A Harley-Davidson and Indian Throw Down? Well, Let the Best V-Twin Win!

Harley-Davidson and Indian are two Iconic Motorcycle manufacturers. Arguments can be and have been made between family and friends on which one is the better motorcycle. Or even which this is manufacturer makes what better on their motorcycle and vice versa. But now it seems we are about to have a Harley-Davidson and Indian throw down! Indian has challenged Harley with its Challenger Challenge. AMERiders brings you the information on this iconic throw down.

Harley posted a social media response to Indian’s Challenger Challenge that was not normally as explicit as we would see from them but the ad below certainly would make you sit up and take notice.

throw down

Indian’s marketing team has been making web videos slotting the Indian Challenger against the Harley-Davidson Road Glide, which includes a taco truck tow-off (video below) as well as offers to ride back-to-back the Challenger and the Road Glide at Indian dealerships. If you check out their YouTube Channel you can track the other #ChallengerChallenge videos.

These video series feature action sports legend Carrey Hart and sidekick Bryan “Big B” Mahoney. The episodic series will showcase the Challenger’s power, torque, braking, and handling in head-to-head road tests against the Road Glide. The campaign will run on Indian’s website, social media handles, and YouTube channel.

There is no love lost between these two powerhouse manufacturers so it stands to reason that this would come to pass sooner or later. In my opinion Indian is being smart about it, instead of courting customers with spec sheets and claims of superiority, Indian is putting its money where its mouth is by announcing a demo tour and digital media campaign aptly named the Challenger Challenge.

This throw down is launching at Daytona Bike Week on March 6, 2020, the Challenger Challenge will pit Indian’s new shiny toy against Harley’s best-selling tourer in a back-to-back demo ride, allowing customers to directly compare the two models. The nation-wide demo tour will visit annual motorcycle rallies and events including this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August along with select Indian dealerships throughout the country. 

Aside from the national tour, designated dealerships will also have a Road Glide on hand so any potential customer can take part in the Challenger Challenge. Whether you buy a new Challenger or not, those participating in the Challenger Challenge will receive an exclusive t-shirt following the demo.

I personally am looking forward to seeing this challenge and what is going to happen with this throw down. Time to grab some popcorn as this is going to get interesting.

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