Hookie Co.’s Triumph Greyhound Is Rugged and a Real Head Turner.

For the sake of simplicity, many custom motorcycle builders prefer to stay away from liquid-cooled donors, but the Germans over at Hookie Co. aren’t the sort of people to turn down a challenge. Starting with a 2019 Triumph Bonneville T120 Black, the crew went about creating a rugged head-turner that retained a good chunk of the original bike’s DNA and compared to some of the other machines created by Hookie Co, the Greyhound is a fairly understated ordeal.

Triumph Greyhound

Featuring a fuel-injected 1,200cc parallel-twin mill with 80 hp and 77 pound-feet (105 Nm) of twist-on tap, the T120 doesn’t exactly need any sort of performance upgrades to shine, so Hookie’s moto doctors were content with leaving its powertrain untouched. They did, however, install an inconspicuous two-into-two Zard exhaust to help the engine breathe a little more freely.

Moving on to the cosmetics, you’ll immediately notice that Bonnie’s OEM fuel tank is still in play, but the rear end has been modified using a custom subframe with integrated LED lighting. We find a groovy leather saddle resting atop the new skeleton, and the whole shebang is supported by dual Ecoline shock absorbers from YSS.

Right behind the solo seat, there’s an aluminum plate that acts as the base for a minute luggage rack, sporting a Hookie-branded fabric strap. The creature’s flanks are adorned with revised side panels, while a state-of-the-art Koso Thunderbolt headlamp can be seen taking pride of place upfront. It’s accompanied by Highsider turn signals, aftermarket bar-end mirrors, and a tiny hand-shaped fender.

After they’d enveloped the wheels in a classy pair of E270 tires developed by Shinko, the project’s authors got in touch with Chiko’s Pinstriping to commission the paintwork. Last but not least, the finishing touch comes in the form of a bespoke license plate holder that keeps the rear end free of any unwanted clutter. Upon completion, this beastly T120-based stunner was dubbed “Greyhound.” 

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