HJC Helmets and Their Marvel Hero & Other Movie-Inspired Helmets!

Ever wanted to zip around like Poe Dameron pretending you are a Resistance fighter in the Starfighter Corps? Or Zip through traffic like Batman, chasing after Joker well now you can thanks to HJC helmets and their Marvel Hero and other Movie-Inspired Helmets. AMERiders shows you just a few of the ones they have revealed.

Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?


Have you seen this guy? Big red grin, pasty white skin, sleek green hair, purple suit, spine-tingling laugh; does that ring a bell? The guy’s a creepy nutcase wanted for wreaking havoc on Gotham City. 

Whether it’s Mark Hamill, Jack Nicholson, or Heath Ledger’s take on the famous character, the Joker is the most recognizable cartoon villain in the DC universe. As such, it was only logical for HJC to add the name to its super-villains-inspired helmet collection, right? The RPHA 11 Pro Batman helmet now has a nemesis: the new HJC RPHA 11 Pro Joker. 

HJC explains that the designers carefully considered the helmet’s anatomy when they created the Joker livery. In riding stance, when the rider’s head is tilted forward, the Joker’s ominous gaze uncomfortably peeks over the visor. Talk about feeling observed.  


When you lift the visor, the oversized smile on the chin bar gives the rider that signature grin. At the back of the head, a series of cartoonish “Ha Ha Ha” motifs illustrating the character’s famous laugh and a Joker playing card complete the design.  

In addition to the trim-specific design, the RPHA 11 Pro Joker comes loaded with the features as the standard, racetrack-inspired RPHA 11 Pro helmet. The list includes a fiberglass composite shell, an aerodynamic profile tested in a wind tunnel, two air vents, and two air curtains at the front combined with four extractors at the back of the head, a chin curtain, an HJ-26 anti-fog shield with quick-release mechanism, and an emergency pad release system.   

The lining is made of MultiCool Interior advanced anti-bacteria fabric and both the liner and the pads can be removed and washed.   

The RPHA 11 Pro is both DOT and ECE 22.05-certified (compared to the non-Pro model which only comes with an ECE certification). The Joker model is available in three shell sizes and padding sizes ranging from XS to XXL. It also comes with a five-year warranty and pricing is set at $599.99. 


HJC’s Marvel Helmet Family


HJC has a big Marvel Helmet family and they have a knack for creating pretty neat superhero-inspired helmet designs. Since the brand has the license to use the image of some of our favorite comic book heroes. Such as the last Avengers movie (or so they want us to believe), HJC has upgraded the design of the one hero fighting for our right to freedom. Plus, given us a few more Superhero lids as well.


The new Captain America livery at HJC’s. Just like Steve Roger’s suit gained in refinement throughout the Captain America and Avengers series, the new HJC helmet is offered with a new motif that mimics the un-caped freedom crusader’s updated leather uniform. The motif mimics the leather scale chest and shoulder plates and the waist red and white stripe accent, replacing the former 2016 white-on-plain-blue scheme with the all-American hero’s vibranium-steel shield design at the back.

This time, the manufacturer applied the motif to the RPHA 11 Pro model of lid, an update over the last Captain Star-Spangled Banner’s former CL-17. The new lid offers such features as the RapidFire shield replacement system—just a fancy expression to mean easy shield swapping—an emergency kit, or easy-to-remove cheek pads, antibacterial fabric interior lining, antifog lens, improved ventilation thanks to the chin and head vents, as well as embedded comm speaker pockets. The lid is also extremely lightweight, which makes it an easy lid to deal with for commutes and trips—provided you can own up to the massive “A” on your forehead.

This DOT and ECE-certified helmet uses a Premium Integrated Matrix (P.I.M. Plus) shell material which HJC claims enhances shock resistance. The price point for the Captain American version is set at $599,99—a $200 premium over the helmet’s base price. There’s no price for saving the world. Now to find some vibranium to make motorcycle helmets from…

Cap Joined by Iron Man and Spidey

Don’t think HJC was going to let Cap go into battle alone they are sending him in with Iron Man and Spidey as well. Of all of the officially licensed Marvel graphics helmets, the Iron Man helmet definitely works the best aesthetically, especially with the matching gold-colored visor. With an add-on heads up display, we are one step closer to experiencing life like the fictitious billionaire inventor. Of course, the same could be said for Peter Parker fans if you’re delivering pizzas in the Spider-Man lid, but that’s not quite as cool.

