Harley Davidson Is a Dynasty and This Motorcycle Shows It.

Born in 1903 and still around, Harley-Davidson is one of the few, car or motorcycle companies to have survived both the torments of the nascent industry and also the political, economical and even natural factors that have shaped the 20th century. What Harley did not become over the years is a dynasty, in the sense that, no matter how much one tries, it’s very hard to find continuity in ideas, direction, products, or management. Harley Davidson Is a Dynasty and This Motorcycle Shows It, AMERiders explains.

For what it’s worth, Harley seems to have rolled with the punches instead of setting its own pace, like a true dynasty would have done. Because of that, it made, many times, decisions that didn’t sit well with the customers but, by some miracle, didn’t send it into the ground either.

Loathed or loved, Harley-Davidson however continues to remain one of the largest names on the market and an absolute favorite of the custom industry that seems to not get enough of their models.

The above rant about a dynastic Harley was caused by exactly such a custom build, a former Dyna that got transformed into something called Dynasty by a Japanese shop going by the name Bad Land. Fittingly, one must say, given how Japan is home to the oldest uninterrupted hereditary monarchy in the world.

Wearing black from head to toe, the Dyna looks like royalty. It rides on proudly, Rick’s Motorcycles wheels, equally sized front and rear at 21 inches supported at the front by a fork supplied by Satsuma Engineering.

Bad Land came up with the overall idea for the build but is also responsible for making, in-house, things like the fenders, handlebar, side panels, and front spoiler. The shop also modified the frame and added mechanical enhancements in the form of a new exhaust system, a swingarm, and a new fuel tank. Performance Machine (front control), Ken’s Factory (headlight), or motogadget (speedometer) are also featured on the build.

Bad Land does not say how much it cost to put this thing together, but given how it was completed in 2017, that price might very well be irrelevant by now.

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Harley Davidson is a Dynasty and this Motorcycle shows it AMERiders explains.

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