and your friends are rebels. T see more of our rebel items just go to AMERiders and search rebel and all of our rebel items will come up.

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~








Let AMERiders give you the definition of rebel or rebels and how to show your rebel side.

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