When looking at HJC’s Marvel helmets. it becomes increasingly clear that the company is capitalizing on the popularity and massive marketing efforts tied to specific characters that have recently been in successful Marvel blockbusters. Though the release of these helmets might not seem very substantial at face value, I think products like this actually do a lot of good for the motorcycling community as a whole. We’re already fighting an uphill battle as far as public image and perception is concerned, and playful offerings such as this demonstrate the reality of who riders really are – just normal people, most of whom don’t take themselves too seriously.

Though HJC has previously offered an Iron Man helmet, this new version’s design has been revised for its application to the company’s high-end sport/touring RPHA 70ST helmet. The new Spider-Man Homecoming helmet wears a design reflecting Spidey’s digs in his newest upcoming movie opposed to the classic suit’s design on HJC’s previous Spider-lid. The Homecoming helmet is offered in the economical CS R3 helmet which goes for $159.99 and comes in sizes XS-XXL. The Iron Man RPHA 70ST helmet also comes in sizes XS-XXL but comes with a heftier price-tag of $609.99. The Spider-Man helmet’s release coincides with release of Spider-Man Homecoming on July 7th. The new Iron Man helmet won’t be available until sometime in the Fall of 2017, likely coinciding with a new Iron Man big screen release.

For more info on the rest of the officially licensed Marvel graphics helmets from HJC, you can check out HJC’s website.

HJC Also Has DC Helmets


Not only does HJC have Marvel-inspired helmets but they have some DC Comic ones as well. After all, If they are going to have a Joker helmet, it stands to reason that they would have a Batman helmet as well. After its extensive collection of Marvel-themed helmets, the time has come for the manufacturer to tackle another family of superheroes. The fans of the DC universe will be happy to know that the Justice League is getting a dedicated helmet collection, starting with the most notorious brooding DC superhero teaming up with the fastest one.


Just like James Bond, there’s been a Batman for every generation. From Adam West to Ben Affleck, Micheal Keaton to Christian Bale (do we have to mention George Clooney and Val Kilmer?), Batman is one of the best, if not the best known DC superhero of our time. The caped crusader has been saving the city of Gotham for 80 years since its first appearance in Detective Comics in 1939.

For 2019, the Dark Knight is getting a dedicated HJC motorcycle helmet, based on the RPHA 11 model, decorated with gritty graphics inspired by his armor, complete with bat logo and scuff motifs of course.

For this first of many DC launches, Batman has been teamed up with none other than The Flash. Barry Allen’s red and gold super alter ego was introduced to the DC-verse in 1956. The fastest man alive has since been helping fight crime, both on his own and with the Justice League, putting his extreme speed to the service of the greater good.

Clad in the superhero’s typical red-and-gold livery, the HJC i70 Flash is decorated with the famous lightning bolt logo on the forehead and the Mercury-like wings motif on the sides. The detailing of the livery replicates the character’s armor. This HJC model also features a practical drop-down sun visor.

For this first of many DC launches, Batman has been teamed up with none other than The Flash. Barry Allen’s red and gold super alter ego was introduced to the DC-verse in 1956. The fastest man alive has since been helping fight crime, both on his own and with the Justice League, putting his extreme speed to the service of the greater good.

Clad in the superhero’s typical red-and-gold livery, the HJC i70 Flash is decorated with the famous lightning bolt logo on the forehead and the Mercury-like wings motif on the sides. The detailing of the livery replicates the character’s armor. This HJC model also features a practical drop-down sun visor.

Pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed. Which superhero’s helmet should come next? Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, or Aquaman?

