Did Your Gear Play a Game of Hide and Seek in Your Packs After Sturgis?

Did Your Gear Play a Game of Hide and Seek in Your Packs After Sturgis? AMERiders goes over common items that get lost and how to replace them. Do you need to replace your favorite pair of chaps because you misplaced them or they were “lifted” from your bike or camping spot? People lose things every year at Sturgis and need to replace gear and a multitude of other items as well.

Gloves Missing?

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USA Flag Fingerless Gloves

Could you not find your favorite pair of riding gloves before you left? Protecting your hands while riding is critical as your hands are very important as they help you hold things, write, eat and drive. At AMERiders believe in protection for your hands and have a large selection of Quality Motorcycle Gloves for just that purpose. We carry a number of. Men’s and Women’s Motorcycle Gloves in all styles such as fingerless and gauntlet and more. Our gloves also come in Natural Leather and Textile as well. Some like the one to the left even help to show patriotism.

Do you have A problem with your Saddlebags?

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PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag UV Protected

Did you have Another piece of Gear Play a Game of Hide and Seek?  Or did your Saddlebags get damaged in some way? Having Saddlebags is a great way of keeping all your essential gear and accessories within reach. We have a selection of top-rated leather and PVC saddlebags for a variety of motorcycles. Our saddle bags feature (like our PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag UV Protected shown right) the highest quality construction to withstand the rigors of the road. With secure enclosures, metal studded designs, and ample storage space, our saddlebags are the perfect motorcycle bag for bikers who need a little extra storage room.

Communications on the fritz?

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While you were at Sturgis did your communication device decide to go on the fritz or just get up and walk?  Don’t worry we have you covered. We know when you’re on the road you don’t want to stop and fumble with buttons answering calls or possibly drop your phone or mp3 player changing songs. We have the solution with our top of the line Bluetooth communications sets. Keep in touch with your fellow riders as well. We have Name brand communications such as Chatterbox and Sena that will help connect you with the person you are trying to hear

Don’t let your gear play a game of hide and seek!

Regardless of what gear played a game of hide and seek with you after Sturgis, (Well, except for your bike and old body parts. We can’t do those we just aren’t miracle workers.) we can help you. Check out AMERiders for selection of classic biker apparel, motorcycle accessories, and essential safety gear. Our apparel includes stylish biker jackets, durable chaps, and much more for men, women, and children. We also have a selection of motorcycle accessories to customize your ride including quality sissy bar bags, saddlebags, and more durable luggage options.

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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Did your Gear Play a Game of Hide and Seek after Sturgis? Let AMERiders Help Replace it.

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