H-D Isn’t Just for Bearded Old Men Anymore Check Out The 2021 Line Up

When some people hear the name Harley-Davidson they think of old men in leather vests on motorcycles. Well H-D doesn’t want to be thought of that way anymore and we here at AMERiders agree that they have worked well towards that goal with the 2021 lineup.

Harley-Davidson is a name that demands reverence in the motorcycle world, having produced numerous brilliant two-wheelers since its inception in 1903, in the American town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Part of its splendid repertoire and some of the best Harley-Davidson bikes ever made include the Street 750, Fat Boy FLSTF, Sportster Nightster XL 1200N, and Road King FLHR.

However, in modern times, Harley-Davidson has lost its weight in the global industry owing to sturdy competition from rivals like Indian Motorcycle Company, Royal Enfield, Triumph, and Ducati.

The fact that some Japanese power cruisers will put any Harley-Davidson to shame has forced the American motorcycle giant to further invest in creating a competitive lineup. This has forced the company to up its game and diversify while providing the public with new and fresh bikes that will rekindle the love and affection that Harley-Davidson is used to enjoying.

2021 will prove to be an exciting year for the H-D with the new bikes and technologies it will be introducing.


Harley-Davidson Pan-America

2021 lineup

Making its entry into the field of adventure biking, Harley-Davidson revealed its first adventure tourer at the 2019 EICMA functions. This bike is known as the Pan-America 1250 and is slated to be released in the markets later this year or early 2021 for the 2021 lineup. Design-wise, the Pan-America is nothing like any bike that Harley has ever released.

2021 lineup

It sports a futuristic design, high ground clearance, larger fuel tank, crash guard for the engine, and an adjustable windscreen, making it well suited for adventure biking. Borrowing the TFT instrument-display from Harley’s Livewire, this 1,250-cc V-twin powered monster would most probably also feature other electronic intervention technologies like multiple riding modes, traction control, and RDRS.


Harley-Davidson Custom 1250

2021 lineup

In order to change the public’s inclination of purchasing power cruisers they’d ride instead of a Harley-Davidson, the company has announced the launch of their upcoming Custom 1250. Sticking to its traditional looks and design, the Custom 1250 from Harley-Davidson is an upcoming motorcycle from the company that will be based on their latest modular platform for middleweight bikes.

2021 lineup

Equipped with a liquid-cooled V-twin engine that is similar to the Pan-America and 975 Streetfighter, the Custom has a V-Twin engine of 1,250cc. It is one of the safest designs that Harley has announced in its range of upcoming models, and with similar looks to a cruiser, the Custom 1250 still manages to look modern owing to features like a simple LED headlight and a rectangular number plate that is integrated with the taillight.


Harley-Davidson IRONe 12/16

2021 lineup

Harley-Davidson announced its intention to enter the electric motorcycle segment with the launch of Livewire. Now they are making further inroads in the field by launching their IRONe models, which are electric motorcycles meant to be ridden by kids between three and seven years of age.

While there are some of the best electric motorcycles available in the market, few of those have actually been made for kids. Made in limited edition, with only 550 units produced, the IRONe 12 and IRONe 16 features a 2Ah battery that allows the young motorcyclist to travel for thirty-minutes and can be recharged in just an hour.

2021 lineup

These models are a stepping stone for kids to learn how to control a motorcycle, allowing them to develop from an early age the necessary hand-eye-coordination that motorcycle riding demands. It is made on an aluminum frame and the young rider can first learn to balance the two-wheeler using the non-powered mode, and once ready can cruise using the throttle mode that comes with three different power settings. The IRONe 12 is priced at $699, while the IRONe 16 is priced at $749.


Harley-Davidson Bronx 975

2021 lineup

Entering the Streetfighter category, the Harley-Davidson Bronx 975 is a revelation that is based on the latest Revolution Max engine that the company has launched. Having a 975 cc V-Twin engine that is capable of producing more than 115hp in power output and a peak torque of 70lb-ft, the Bronx 975 is a serious contender in the market in 2021.

