Don’t Forget to Gear up This Summer Before You Step out for That Epic Ride

AMERiders is all about safety which is why we want to remind you Don’t Need to Forget to Gear up This Summer Before You Step out for That Epic Ride. We all wish long for the Epic ride each and every spring and summer, however, we don’t want to be on that ride and have it ruined by any type of accident or mishap along the way, which is why gearing up is very important. We will give you suggestions over, the next couple blog posts on why wear certain pieces of gear to protect you starting with the helmet.

Protect that Noggin

“Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall; All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again.” We all heard this nursery rhyme when we were little and it reminds me to put on my helmet every time I go out riding. There are many reasons that you should wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle here are at least 5 of them to think about for your next Epic Ride.

It Might Be the Law in Your State

Epic RideSome states require all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. If you don’t, you risk being pulled over and ticketed. As part of their motorcycle safety courses, this is just one of the things that licensed drivers are taught. These laws are different for every state and if you are unsure if the state you may be traveling through or to has a law or what it may be you can look it up here.

It Reduces the Risk of Head Injuries

A University of Pennsylvania study highlights the importance of motorcycle helmet wearing. Since the state of Pennsylvania repealed its motorcycle helmet law in 2003, riders’ head injury fatalities from wrecks increased by 66 percent. Hospitalization for motorcycle-related head injuries increased by 78 percent. That’s some pretty strong evidence.

It Makes you Easier to See
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Wait, you chose to wear a neon colored helmet?

Motorcyclists know they are much harder to see on the road than cars and trucks. Helmets not only increase your mass, many offer reflective material that helps other drivers see you. Fortunately, some motorcycle helmets feature reflective surfaces, making you more visible to other drivers; even if you are wearing black! So, be noticeable for your next Epic Ride.

Our HJC SY-MAX III MODULAR HI-VIZ TOURING HELMET ChatterBox XBi2-H Plus Bluetooth Communication System is just such a helmet. It is designed to seamlessly to integrate with the Sy-Max III has built-in mounting tabs for the microphone and the ChatterBox unit, so you can internally route all of the wires for a clean look. The best thing about this Sy-Max III it is HI-Viz Yellow so everyone can see you.

It Protects you from Road Debris
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Road debris is often overlooked by passenger vehicle drivers but motorcyclists must contend with a variety of environmental obstacles. Rocks or other material falling from a vehicle ahead, Dust blowing in the eyes, and Debris kicked up off the road can cause injury to a rider and even sometimes a wreck. A helmet can help vision stay unimpaired and possibly help you to avoid the major issue.

It Protects you from the Elements

Epic RideHelmets keep your head warm in winter. In the summer, they help reduce the likelihood of sunburn. They keep out wind and rain all year round.

We’ve given you enough to think enough about with wearing helmets when you ride, so we will move on to another piece of gear next week so stay tuned.

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~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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