1st Recall of 2019 Goes to Our Milwaukee Friends for Street Their 500 and 750s

In August of 2018, Harley-Davidson emitted a massive, global-wide recall for faulty brakes on close to a quarter-of-a-million units of some of its bigger cruisers. The company is now serving us our first official recall of 2019 for brake problems once more. This time, recent versions of the Streets are concerned. AMERiders finds out why and brings you the information

1st Recall of 2019 Goes to Our Milwaukee Friends
2018 Harley Davidson Street 500

Once again, our neighbors north of the border have pulled the trigger faster than the NHTSA has and posted a Harley-Davidson recall on 2016 through 2019 Street 500 and 750 for potentially faulty brakes. While 850 units could present the issue in Canada, the NHTSA has yet to confirm the numbers in the United States.

1st Recall of 2019 Goes to Our Milwaukee Friends
2018 Harley Davidson Street 750

The company has found out that on certain 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 units of both the Streets 500 and 750, the brake pads could be dragging on the wheel due to the corrosion of the caliper piston. Dragging brakes could mean premature wear of the pads and/or to the disc.

In a worst-case-scenario type of situation, should the user pull the brake completely, the piston could fail to retract and maintain the brake pad applied to the disc, keeping it from moving forward. The company mentions that the problem is most likely to occurs to owners living in areas that create a rust-prone environment for the motorcycle, including coastal sectors. Winters riders, this could also be you!

While an official recall number has yet to be released by the NHTSA, owners of recent-years Streets can give the Harley-Davidson customer service a call at 1-800-258-2464 with their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in hand to verify whether their unit is affected. Owners of the units involved in the recall will be invited to visit their H-D dealer where they will receive a new set of front and rear brake calipers free of charge.

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1st Recall of 2019 Goes to Our Milwaukee Friends







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