Halloween Sale for a Limited Time Prices So Low It’s Spooky!

Halloween is just around the corner and AMERiders wants to bring you some great savings, while also helping to get you to find a spooky costume as well. From October 6th to October 21st we will be having a Halloween sale on the select items. These are just our featured items for Halloween you may find other items at our store that you may like as well. The sale ends on the 21st so you will have time to for us to receive the order, ship it out to you and for you to receive it.

Our items include Skeletons, Skulls and other Ghostly items and some that glow in the dark just to make things extra spooky. These items come in all shapes, sizes and styles. When looking for these Halloween Sale items that we have listed you will know you have stumbled upon them by the orange colored headline in the description like this that reads ** On Sale for Halloween until 10/21/16**.

A funny October Story:

One of our family members tells this tale about an October evening when he was riding with a full face mask on.


I was riding home on my bike one evening and it was really dark and starting to get a bit foggy. Yeah I know October and foggy a good combination right, well not with a motorcycle. However, I am riding along home and trying to pay attention to the road when this big rig rides up behind me and gets on my rear. Not one to like that, I slow down that I guess irritated the driver so he started to go around. Now, I should tell you before the next part that the I am wearing a full face mask that glows in the dark and looks like a mean skull. Now that you know that i’ll tell you what happened next. He gets up next to me I can only assume he was fixing to flip me off, but when he sees my face mask he freaks out and puts on his breaks, I can only assume to get away from me. I laughed all the way home, from then on I have always worn that mask at night as it has helped me with many a driver.”

We hope you got a kick and not a scare out of the story, we sure thought it was a hoot we heard. it.

Here are just a few of the spooky items we will have for sale til the 21st of this month
Halloween Sale
Men’s Skeleton Jacket
 Halloween Sale- Men's Reflective Skeleton Motorcycle Jacket
Men’s Reflective Skeleton Motorcycle Jacket
Halloween Sale- Skeleton Mesh Textile Mechanics Gloves
Skeleton Mesh Textile Mechanics Gloves
Halloween Sale- Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag Trunk With Skull
Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag Trunk With Skull

There are Many more items that we have in our Halloween Sale items just look for the ** On Sale for Halloween until 10/21/16** at the top of each description to know if it is a sale item or not. Watch the clock above as it will be ticking down to the end of the sale on 10/21/16. We hope you find your spooky, scary fun items for Halloween.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

~But this month do it spookily~

Halloween Sale







When you want to scare and spook the driver next to you or your friends let AMERiders provide you the gear to do so with our Halloween Sale.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

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