Fresh Looks for Long Hauls, Short Trips and everythng in between, plus a Quick Look at the New 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod

AMERiders brings you Fresh Looks for Long Hauls, Short Trips and everything in between, plus a Quick Look at the New 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod. Whether you have already started your riding season or are getting ready to you always want to look your best and have you and your bike prepared. We come bearing gifts of fresh looks that are the perfect blend of style and function whether you are taking a long haul or just a quick short trip you with your lady.

Ring in the Riding Season
Fresh Looks
POW-MIA Guardian Bell

Whether you want to keep the road gremlins away or add a distinctive touch to your ride a guardian bell will do the trick. We know that Motorcycle bells are a time-honored tradition for bikers everywhere.The sound of the guardian bells are supposed to deter bad luck and misfortune from sabotaging your trip and keep you safe from road hazards, mechanical failure, and spills.

Our bells are hand-sculpted from 100% lead-free pewter. Plus our selection of guardian bells come in a variety of designs ranging from patriotic symbols of the armed forces to animals such as dragons, butterflies, and many more.

Tip: According to tradition, A bells magical properties work best when given as a gift.

Fresh Looks for Men and Women and Children

Set off on your next ride with quality biker apparel that offers both protection and style. AMERiders carries premium motorcycle apparel in Fresh looks for men and women and children to help protect from nasty spills and the outside elements.

Our selection of motorcycle boots and biker jackets are essential for any rider and give that perfect blend of style and function. From rain suits to repel water and keep you dry to genuine leather motorcycle chaps to protect your legs from the hazards of the road, and everything in between.

Ride Into Spring in Style With these Classic Vests
Men Satisfy your craving for classic style
Fresh Looks
Men’s Black Denim Vest With Side Laces

Satisfy your craving for classic style, but also satisfy your need to change lanes from a leather jacket to a denim vest during the spring with our Denim line such as our classic Men’s Black Denim Vest With Side Laces featuring an amazing quality from the slick black color to its outstanding material.

With an interior that is lined for comfort to the side straps to adjust yourself, you’ll fit in with ease. All it takes is 4 snaps and you close the vest. When you open it up, you will find a gun pocket to hold your toy including a nozzle strap to keep everything in place. Including that pocket, we have set multiple pockets inside and on the front panel of the vest. AMERiders wants to make people feel fully like themselves and as comfortable as they can be.

Ladies tell your story with great style
Fresh Looks
Women’s Leather Vest With Laces On The Side

Ladies, we know you like to look great when riding whether it be with your man or on your own iron horse. So tell your story while looking great! From pins to patches, Our women’s denim and leather vests are a must for your next rally or bike ride. Our design and stitching is purposely minimal to keep all the focus on your collection of pins and patches, and of course you.

Like our Women’s Leather Vest With Laces On The Side will help you feel free as the wind when riding with this denim look vest. This classic style vest is highlighted by decorative ornamental braiding. Features Multiple pockets inside and out providing plenty of room for the lady biker on the go. The smooth nylon lining, four button snaps, and side laces make this vest very comfortable.

Don’t forget those little accessories
Fresh Looks
Leather Vest Extensions

All bikers know the pain of a shrinking vest, regardless of whether it is denim or leather. No, we don’t mean shrinking from washing, it is the shrinking from the growing mid-section or the adding of layers underneath the vest during cold weather months. However, instead of buying another vest most bikers use Vest Extenders to extend out the size of the vest. At AMERiders we have a large selection of Vest Extenders in Leather Or Chain, to choose from that will fit any bikers unique style.

Fresh Looks
USA Flag Vest Extender

Like the front of your vest and don’t want to use a chain extender then use our one of our genuine leather

and enjoy the comfort. Very popular among riders that don’t want to give up their vest or just need to wear it over a Hoodie, increase the size of your vest with our top quality, genuine leather extensions.

Our USA Flag Vest Extender is a great way to help extend the size of your vest while also showing your patriotism for the USA and a bit of pizzazz to your vest. This extender is a leather with the USA Flag design on it. Attach it to your vest with snaps.

Skip Straight to the Hard Stuff With the 2017 Street Rod
Fresh Looks
2017 Street Rod

Speaking of Fresh looks Harley-Davidson has a new Street Rod out that has the top of Fresh looks out grab it and some new street duds with us and be hot this spring.

If you’re going to hit it, hit it hard. The all-new Street Rod™ is built to take you to the edge. It’s got a new High Output Revolution X™ engine that red lines your adrenaline level at 9000 rpm. Drag style bars with bar-end mirrors, new 43 mm inverted front forks and piggyback reservoir rear shocks let you shred traffic like you’re starring in your getaway scene. One twist of the throttle and you’ll never look back.

Urban Mobility with s new engine.
Fresh Looks
High-Output Revolution X™ engine

We were all warned as kids about playing in the street. If you’re the sort who never listened to a word of it, we’ve got your motorcycle. The street is where the action is. The Harley-Davidson Street® series is a line of bikes built with one purpose in mind: to make the most of it. Every inch of the motorcycle has been thought through to meet the demands of navigating the urban landscape. The Street Rod™ features a new High-Output Revolution X™ engine that will rocket you from stoplight to red line at 9000 rpm. New 43 mm inverted front forks and piggyback reservoir rear shocks let you carve through clogged streets with ease. You get a pure, stripped down, aggressive look. Settle into the scooped, racing-style seat and you’ll never blend in with the crowd.

Last but not least

We want to say personally that we thank you for making us what we are, sticking with us each week. Without you we aren’t who we are. Please ensure you ride with safety as we want all our brothers and sisters to come home safe and sound….. And for those of you that drive vehicles and not motorcycles…..

Fresh Look

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Fresh Looks







Let AMERiders bring you Fresh Looks, for Long Hauls, Short Trips and everything in between this Spring.

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Note: Information and pictures on the Harley-Davidson Street Rod taken from for accuracy.

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