H-D Ragnarok V-Rod Is a Motorcycle for the Gods at The End of Days

Ragnarok is not a Marvel movie. Well, it is, but it doesn’t mean that. The word was coined in Northern Europe and is meant to describe pretty much the end of the world, with gods battling each other, natural disasters, and other such unfortunate events. As such, it’s a powerful word, one that perfectly fits powerful ideas. And in the world of custom motorcycles, few concepts are as powerful as the Harley-Davidson V-Rod, and AMERiders is gonna give you all the details.

The American muscle bike is no longer being made on the factory floor, but that is not stopping custom garages from constantly finding new interpretations for it. Today’s treat, a unique V-Rod put together in Germany by a crew called Rod Squad and named, obviously, Ragnarok.

True to its name, the build looks like it would have no problem navigating through the disasters unfolding at the end of days. Coming in gloss black, except for the bronze wheels, it’s a menacing sight even on today’s peaceful roads.

The Ragnarok sits closer to the ground thanks to a lowering kit slapped onto it and the air ride system fitted in there. The large exhaust that extends to the rear allowing the engine to breathe out is of BSL make, while the filter that allows it to breathe in is a K&N.

For better performance of the powerplant (although we’re not told exactly what that means), the bike’s ECU was remapped. Stopping power is ensured by Galfer Wave brake discs.

Visually, the V-Rod was enhanced with the addition of a new fender front and rear over the clean-cut wheels, LED headlights, covers where covers are due (airbox, cooler, frame, and fuel tank), and everything is topped off by a custom seat.

Rod Squad does not say how much it cost to put the Ragnarok together, but this being a German creation, and knowing how such things go there, we don’t expect it to be cheap.

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