Want a Dune Buggy on Two Wheels? Try Out This Electric Fat Tire!

With a continuation of our blog segments on interesting designs and custom builds AMERiders is a new Italian-designed electric motorcycle from Velocifero that takes an extra helping when it comes to tire width, giving it even more cushion, plus it kinda reminds you of a Dune Buggy on Two Wheels.

Sure, people laughed when the first fat-tire bicycles came out.

But once riders realized how much fun they were to ride in areas where normal bicycles could never go, and that electric bikes had the power to overcome the heavy tires, their popularity took off.

Now the Velocifero Beach MAD electric motorcycle is embracing the same concept: fat tires that can float just above anything.

The new bike was just unveiled at the Bangkok International Motor Show and is a sight to behold.

Sure, it looks a bit silly. But I’ll bet it’s a blast to ride. Almost like a dune buggy, albeit cut in half.

Dune Buggy

Velocifero Beach MAD e-moto unveiled

The Beach MAD e-moto isn’t particularly powerful, rocking a 2kW continuous motor and hitting a top speed of just 60 km/h (37 mph). That puts it in 50cc performance territory.

But as anyone who has ever ridden a 50cc bike before knows, they can still be a lot of fun in the right environment. And perhaps even more so with a ridiculous design like the Velocifero Beach MAD.

Motor Fan got some great shots of the bike (though you’ll want to use Google Translate if you don’t read Japanese). And while I wouldn’t have pegged the Beach MAD as such a good street bike, their testing showed that it held its own on the pavement.

Dune Buggy

The Velocifero Beach MAD sports a steel frame, rear coilover shock, and a pair of hydraulic disc brakes.

The battery on the small bike isn’t overwhelming, offering a limited range of between 60-70 km (37-43 miles). That’s roughly equivalent to the range I got on my CSC City Slicker electric motorcycle, another approximately 50cc-equivalent e-moto that was designed for the city.

But unlike the City Slicker, the Velocifero Beach MAD isn’t confined to the city. From the looks of it, the bike could also be fun on trails or even beach riding yeah a dune buggy bike. You’ll probably want to find a private beach, though, as I can’t imagine the lifeguards on my local strip of sand being too keen on seeing me weaving between sunbathers and frisbee players on this 90 kg (198 lb) franken-bike.

We don’t have any pricing or availability info yet on the freshly debuted Beach MAD. However, Velocifero sells its bikes in a few dozen countries across the EU and Asia, so the Beach MAD could be coming to a city or beach near you sooner than you’d think.

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