Let the force be with us always

I will be the first one to say that I would love to wear a helmet that is tailored after anything Star Wars. Whether it be Poe Dameron’s Fighter helmet, or looking like a Stormtrooper. Sign me up dammit. HJC now has us Star Trek Fans covered with a few sweet lids.

There are certain characters – or rather their outfits – lend themselves particularly well to motorcycle gear. Poe Dameron’s Resistance Starfighter Corps helmet is very much one of those. HJC’s new retro-style open-face helmet is painted up to look like the helmet worn by ace X-wing pilot Poe Dameron in 2015’s The Force Awakens.

Similar in style to the Luke Skywalker helmet that HJC released in the middle of 2017, the Poe replica is based on HJC’s affordable and popular IS-5 helmet. It features an advanced polycarbonate composite shell, orange-tinted drop-down sunshield, and HJC’s SuperCool moisture wicking interior fabric. The DOT-approved Star Wars lid is adorned in a replica design of Poe’s distressed and battle-worn starfighter helmet, complete with his battle tags and Resistance Starbird symbol.

“This retro-style helmet is unmistakably a Star Wars helmet,” said HJC in the press release for the helmet.

So who is Poe Dameron? For those not familiar with the new Star Wars canon, Poe is one of the trio of new characters – along with John Boyega’s Finn and Daisy Ridley’s Rey – set to carry Star Wars into the future. A highly-decorated commander in the new Resistance starfighter corps, Dameron is a little bit Maverick and a little bit James Bond. In addition to his responsibilities as a fighter pilot, he is also one of General Organa’s best secret agents and is often sent on clandestine missions with his partner, an astromech droid named BB-8.

The IS-5 Poe has an MSRP of just $199.99 for DOT-approved sizes XS through XXL. Europe will get the FG-70s Poe in ECE-approved sizes XS through XL with an MSRP of 299,90 €. With Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theaters this December and three more movies on the way, we’re likely to see more Star Wars-inspired designs from HJC in the coming years.

There is also the dark side of the force and HJC Brought us that too.

HJC didn’t let us forget about the darkside of the force either. Giving us a few different options with not only Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper but a few others as well.

HJC has tapped into a very lucrative market: themed helmets. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Captain America or a Luke Skywalker-inspired helmet anyway? The gear company has been creating designs for everything Pixar, Marvel, and now even Star Wars and their collections keep growing. These collections do not disappoint this particular collection will let the force be strong with you.

Now available to meet all your dark desires are the HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader and the CS-R3 Stormtrooper helmets. The battle between the rebellion and the Republic is officially on.

The Darth Vader motif reproduces the famous character’s bell-shaped helmet design. Lord Vader’s grille—which makes what is possibly the most recognizable breathing sound in the history of cinema—has been transformed into a chin vent. The RPHA 90 is HJC’s high-end DOT-rated modular helmet with carbon and carbon-glass elements for optimized weight reduction. The back of the helmet is decorated with the Empire’s roundel and red padding on the inside.

No, the CS-R3 isn’t 3PO’s cousin, but rather HJC’s entry-level helmet model. The outer shell is made out of polycarbonate and has a vent on the chin and two on the top of the head. The Imperial Stormtrooper graphic even sports some scuff marks, mimicking the look of a uniform that has already seen many battles. You will be ready to take on your daily commute with this lid—just don’t try to shoot anything, you’ll most likely miss.

The RPHA 90 Vader helmet is priced at a premium $699.99 and the CS-R3 Stormtrooper model costs $169.99. Both designs are now available from the HJC Star Wars collection.

If those two are not too your liking here are three more that might make your Darkside fingers twitch.

Kylo Ren, Boba Fett, and the Death Trooper were just the first three Star Wars graphics to be launched. HJC plans on producing additional graphics from the Star Wars saga to bring the excitement and memorable visuals of the iconic brand to the quality and performance of HJC Helmets.

Kylo Ren’s special chrome and flat finish graphic design and the uniquely distressed graphic of the RPHA 11 Boba Fett.”

Here is a full list of the Star Wars line. We didn’t see pictures of the Death Trooper yet so it still may not be released yet so when we see it we will release it to you until then May the force be with you.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~




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