Happy Valentines Day from AMERiders

The AMERiders family wants to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day, and hope that you and yours have a wonderful one!

Valentines Day is a special time of the year for couples even biker couples get in on it with special long rides with each other to out of the way places. But how did Valentines and Chocolate get started? There are many different stories associated without the holiday of love got started, some say it was the greeting card business that started it all and others say it is something else. We searched and found two places that give a breakdown of Valentines Day.

choc and valentines dayThis one particular site gives you the many different backgrounds of Valentines day from the Christianity and Renaissance views to breaking down the explanation of cards, cupids and how chocolate came to be associated. On the other side, we found an article from The Smithsonian about how Chocolate and Valentines day came to be mated.

Both sites have some interesting information like did you know that Chocolate has been used as a gift since the days of the Aztecs, who believed it to be a source of spiritual wisdom, energy, and higher sexual prowess. It was used as a nuptial aid and served at wedding ceremonies. Cool right?

Valentine Day has also been a way for some couples to rekindle their love each year when it has started to get a bit stale, and what better way than a long snuggly ride on a motorcycle! Regardless of why couples ride with each other, it is a great activity to start out your Valentines Day with, with her arms wrapped around you all snuggly tight and nothing but you two and the wind around you and your motorcycle underneath you. Now that is love!Biker Love

Some ladies don’t like chocolate for Valentines Day, that is ok AMERiders.com can help you all year long with our selection of Ladies Wear, and Jewelry , and much more.


Have a Happy Valentines Day and be safe while riding with your sweetheart!Rekindling

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