Need Gift Ideas for Dad for This Father’s Day? We Have You Covered!

We all know that the coolest dads ride motorcycles. Father’s Day is this weekend and if you haven’t gotten your gift AMERiders has you covered. If your dad is a motorcyclist, you might want to think about the things he could use, but might not buy for himself. Of course, these gifts we suggest here are all non-gender-specific, so if other members of your family ride, maybe keep these gift ideas in your pocket for the next gift-giving holiday!

If your dad is a gadgety guy, he’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness when it comes to useful gifts. If he’s the kind of person who doesn’t spend a lot of money on himself, you might think about getting him some accessories to make him more comfortable; you know, something that will make him think of you and smile every time he uses it.

Our Tool Bags

10 Motorcycle Tool Bag With UV Protection

It can happen to anyone a breakdown, a loose nut or bolt or something else that calls for a needed tool. Keeping them close at hand is important, which is why AMERiders has a selection of stylish Motorcycle Tool Bags for your bike. Our tool bags are durable and come in many shapes and styles. We also have Leather Tool Bags that are Water Resistant, so that your tools stay rust free.

You might not be able to get them in time for Fathers’ Day but you could certainly stuff a picture of the gift-to-come into a nice card for Dad. I’m just a happy customer, and that isn’t just because I work here.

Sena Helmet Communicator

If Dad doesn’t have a Bluetooth helmet communicator yet, this might be a fantastic gift. They are on the pricey side, so sometimes hard to justify buying for yourself. If Dad is a motorcycle commuter, consider getting one with a camera built in, so that he can “dash-cam” the heck out of his commute, and keep track of all the shenanigans around him.

And here’s another tip: learn to use the thing before you give it to him so that you can teach him to use it and it does not sit in its box unused because he won’t read the manual. (because you know not all our Dad’s are tech savvy.) Maybe you could even surreptitiously take his helmet to your local motorcycle shop and have them install it! That Sena with a camera is available here.


Safety Seal Tire Plug Kit

A tire plug kit is great for getting out of a scrape! Anything that saves Dad time and effort is a great gift idea. If he rides a bike with tubeless tires (ask him, or look his bike up on the internet), this tire plug kit will help get him to his next destination without having to call for a tow. Is your dad the kind of guy who hates to ask for help, but loves to be the hero? There’s nothing like plugging your riding buddy’s tire and saving the day. A superior made in USA plug kit is available here.


Diamond Plate Adjustable Waterproof Motorcycle Smartphone Mount

Keep Dad from losing his phone or not having it close at hand and getting frustrated, trying to find this place you told him to meet you, with one of our Motorcycle Cell Phone Accessories which will help keep his cell phone within easy reach. Our Cell Phone Holders, are adjustable, or magnetically mounted depending on your preference, and for those of you that get lost or prefer NOT to get lost, we have a few GPS Phone Holders as well to help keep you from getting lost. Just choose which one you think would suit Dad better.

DB Power Jump Pack

Speaking of saving the day, if Dad rides with a bunch of friends (or with you and your not-so-new motorcycle), chances are someone is going to walk out to a bike with a dead battery. These lithium-ion jump packs are powerful enough to start a pickup truck and they’ll save you when your electrical has gone flat. If Dad rides alone you’ll worry less when he has this battery pack to jump-start his motorcycle and charge his phone. One of many options is right here.

California Air Compressor

Does Dad struggle when he’s working on his motorcycle? Maybe an air compressor would help him out in the garage. The best part about a gift like this one is, it has accessories and sets you up for gift ideas! Today, an air compressor and a hose and a really good air chuck for it, along with a set of connectors. At his birthday, a big, heavy, chrome pneumatic impact wrench for those stubborn fasteners. Next big holiday? A pneumatic bike lift. And after that? A pneumatic tire machine! Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Nah, Dad’s totally worth it. And he’ll be the envy of all his friends. A nice quiet compressor is available here.

These are just a few!!!

These are just a few of the ideas we have or items we have in the store. We have tons of premium, quality biker apparel, and accessories in the store. So go look and see what Dad might like and see how great the pricing is too, and if you don’t see something now check back for the next holiday or his birthday as we are adding in some brand new products at this very moment and over the next few weeks as well. In all our categories.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~




Let AMERiders give you gift ideas for dad for this Father’s Day.

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