2021 lineup

From a design angle, the minimalistic and angular bodywork of this beauty, along with the carbon-fiber fenders, stainless-steel exhaust pipe, and aggressive designing, provide the Bronx 975 with an edge over other contenders in the same category.


Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 1200

2021 lineup

Aiming to provide the buyers with an affordable cruiser bike that makes the rider look like a real biker, the Sportster Iron 1200 is the bigger brother of the already existing Iron 883 and comes equipped with a 1200cc engine that is capable of producing a power output of 67.7 hp and a peak torque of 96Nm.

2021 lineup

The Iron 1200 also comes with an option for keyless ignition, while retaining all the original electronics that the 883 had. Planning to compete against the Indian Scout Sixty and Triumph Thruxton R, the Iron 1200, is a worthy entry from Harley-Davidson that should be released in the markets in the upcoming months of 2020 or early 2021.


Harley-Davidson Bronx 1250

2021 lineup

Next for the 2021 lineup Powered by the liquid-cooled 1,250cc V-twin Revolution Max engine, Harley Davidson Bronx 1250 is a motorcycle that has been made purely for speed and performance. Placed in the middleweight streetfighter category, this motorcycle uses the engine as a stressed member, which allows it to maximize performance, minimize weight, and enhance the bike’s overall handling and center of gravity.

2021 lineup

It is further equipped internally with an additional counterbalancer that takes care of the primary vibrations of the engine and provides the rider with a comfortable experience while making the Bronx 1250 become more durable.


Harley-Davidson Livewire

Truly, the future is here and Harley’s first electric motorcycle proves it. The Livewire is a perfect example. Sporting a dashing Yellow Fuse color, this bike was first showcased to the public in the CES functions held in Las Vegas in 2018.

It uses the latest ‘Revolution’ drivetrain that the company has released and features a dearth of new electronic features including the fancy telematics system from Harley Davidson, known as H-D Connect. Capable of providing bikers with a premium biking experience, this technologically advanced motorcycle is priced at $29,799. Makes a great addition to the 2021 lineup


Harley Davidson Streetfighter 975

Taking the new modular platform that Harley-Davidson has launched, the Streetfighter 975 is the company’s first take on a naked sportbike, and from the looks of it, it looks quite a handful. While there are some naked sportbikes that are too powerful for the road, Harley aims at creating a street-legal version with the Streetfighter 975.

Having a muscular stance, the Streetfighter 975 sports sleek and sharp designs, which include the headlight that has been designed to look aggressive and mounted very low, a single podded analog cluster, and sporty tires. Although the power and torque of the 975cc engine that the Streetfighter is equipped with are unknown at the moment, this stunning motorcycle from Harley is sure to have a lot of takers upon release.


Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

Part of the Softail lineup of Harley-Davidson, the Sport Glide is powered by a 1,7466cc engine that uses the new 107 Milwaukee-Eight motors. A powerful contender against the Indian Scout and Ducati Diavel, this motorcycle features a number of extensive components that include USB power sockets, keyless ignition, and a forward-lighting system made using LED.

Other specifications of this motorcycle include its custom look that has a blacked-out body, mini-fairing that can be detached, odometer, clock trip, and an analog speedometer of 5-inches featuring a digital gear. Works great into the 2021 lineup.


The New Milwaukee-Eight Screamin’ Eagle 131 Engine

Made for the touring motorcycles launched by the company, all power-hungry bikers can now rejoice at being provided with the option of choosing the powerful Milwaukee-Eight Screamin’ Eagle 131 Engine from Harley-Davidson. This new 2,147cc V-twin engine is completely street-legal and is, in fact, the most powerful street-legal engine that Harley has ever produced.

Having all new bore cylinders of 4.31-inches, the Screamin’ Eagle 131 is a beast of an engine that is capable of producing 121hp in the rear wheel and 131 lb-ft of torque, when paired with the Street Cannon Screamin’ Eagle mufflers.

~And as always…

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