Biker Safety Tip 6: How to Pick Up a Fallen Bike

AmeRiders is back with our 6th installment of our Biker Safety tips we have gathered tips and advice on various aspects of motorcycle riding: about riding corners, braking, looking, safety, etc. This week’s tip is How to Pick Up a Fallen Bike when you are by yourself. Everyone knows that dropping a bike sucks no matter what because they are heavy and not easy to pick up by yourself. When you’re in a pack it is a bit easier because your friends and ride mates will help you pick your bike back up but when it’s just you and the gentle breeze your SOL on help. We have come to your rescue with tips on How to Pick Up your Fallen Bike when you’re all alone!

Here are 10 steps for you and then a video helping to explain it as well.

These steps are for a bike that has fallen on its left side.

  1. Hit the kill switch and make sure the motor is off.

  2. Turn the gas off using the petcock on a carbureted bike if fuel is leaking.

  3. Make sure the bike is in gear if you can get to it. If it is not in gear and you can’t access the shifter to put it in gear, the technique becomes more difficult because the bike could roll, but it can still be done. You’ll have to find the balance point of the motorcycle between the two tires and leverage it as you lift.

  4. Standing with your butt toward the seat, stoop down, and with your right hand grab the left grip.

  5. When you grab the grip, pull it until it is as close to the tank as possible. With your left hand find something sturdy to grab hold of under the seat. Don’t grab the seat. It’s too flimsy to support the weight of your lift. Grabbing the bike by the frame is the best bet. The closer your left hand is to your body, the better.

  6. Place your butt midway on the edge of the seat. This is crucial. The placement of your butt too high or too low on the seat will not give you the leverage angle. You are pushing the bike with your butt and upper legs. You will have to pull up with your arms a bit, but mostly you will be pushing the bike up with your legs.

  7. You must have good traction under your feet or they will slip. If there is gravel under your feet, sweep it away with your boots. Same for grass.

  8. Start pushing your butt against the seat using baby steps to force it upright. The hardest part will be the beginning. Once the bike starts to lift off the ground, you’ll gain momentum to help you execute the rest of the lift.

  9. Once you have the bike up, carefully put the kickstand down and lower the bike to it. If you can’t get the kickstand with the heel of your boot, turn your body carefully toward the front of the bike and grab both grips, then put the bike on the kickstand or center stand.

  10. The process is the same if the bike is on its right side. Your hands are reversed of course. It is easier to get it into gear. Remember to put the kickstand out first so that you can ease the bike onto it once it is upright.

If you feel like there is no way this bike is going up like this, then move the position of your butt. If that doesn’t work, try changing the flex of your knees. Tries not to flex your knees too much to begin with, often when you get the angle just right the bike goes up like it’s made of paper. Adrenaline tends to push the bike over the other side if you’re not careful.

These tips  come from Carol Youorski, a BMW rider from Atlanta who traveled to rallies around the country showing people how to do it for many years. However, these tips are the same ones that are used by Harley Davidson and many others in bike rallies, bike nights and other bike shows to show how to pick up a fallen bike regardless of height and weight.

As seen below a Harley Davidson employee is showing a female bike rider how to pick up a Sportster bike.

Instructional video

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