Electric H-D & Tesla Model S Plaid & Drag, Doesn’t Go How People Expect

As far as straight-line sprints are concerned, the Tesla Model S Plaid doesn’t need to prove anything anymore. It boasts a neck-snapping amount of thrust, and it used to hold on to the quarter-mile record for production cars, with a little over 9 seconds, until the Rimac Nevera stole its crown.

Being a regular at drag-racing events all over the United States and not only, but the Tesla Model S Plaid also got countless chances to show what it’s made of. It got pinned against all sorts of supercars, beating them into submission, and has revealed that muscle cars don’t really stand a chance unless they have been tuned to the teeth.

Ask any petrolhead how quick it is to 60 mph (97 kph), and they will tell you that it needs 1.99 seconds. Some claim to have hit the mark in 1.98 seconds, and this makes it quicker than most superbikes. However, it does need a lot of prepping should the driver want to achieve a sub-2-second result, and a special resin covering the asphalt is just one of them. Technically, though, it won’t be from a standstill, as we recently found out, but that doesn’t exactly make it any less exciting.

Now, as we already mentioned, the Model S Plaid doesn’t need to prove anything anymore, but its ad-hoc rival, which it met apparently at the Showtime Dragstrip in Florida, presumably a few days ago, sure does, as it is a Harley-Davidson, something that you don’t normally see in such scenarios. Mind you, it may look like your run-of-the-mill bike, but it has been converted to run on electricity, and its owner was eager to take on the zero-emission hyper sedan in a 1/8-mile race.

So, do you think the Tesla simply humiliated it, or did the Harley cross the finish line first, aided by its eco-friendly motor, and the fact that it is much lighter than the car? The result lies one mouse-click away, and you know the drill, don’t you?

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Electric H-D & Tesla Model S Plaid & Drag, Doesn’t Go How People Expect AMERiders explains.

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